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  1. Serial for online play??
  2. Bug(s) are making this unplayable. Dev & members are working hard to rectify
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  10. sound
  11. How to not choose the turret to use
  12. Is it a good game?
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  14. Won't Start
  15. Can't customize attackers with heavy chassis
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  21. The 200 year war setting
  22. Lets add friends in GAME
  23. Sometimes save unit crash
  24. please fix personal and global achievement pages
  25. Attackers
  26. savegame folder
  27. Random Runtime Errors
  28. Proposed Balance Changes...
  29. Demo?
  30. Possible cause of some lag/slowdown
  31. Unable to Save
  32. Too many turrets/tanks
  33. This Game Would Be Much Better If......
  34. Game is UNPLAYABLE!
  35. Patch for non- Steam versions?
  36. Failed to initialise 3d Engine:.\src\Game.cpp 315
  37. Anyone know how to fix this?
  38. Is there a way to unlock everything?
  39. Update 1.010 changes
  40. Soo...How do you play?
  41. when laser hit something
  42. Update 1.011 changes
  43. I miss the module descriptions from space battles
  44. Conquest mode
  45. Improvements coming to the game
  46. DEMO out now!
  47. Can support Traditional Chinese Language?
  48. Version 1.012 just released
  49. Better flamethrower effects
  50. Supplies exhausted siren
  51. Video explaining how custom units work
  52. What do augmentations like ammo storage do?
  53. Updated to version 1.013
  54. Is there a way to play against other players?
  55. Tips for releasing maps
  56. Balance Issues Fixed?
  57. Infantry broken on attack?
  58. player profile not updating
  59. Owning 200+ games and fan of RTS : Worth it ?
  60. Gratuitous Tank Battles vs Gratuitous Space Battles
  61. Opening manual within game is bad
  62. Game does not start
  63. Why won't it let me save my tower placement when uploading?
  64. Thining About Getting It?
  65. Demo ran great but..
  66. Corrupt progress and saved units. How to "wipe"
  67. Modding limitations
  68. Unit Design is broken
  69. No Save for Division Settings?
  70. uhmm about pausing..
  71. Why is the AI so unbalanced?
  72. A review of GTB
  73. Long list of online reviews of the game
  74. Monitor refresh rate goes out of range.
  75. Current changes in development
  76. Hospitals
  77. Any way to reset player's stats?
  78. Game Always Crashes on Third Level