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  1. LOL at online.
  2. Jacked up sound in online?
  3. Street Fighter X Tekken:Guides,Trails,Streams,Useful Websites and Beyond
  4. SFXT Bugs Reporting Thread
  5. My thoughts, pros and cons
  6. Worth it?
  7. My thoughts on SFxT PC since pre-console release
  8. No movie gallery in SFXT?
  9. Creating a Party with Xbox?
  10. Stuttering
  11. What the hell ??
  12. how to get my money back
  13. Controllers for PC
  14. Street Fighter X Tekken Video Thread
  15. SFxT preorder?
  16. Low FPS?
  17. SFXT and GW4L
  18. From SFIV to SFxT: A Crash Course
  19. This game is a mess
  20. Crashing when placing the cursor on Kazuya
  21. Can someone please tell me.
  22. Benchmark Vsync question.
  23. Language
  24. To the people complaining about the online!
  25. Teleporting online <POTENTIAL FIX>
  26. Soundfix=use a Dolby Digital Live sound card with realtime decoding
  27. Any want to practice (as a team) online? :)
  28. steam running buildbot on every start
  29. Can anyone explain this to me?
  30. bug when forming teams with random people
  31. anyone think this game hard to learn?
  32. I can't find a single game online?
  33. Why no ingame chat online features etc
  34. Level-Up Dojo - SFxT Edition!
  35. Can't pick ranked matches? O-o
  36. Game Manual?
  37. Support for rumble/vibrate?
  38. How do you host a online match? :S
  39. What about a little Valve exclusive DLC?
  40. No MegaMan or Pac Man later on?
  41. Quite surprised...
  42. Зачем так жить?
  43. Game only in Japanese!?
  44. sound bug? hell no!
  45. Weird sound problem
  46. Anyone know if the 360 controller bug exists on PC?
  47. A little something for the community
  48. No single player mode?
  49. Non existant customer support
  50. online lags like hell, but no one else seems to lag?
  51. Weird trials bug
  52. Keyboard Configuration Issues
  53. PS3 Joystick Compatibility
  54. how do you do the tag out ultimates?
  55. Update from QLOC
  56. Wow the game is not in the top 100 of Steam list anymore...
  57. Kuma
  58. Offline partner vs the internet?
  59. 4398 views for my previous thread.
  60. After This Update
  61. Question about the flag
  62. 12 Characcter DLC
  63. Question about game image in the library
  65. Everyone should read this
  66. In Capcoms defence
  67. Street fighter x teken sales lot lower than capcom expected capcom blames canibalism
  68. Tag Cancels in online partner mode
  69. Co-op online question
  70. Could this be possible?
  71. OMG :/ 1.04 patch has game breaking bug
  72. Black Tide: honest eyes
  73. Who returned to SF4AE?
  74. PC patch
  75. Remove Screen Tearing Without V-sync
  76. SF X TEKKEN PC online lag teleport manual fix instructions inside.
  77. In loving memory of:
  78. Potential 2v2 Issues PC version
  79. Rage kick.
  80. Trading SFxT
  81. DLC out?
  82. Game auto FPS=variable
  83. Failed to load the game. The game cannot continue. returning to the title screen.
  84. So the netcode is not so terrible
  85. Kiwi vs Frost
  86. So what's going on with the DLC to Street Fighter vs Tekken?
  87. The lack of endless lobbies makes me sad...
  88. On a lighter note, what are your teams are you running?
  89. Umm gamepad issues!
  90. Teleport bug has a lot to do with uploading
  91. Titles not unlocking
  92. Aspect Ratio Locked
  93. News on patch, kind of.
  94. I just love!
  95. I have to share this with you!
  96. Challenge Trial Mode
  97. The reason this is so frustrating is because the game is SO GOOD
  98. xbox live when?
