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  2. Preorder issues
  3. RE: ORC, Bad PC Performance
  5. Terrible mouse control?
  6. Marketplace empty ? Where are the dlc ?
  7. LF players
  8. SP Sound is ok. MP sound is buggy & goes missing
  9. FAO: GFWL REORC 10mb patch came out this evening.
  10. Spec Ops Free DLC now on Xbox.com
  11. So far the reviews I read are poor....
  12. Sound disapearing at same spot
  13. Known Issues Thread
  14. My personal review for this game.
  15. How to play in Single Campaign?
  16. DLC Included?
  17. what's the port like?
  18. Falling to the Bottom of the Elevator
  19. Need a Kick Feature
  20. In game chat
  21. Any Australian or New Zealand players/groups?
  22. Does the game support DX11?
  23. patch
  24. GFWL Patch uploaded here
  25. Would have purchased until...
  26. Where is "Buy" button?
  27. Sound Problem
  28. DLC not working possible fix
  29. Does it still have random hit boxes?
  30. The Spec Ops campaign is amazing
  31. Melee Issues
  32. Auto reload?
  33. failure to launch Resident Evil: OPRC
  34. Help :( poor FPS
  35. Can't buy the game
  36. possible sound distortion fix
  37. Thermal imaging causes crash?
  38. 3D ready? not quite..
  39. Be cool, don't skip the cutscenes ...
  40. Getting to Voice over game to work
  41. Ports Forward?
  42. how to disable motion blur?
  43. Anyone Else Dissappointed With The Final Level?
  44. Considerations so far about REORC
  45. Some help needed
  46. Mouse lag
  47. Improvement Feedback
  48. Random Glitches
  49. Why only the map Apocalypse in MP ?
  50. Mutliplayer "l33t H4xx0rz"
  51. Technical Issues
  52. Issue regarding invisible players?
  53. Current Playbase Size
  54. No campaign game search?
  55. 3 days later...
  56. In case you were wondering about Professional
  58. Linux Dedicated Server
  59. Seems to be a bit of confusion about the GFWL and Steam versions, so to clear it up..
  60. Missing Text in Spec ops First mission?
  61. Not Really A Complaint
  62. Totally unplayabe on gtx 680?! 10 fps
  63. Resident evil racoon city Lag fix!
  64. How do I select Japanese Voices/Language?
  65. Game no longer exists
  66. 4v1 Matches make me cry
  67. Controller Setup Problem
  68. Spec-Ops getting up after the execution finisher?
  69. Help: Need a better AA on Radeon.
  70. Initial thoughts after first level
  71. Bit of a let down tbh
  72. Melee, zomebie shield and special execution
  73. Problem with the game
  74. Mouse Acceleration.
  75. How's the game for single player?
  76. How to hear people talking?
  77. FPS in Raccoon City Horrible help?
  78. Why do shadows on high look like crap?
  79. No Icon RE:ORC
  80. THE TRUTH!
  81. Crashing With Vision
  82. so how about the MP?
  83. Any Idea on DLC?
  84. No Manual?
  85. !Sorry I Bought It!
  86. Please Help
  87. skip intro videos
  88. Relax
  89. Missing DLC - fixed
  90. Multiplayer double error
  91. This game is a joke, don't buy.
  92. whats up with the sound
  93. Capcom response about issues.
  94. Failure sound.
  95. Don't expect any patches
  96. What a terrible game..Save your money..
  97. Sent Slant Six some links on Twitter, waiting for a response.
  98. RE Racoon City Start Up
  99. So, the multiplayer is all about the spamming dash/sprint attack.
  100. Save Location
  101. Controls Lacking Mouse Button Support
  102. Some questions on ORC
  103. Expectation issues.
  104. Capcom Store and GFWL cd-key on steam
  105. Matchmaking issue
  107. FF on and off?
  108. can't start the game at all...totally disappointing
  109. On the fence
  110. Quit shooting allied zombies. :|
  111. So... Any players in the Asia Region?
  112. so frustrating
  113. Our own Matchmaking!
  114. U.S.S Character Strategies
  116. Game is not bad... just very irritating
  117. painting easter egg
  118. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City - New Missions (DLC)
  119. Please unlock RE:ORC on Philippines!
  120. ORC Boss Guide
  121. So I've got two options.
  122. my last post on this game
  123. A logo/icon on Steam.
  124. Major frame rate issues?
  125. Capcom Please Add Steam Achievement!!!
  126. Done standing by and letting this go on.
  127. Stomping.
  128. So none of the DLC works?
  129. Post your tips
  130. Patches in QA currently
  131. can't install the game
  132. Connection Error to other players
  133. Retail PC Patch("Sound Fixed")
  134. steam patch version, when?
  135. Things the patch fixed , and what wasn't fixed.
  136. Finding players in matchmaking
  137. Six Slant games MUST make more DLCs for good reasons
  138. games for windows...
  139. Personally, for me, this game isn't as bad as people make it out to be.
  140. All Games Tab
  141. Survival Mode
  142. Looking for other players
  143. No Cool Down on SuperSoldier
  144. I have been debating
  145. GFWM DLC Spec Ops Missions 5-7 just turned up
  146. Did they change the Ada fight?
  147. Any fixes?
  148. Waiting for Patches !
  149. game seems dead
  150. Game for windows live dlc
  151. New Patches Coming to PC
  152. just got this game today cant even play it?
  153. how do i mic chat in this game?
  154. versus mode?
  155. What, why
  156. question plz help
  157. new to resident evil.
  158. weird bug in versus mode....?
  159. Use Steam Overlay with retail patch?
  160. really? wtf?
  161. free dlc?
  162. New Steam patch released
  163. uhm help...
  164. This is REALLY ridiculous now
  165. Multiplayer question
  166. how is this even possible?
  167. DLC on Steam soon hopefully
  168. this game really sucks?
  169. Game crashes when I start a campaign.
  170. Summer sale???
  171. Ranks reset?
  172. Licker seems to look cartoonish... as do the zombies...
  173. The reason I don't like this
  174. Patches and DLC sometime in August ...
  175. How is this posible?
  176. Please help cannot play
  177. Remap Keyboard?
  178. Update today 8/27
  179. What are the graphic options in this game?
  180. Controller
  181. Why this game is not available in my region?
  182. Wont recognize 360 pad??
  183. Using Steam DLC for Retail Copies
  184. 2 Questions on Controls?
  185. Pc Forced Restart?
  186. Tyrant Elevator Fight Glitch - Coop Mode - Help!
  187. RE ORC : Players for Achievements
  188. RE Opeeration Raccon city
  189. Resident evil en Windows 8
  190. RE ORC SESSION TODAY to ear Achievements
  191. HELP, Can't get license key to sync with Live Account
  192. Major COOP Connection Problem - Please Help
  193. Got this in the Christmas sale and......
  194. Have the dlc for RE:ORC achievements like the xbox360 version ?
  195. Worst game I have played so far.
  196. Benchmark Tool?
  197. Help! Please! The FOV is making me sick!
  198. Any way to type chat in game?n
  199. Resident Evil Revelations
  200. Resident Evil 6 gampad problem.
  201. How do I optimize this game better so the FPS doesn't suck [color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color]?
  202. RE Revelations UE discount not showing
  203. controller help
  204. REORC Stopped Working
  205. Resident Evil 1 HD Remaster Mouse Pointer Issue
  206. Resident Evil 3 ending in detail