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  1. And?
  2. Game launches without video.
  3. How much of the DLC do you NEED, or can you earn it?
  4. How did this get on Steam?
  5. Moon is broken! DLC prices buggy?
  6. Free To Play? Really.
  7. one word: trap
  8. Ok well thats a good start :/
  9. Can't authenticate server
  10. my review
  11. Don't bother playing
  12. so i dl the game and get this error
  13. Disconnected during game... 5 times in a row
  14. Is this anything like Descent?
  15. Core game is fun, but the disconnects and he-3 prices are bad
  16. Update
  17. This is a decent game and under 500mb do play it
  18. Damage indicators
  19. Fun little game, little replay value, though.
  20. delete account
  21. How do you play with friends?
  22. This game is awesome fun!
  23. How to change my res?
  24. Moon Breakers First Impressions Video
  25. For those who have Half-Life 2...
  26. Play with friends
  27. 2 Cents - Very fun, but what to make it more awesome...
  28. [color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/colo
  29. Want to make credits? It's simple, really.
  30. Moon Breaker General Guide + Basic Ship Strategies
  31. Rank/level being reset constantly
  32. Black screen when the game starts
  33. Crimson Skies in space????
  34. Open GL 2.0
  35. Not totaly sure you want to try the game? [Video]
  36. creds go to 0 after i leave the game
  37. Things I feel this game could improve itself by implementing.
  38. Looks like the devs forgot some menus. o_O
  39. Blank Screen with Music on Launch
  40. What is this game like?
  41. No way to invert camera?
  42. Full Screen mode??
  43. Possible Blank Screen start up fix
  44. Devs, you're out of your minds with the pricing. The arrogance is laughable!
  45. My first impressions.
  46. Anyone knows the dps of each weapon?
  47. Level Reset after every disconnect / Server change?
  48. MoonBreakers Forum
  49. The torpedo and Rocket change has altered all rounds
  50. Post your best Round ending score
  51. Possible Black screen with sound fix
  52. Squadrons: Join the fight
  53. Failed to authenticate error in loading screen
  54. A message from the Devs ...
  55. Too many updates at once
  56. Pilot Primer for Basic Orientation of the UI, Controls, Ranking, Scoreboard, etc.
  57. Feedback/Suggestions/Requests for Moon Breaker
  58. Steam Achievement Thread
  59. No Icon in Steam List?
  60. This game is FUN FUN FUN!
  61. Whats with all the recent crashes?
  62. Broken by design
  63. Slow Performance?
  64. How do I sign in with Steam?
  66. This game could be fun
  67. the game is always crashing
  68. Forumotion forum broken >>>?
  69. What's the Deal with Cred Boosters?
  70. This game is hacked.
  71. Playing on Linux or Mac?