  99. Slow motion bug
  100. Does your vid settings actually take affect?
  101. Characters DLC?
  102. This game is dead on PC
  103. Keyboard Controls, Xbox Controller, PC Arcade Stick Availability, Online Play...
  104. Is there anyone sort of like El Fuerte in this game?
  105. this game
  106. Bring back 1vs1 games again!
  107. Looks like the patch's approval...
  108. Dont think they are bothering
  109. Possible hackers!
  110. Is Street Fighter X Tekken right for you? Buyer's advice thread.
  111. Rumor: PC getting patch 1.05 between June 14th and June 21st.
  112. New patch will cost 9,99$
  113. The wall of text topic.
  114. Match-up thread
  115. Community attitude.
  116. E3 News From Maximilion
  117. Mist step...
  118. New information regarding the patch.
  119. Is this **** patched now?
  120. Dem auto gems!
  121. Patch 1.02 coming next week for Steam
  122. I saw steam patch my game but....
  123. Street Fighter X Tekken "private_beta"?
  124. Doesn't work under Windows 8 RP
  125. So when is this game going to be updated?
  126. Played the patch 1.02 aaaaaaaaand...
  127. For all those lucky enough to get the patch - any details?
  128. Update comes out: Game crashed on startup
  129. Oh look the patch is out for steam!
  130. Calling it
  131. Where's the DLC? DONT YOU WANT MY MONEY?
  132. They made it worse.
  133. I've contacted steam support for a refund.
  134. Refund time!!!
  136. I think the online lagg is fixed
  137. People who are severely disappointed with the game look here
  138. So I actually CAN play with my friend now
  139. Street Fighter X Tekken Not Available In My Regio (Cyprus)
  140. Games for windows live down?
  141. Anyone able to play w/o the steam client like we used to?
  142. EU PC Street Fighter x Tekken lobby
  143. Found a way to play 2v2 without freezing
  144. DLC characters early for consoles.
  145. DLC?????
  146. Evo SFXT
  147. When do Steam users get the free dlc?
  148. SFXT full roster balance patch.
  149. "Street Fighter x Tekken’s DLC Characters Heading to PC in September"
  150. SF:4 at 75% off or blow it off and get this game?
  151. console versions are solid
  152. That feel when you wont get megaman
  153. JIN fighting like LAW,RYO fighting like YOSHIMITSU
  154. Te the new review posted about sf x tekken
  155. Why are some character combinations causing crashes?
  156. why can't I download the DLC costumes?!?
  157. Steamworks?
  158. DLC out now on GFWM 53 items (13 DLC items are FREE)
  159. Nice starter Arcade Stick on sale at Amazon
  160. You CANNOT blame Valve.
  161. Free DLCs
  162. Man I really want this game :(
  163. Costumes are finally here!
  164. Well look at that...
  165. PC gets only one alternative costume:(
  166. Possible fix for teleporting
  168. DLC is Rip Off
  169. 50 bucks for the current DLC WTF?!!!
  170. the AI zangief piledriver
  171. SFxT's Unique Throw Setups
  173. Console got characters today.
  174. Street Fighter X Tekken Tweaks and Online Matchmaking Tips
  175. SFxTK pc fansite
  176. this game is boring?
  177. steam more than made up for that little hickup
  178. What characters do you like and hate?
  179. Play using just a keyboard?
  180. Can't use X360ce with SFxT
  181. trade character codes?
  182. Anyone Having A Goodtime With sf x tekken?
  183. Wanted to like it, severely disappointed instead
  184. Weren't we supposed to get 1.05 at the end of July by Capcom's own admission?
  185. So new patch is coming.
  186. Street Fighter x Tekken Xbox 360 Arcade stick.
  187. Game doesn't launch without any issues popping out.
  188. 12 characters DLC
  189. Does SFxTK have Local Versus Mode?
  190. anybody playing the mobile version of sfxt?
  191. When are we going to get the 12 characters?
  192. Street Fighter X Tekken PC patch 1.06 development basically done, should be submitted
  193. I love this game. Check this out if you're looking for it.
  194. Steve freezes my game
  195. Intermediate to Higher level match replays
  196. Who still plays this game? sfxt
  197. Petition about SFXT PC patch
  198. 3 Days to next patch delay
  199. SFxT PC - DLC & Patch Update
  200. So, the delays really are Capcom's fault after all.
  201. 4 Players online?
  202. Capcom will deliver...
  203. More news, but once again, no ETA on the patch.
  204. Is Street Figher X Tekken worth buying @ 75% off?
  205. Failed to Initialize Steam
  206. No OFFICIAL news, but the 1.06 patch IS imminent.
  207. SFXT PC 1.06 not released, but can download and play offline
  208. How do you 'swap' characters in matches?
  209. Although it says "coop" in steam page it's only "local coop"
  210. [SOLVED]Error 0x80072751, can't download online profile, can't update GFWL
  211. Is there a fix for the "allow x to update" thing every launch?
  212. Tutorial Number 16
  213. How do you play Co-op campaign over the internet?
  214. who still supports this game?
  215. Looking for a Infopage
  216. Faulting
  217. SFxT PC Overheating?
  218. The chance of SFxT ditching GFWL?
  219. Still no new chars?
  220. I just got an update for SFxT
  221. 1.06 is out! But...
  222. 1 YEAR, 1, whole, YEAR
  223. Can't start after the update
  224. How mad?
  225. Character DLC releasing on 2/6 for $4.99 (75% off)
  226. Nto available ... in London?
  227. Character DLC is aviable NOW, still no colors
  228. Second set of costumes
  229. Anyone here wanna play?
  230. Game starts with Japanese menus!
  231. More than 2 players still doesn't work
  232. Can I gain access to the free stuff?
  233. The net code for this game will NEVER be fixed -Capcom
  234. Street Fighter X Tekken Final Round 16 finals.
  235. Patch this Monday (4/22) (SFxT v2013)
  236. I told you so
  237. Ultra Street Fighter IV
  238. Street Fighter X Tekken Sale 75% Off - Standard and Complete Editions