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  1. Full Last Light Action Film
  2. Metro Last Light release date
  3. New gameplay footage! (May 2012)
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  5. Where’s the pre-order?
  6. Does anyone expect multiplayer to be good?
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  8. 13 minutes of Last Light
  9. Say it ain't so !
  10. For Metro Last light on pc at target
  11. stealth
  12. Multiplayer to be removed!
  13. Aim toggle and FOV slider please.
  14. What is actually new in this game except new missions?
  15. Why not on UK
  16. The fate?
  17. Price
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  21. Um... This game is on the Origin store, I'm scarred to buy it....
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  24. So.... what is the actual release date now?
  25. Metro Last Light any news on the releasdate ?
  26. My hands on preview of Metro: Last Light
  27. Compared to Tomb Raider/Bioshock Infinite, What Do You Think of the Graphics?
  28. Steam pre-purchase option is now live
  29. Seems like a cash grab...
  30. trade company of heroes 2 for metro last light
  31. Metro Last Light GMG Preorder $37.50
  32. ranger mode
  33. Free book with pre-order? Where?
  34. Any hear if there will be actual graphic settings?
  35. Anyone excited for this? Anyone pre-ordered it?
  36. Metro Last Light Game Performance German Magazine Scans
  37. Will Ranger Mode be Available after launch?
  38. Anyone know when/if..
  39. GMG Keys released, Steam activated.
  40. Preload is possible now !
  41. So when is this game releasing in Aus?
  42. Get Metro: Last Night FREE!!! When u Buy a new NIVIDA CARD GeForce GTX 660s or Above
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  45. My Review & About Minimum Requirements
  46. Problems Preloading?
  47. Game crashes when changing resolution
  48. Metro Last Light Performance Thread
  49. How's the optimization?
  50. Last Light PC tech review: details on performance, options, and more
  51. No Pre-Order Bonuses
  52. Fixes for Metro: Last Light - aim assist, DX9 boost, skip intro, windowed, shadow ATI
  53. Seriously??? Where is any of the pre-order content?
  54. Cant start this POS game up after unlock ! loads to a command prompt LMFAO
  55. Grenades + weapon inventory
  56. No FoV Slider Confirmed
  57. How To Skip Info Without Config
  58. Pavel doesn't help me into the Theater [Bug?]
  59. Ranger Hardcore - no inventory?
  60. No lower resolutions with Nvidia Surround
  61. Worst respawn point in any game possible.
  62. Game won't run above 4FPS.
  63. Metro: Last Light PC Graphics Comparison
  64. Did they downgrade the lighting? Why don't shadows appear on all surfaces?
  65. Weird Lighting Issue
  66. Metro last light would Freeze
  67. Game runs perfect on GTX 680 cards (video inside)
  68. Annoying Horizontal Waves on Monitor
  69. Tesselation?
  70. Stuck trying to get Shadow Ranger achievement
  71. Metro: Last Light performance test GameGPU
  72. Stuck in a crouch?
  73. Those endings, damn, those endings
  74. Crash created serious problems
  75. Random Lock Ups.
  76. Some gameplay!
  77. Ranger hardcore impressions
  78. Textures lower quality?
  79. What kind of save system?
  80. Jason Rubin: Metro: Last Light is the "triumph of an underdog"
  81. Bug doesn't allow me to progress through the game
  82. Pressing "use" or "crouch" breaks the game
  83. Multiplayer Anyone?
  84. How do you knock a enemy out?
  85. Ranger hardcore questions
  86. Collected Journals are not saving
  87. i have found Hitler
  88. so does altering the fov affect the game?
  89. difference ranger normal and ranger hardcore
  90. Black screen when i start the game
  91. Is it just me, or ... ?
  92. Possible Toggling "Aim down the sight"?
  93. Game only runs with 4:3 aspect ratio, help please
  94. Game does not work, Image inside : command prompt :( WTF
  95. ***Last light...Sure not 2033...
  96. Lag on Certain Level
  97. Money system bugged with merchants
  98. what ammo does the AK47 use?
  99. Weird sound issue
  100. Are the endings bugged?
  101. Possible Game Bug at the Bear Fight.
  102. Metro Last Light Ending Guide
  103. Two buggy situations ***possible spoilers***
  104. DO not use -nologos.
  105. So what ending you going for?
  106. grenades on ranger hardcore
  107. Smoke Effects bugged
  108. Turning off post proccessing or DOF
  109. Weird Shadow/Black spot glitch
  110. how to access novel?
  111. Ayone else experiencing heavy stuttering on Facility-level ?
  112. Metro Last Light on 5 year old laptop on LOW with ENB enhanced in dx9.
  113. Most terrefying chapter
  114. (Spoiler) Out of bullets
  115. Do You Think...
  116. Dirty Dancing
  117. running out of filters
  118. can i somehow unlock locked things?
  119. kalash2012 or ak47
  120. Anna ***spoiler***
  121. Strange glow in front of Artyom when approaching most surfaces?
  122. Metro The Last Light uses same game engine as Metro 2033?
  123. Is Metro: Last Light your Game of the Year...so far? **spoilers possible**
  124. Catacomb Boss fight ***SPOILER***
  125. Flashlight bug?
  126. B attery charging
  127. When the radiation finally subsides?
  128. Metro LL Wiki: Most Fixes/Workarounds are found here.
  129. 11.4 MB update ?? (today)
  130. My flashlight wont recharge...(Spoilers inside)
  131. [Official] Thread of Changelog Patches
  132. Gamebreaking bug - cannot progress at "Anna on train" section
  133. is ranger achievenent glitched?
