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  1. Is this different than the online browser version
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  4. Hotseat?
  5. Pittsburgh to New York Bug
  6. I can't seem to get a solo/multiplayer game to start
  7. I like trains.
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  15. Achievements
  16. Issues: Process in Background & Claiming Route
  17. Dexter Error: Connection refused???
  18. How does stations work?
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  20. No Graphic Hardware Acceleration Error Message
  21. Local Multiplayer?
  22. Insufficient cards causes AI to hang
  23. Cross-platform play...which platforms, exactly?
  24. laptop 1900x1200 resolution suddenly stopped working
  25. Locomotives
  26. I have a problem
  27. Settings - Explained!?
  28. Display problems with map
  29. Launch error with 1.2.2
  30. Ticket To Ride PC Review
  31. Games Played stat
  32. 23,819 Games Played?
  33. Stalemate?
  34. Bug: Unabled to claim routes with valid trains
  35. How can I change my username?
  36. Crash during "Loading" blue bar phase
  37. Repeated Freezing During Gameplay
  38. Creating a game with Buddies
  39. Lowest opponent score.
  40. Two-Note Crash
  41. No summer sale deal?
  42. Ticket To Ride.exe does not end once out of the game.
  43. The invisible screen
  44. Mumble Overlay
  45. Similar games?
  46. Does the in-game chat work?
  47. Sale on DLC please?
  48. She's got a ticket to ride.
  49. The overused is it worth it thread
  50. Asynchronous Multiplayer??
  51. French audio
  52. Is it possible to play this game in local coop?
  53. Asia map crashing.
  54. DLC/Expacks you want to see?
  55. Private games
  56. Last turn
  57. Latest update broke the game
  58. Game crashes before I can play
  59. GAH!!!! I *just* missed the sale
  60. Cannot install Ticket To Ride
  61. Issue with failed tunnels in Europe
  62. Bug: The AI doesn't like finishing the Asia map
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  64. Base games seems all about who lucks out on starting tickets
  65. stations question
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  68. What is your favourite map?
  69. Can't play the map I have - shop button shown instead
  70. Online game - no points
  71. Anyone else rudely shocked by this game?
  72. What is lower-left number on Asia map?
  73. Low resolution on newly installed TTR
  74. Instant crash after "Preparing to Launch" (Mac)
  75. Java Error - Unable to Launch Game
  76. Any way to speed up the game?
  77. crashing after "optimization" or whatever change yesterday
  78. TTR + 1910 DLC is in Humble Bundle 7!!
  79. How the ♥♥♥♥ does the new ticket button work
  80. Game not starting - [SOLVED]
  81. Avatar Problems