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  1. Welcome!
  2. Gender & dating
  3. Demo is available on devs site!
  4. where all the girls at D:
  5. Savegame Folder
  6. Sorry!
  7. So is this a "Spreadsheet Trainer" type of game?
  8. games similar to this one ?
  9. Great concept... but
  10. Game Save Naming Bug
  11. 19.95 really?
  12. I dunno why...
  13. Why does it have to end after the first year?!
  14. Suggestion: Double Expressions
  15. Screenshots
  16. Obligatory I Just Beat the Game Thread
  17. My opinions of the game.
  18. Just a message to the devs
  19. Upload a yearbook error?
  20. I wish I could use my magic more often
  21. Oh god why!
  22. Can't figure out how to start most paths (spoilers?)
  23. Achievement hints
  24. I broke the game
  25. Help me pass this test
  26. Will there be DLC/expansions/sequels (Following the same character)?
  27. Instruction Manual?
  28. Was this on sale in summer sale?
  29. My Thoughts
  30. Other Games (via Greenlight)
  31. Snake Hall?
  32. Cheat codes now available
  33. I broke it.