  134. [SOLVED] After new patch r_base_fov has no effect
  135. Stuck at the part where you enter train
  136. Season Pass Details
  137. Abyssal FPS drop
  138. Screen cap not working for Steam?
  139. Frequently freezes and i then have to force quit the game.
  140. The stutters
  141. BSOD on startup
  142. Question on Season Pass
  143. haveing trouble with shadow ranger? I've found some tips to help you.
  144. Impassable Glitch: Torchlight - Pavel vanishes
  145. positive ending guide questions (spoilers)
  146. Changing the game's refresh rate?
  147. Needs a few improvements...
  148. BUG in tunnel...
  149. Just in case you want a Metro 2033 refresher
  150. Metro: Last Light - 4K Screenshots
  151. stuck in ranger mode(spoilers)
  152. Metro Last Light Gameplay
  153. Does anyone else start game like this?
  154. Night Vision Goggles is not Working
  155. Is stealth too easy?
  156. i hate games without the ability to quicksave yourself -.-
  157. Benchmark: Great FPS. In game: 10FPS. ???
  158. what type of building is this?
  159. Catacombs boss doing nothing
  160. The Chase bug?
  161. Another bug...at Bear.
  162. Disappointed
  163. About the Game
  164. Here's some perspective for those disappointed with the game
  165. Question about missing/out of place graphics
  166. So I read the book and it makes clear some things in this game
  167. How do I get past this part?
  168. $times and out...
  169. more achievements
  170. Issues with activating retail key.
  171. Metro Last Light Tweak Guide
  172. USB Headset = not able to adjust sound
  173. $1 for a new gun... for a singleplayer game...
  174. Quality 14 settings
  175. 7970 performance question
  176. MGR and dirty ammo textures swapping
  177. Game Freezes/Crashes Unplayable
  178. "Inferno" achievement broken?
  179. World record military ammo : 4503
  180. Lights Flickering
  181. Jump/Sprint query
  182. Metro Last Light 1 cent
  183. Metro: Last Light - problem.
  184. Metro: Last Light - steam cloud.
  185. Notes not saving
  186. 20% off, going to go further?
  187. 336.3MB update?
  188. Faction Pack DLC
  189. Cant launch faction pack
  190. Heavy Mission Help
  191. Bug For Kshatriya Mission
  192. Crashing to desktop in D6
  193. Is the "Facility" level broken?
  194. Heavy FPS drop
  195. STEAM download: Where do I find out what just got patched?
  196. Crashing at the end of Echoes
  197. Possible Bug: Can't Pick Up Diary Page
  198. Cant go past contagious chapter
  199. Faction Pack worth it? Or just buy Season pass later?
  200. White (albino) librarians?
  201. I bought the RPK DLC
  202. is this dlc?
  203. Check out my Faction pack review video
  204. Head bob
  205. What is the Exclamation Point all about?
  206. how to change to ranger mode in the middle of the game?
  207. Sights/Ranger Mode
  208. Deap Silver CEO "looking to make it more accessible to a broader gaming audience"
  209. Really really bad checkpoint. Any options?
  210. Metro Last Light crashed on brand new card - 770 Lightning
  211. Question about Novel
  212. Tower pack unfinished, deceptive?
  213. Does Metro Last Light use FXAA?
  214. Tower difficulty: WTF?!
  215. Metro: Last Light - Full ranger hardcore playthrough (knife only) [youtube - 1080p]
  216. Metro Pack 67% Off - Includes 2033 & Last Light
  217. Mouse problem
  218. AMAZING GAME Although Disappointed By The Ending (NO SPOILERS)
  219. Metro Last Light Dynamic Shadowing and Muzzle Flash
  220. Nvidia driver problem solved
  221. DLC Issues (Faction & Spider Mission)
  222. Moral Points Question
  223. Franchise on sale, but not the DLCs?
  224. Anna stuck near start of the game; can't progress
  225. Metro: Last Light playthrough! Enjoy!
  226. Metro Last Light will not start on Linux
  227. Puuuuurdy game
  228. [Linux]Surround sound ?
  229. Gasmasks in the Sundown level
  230. Catacombs - the cassette tape at the entrance will not play
  231. [solved]Terrible preformance no matter what screen res.
  232. Is it worth it?
  233. Bad input lag in linux
  234. NVIDIA Crashing during gameplay
  235. Why can't we adjust individual graphics settings?
  236. 3840x2160 Not Available in Menu
  237. Mouse Look Issues
  238. Metro Last Light startup
  239. Random game crashes (Linux)
  240. Metro Last Light Crash (Mac)
  241. Most annoying enemies in the game
  242. [Linux]5760x1080 prerender vids borked, gamma screwed.
  243. Metro Redux 2033 & Last Light PC Gameplay
  244. Anyone know how to edit key bindings?
  245. Metro Last Light Redux PC keeps crashing
  246. Chapter save game? need a save after swamp level...
  247. Character models are invisible - Game doesnt start under directx9
  248. Stuck on Swamp Boss
  249. Ranger mode
  250. Metro Last Light switches difficulty to ranger whenever I close it