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  1. afraid of max payne 3 catching consolitis?
  2. Max Payne 3 preorder bonus on gift copies
  3. Skillful American PC players....join up if you deem yourselves worthy.
  4. The Saints of Quebec - PC Crew [18+/Mic/English]
  5. Game will not launch... >.<
  6. So do you recommend it?
  7. Max Payne 3 Language Selection?
  8. stretched picture?
  9. Max Payne 3 "Requires SP1"
  11. Where are my bonuses?
  13. Error tells me I'm missing a service pack that I already have?
  14. At least service pack 1?
  15. FAT32 Drives can download this?
  16. ...Why Remedy... Why
  17. Try this if you're getting an unlogically crappy performance
  18. Max Payne 3 Let's Play
  19. For those of you whining about Mouse Accell
  20. Max Payne 3 PC Review Gameplay Walkthrough [1080p]
  21. What FPS/Settings can I expect?
  22. Can anyone with Dual Core processors comment on performance?
  23. MP3 pauses randomly
  24. Next time less cutscenes
  25. Can't connect to Social Club???
  26. Audio static/clipping?
  27. 7. Max Payne 3 on PC
  28. Using FXAA and MSAA in Max Payne 3
  29. DX11 video clips disappear?!
  30. Impressions of the PC Version
  31. does anyone know how to change from english to russian?
  32. A bunch of problems here
  33. This game is currently unavailable?
  34. 6950 performance?
  35. So ahhh...
  36. Multiplayer refuses to load or disconnects
  37. By George I think I've got it!!!
  38. MP3: Vertical Sync
  39. fxaa and msaa
  40. disable social club pop ups?
  41. Lip sync problems
  42. Black Screen Crash after about 5 minutes of gameplay
  43. Where do i redeem DLC codes?
  44. .NET, C++, DirectX: Nothing happening after pressing Launch in Max Payne 3 for PC
  45. Any fixes?
  46. Imbalanced multiplayer for beginners ?
  47. Keep getting kicked out MultiP
  48. FRAPS not showing FPS
  49. Fraps and Precison X showing different fps
  50. Does the RETAIL version of Max Payne 3 use steamworks ?
  51. Will this run at all on my ATI Radeon 5670 HD 512mb ram video card?
  52. Max Payne 3 Multiplayer - Glitch
  53. Where to best place BulletTime and Painkiller Function on Keyboard?
  54. Resolution Problem HELP
  55. Max Payne 3 throws my monitor out of whack!
  56. The one thing to ruin multiplayer
  57. Crash Troubleshooting for Max Payne 3 on PC (http://bit.ly/K3D21I)
  58. My MP3 copy refunded! YAY
  59. Max Payne 3 Steam launch workaround
  60. All the same 360 faults are still in this version (crashing/achievements etc..
  61. what a piece of ♥♥♥♥
  62. Bullet Hit/Decals
  63. Multiplayer feels clunky and unresponsive
  64. I get 200 FPS and MSAA is not working at all (broken)
  65. Freeze during cut scene
  66. FIX for MP3 Crash on start up (Green to Blue)
  67. Game not saving
  68. Removing graphics limitations?
  69. Can't play Multiplayer?
  70. Cant change Directx
  71. Where to enter CD-key ?
  72. Option for DON'T hold ADS?!
  74. Language???
  75. On scale 1-10, how pissed off are you?
  76. Time remaining 1 day 1 hour
  77. Question for people with working steam install
  78. Game won't let me turn down settings
  79. What are the dates for the different DLCs?
  80. Cutscenes crashes computer
  81. Game runs great
  82. Audio but no Video on Start?
  83. Black Screen Crash - FIXED
  84. MP3 and Avira false positive
  85. Weird lag
  86. [Fixed] Very slow download speed.
  87. ESC button presses randomly
  88. Video driver is unresponsive
  89. [Fixed!] Issues with "Wrong service pack"
  90. Anyone else seeing a black screen for a bit after being killed in MP?
  91. Recommanded nvidia driver ?
  92. Peerblock Users - Disable Peerblock to use MP
  93. fraps not working for this game...
  94. How is the pc version?
  95. $59.95 And No Manual?
  96. Lost connection due network...
  97. FIXED amd troubles
  98. Why is this game region-locked?
  99. Steam overlay causes lagg
  100. Max Payne 3 Dont Start
  101. Pre-Order DLC's in marketplace list, but not available to download
  102. $30 Pass & Gorilla Warfare Woes : (
  103. Crash after Copyright page.
  104. Don't feel bad MP PC players.....it's not just you.
  105. Multiplayer Balance Discussion
  106. Installing Steam bought copy from Retail discs?
  107. "How to apply changes to graphics"
  108. 5.1 Sound?
  109. Game doesn't save!
  110. [PC] Max settings - Max Payne MP Commentary
  111. Pre purchase dlc not working
  112. Black/Blue Screen
  113. Max Payne 3 just randomly closed
  114. get "Input not Supported" Error message
  115. Cannot sign in to Social Club
  116. Really bad framerate?
  117. "Video Memory 0 MB" why??? Whoever helps me gets $25 in the mail
  118. Error vista
  119. audio/stuttering issues, please help
  120. Crosshair Auto-centering When You Look Down
  121. Cloud not working
  122. Mod tools?
  123. What do I do with these Dlc codes
  124. Max Payne 3 pre-purchase codes bugs.
  125. lol so instead of having one game doesnt start thread we have no thread!?
  126. Heads up: Do not buy this game!
  127. Be sure to update your gfx drivers...
  129. Mod Support?
  130. Nvidia Optimus Problems
  131. Just fixed my crashing
  132. Issues with fps counter/limiter in dx11
  133. MAX PAYNE 3 keeps crashing!
  134. Confirmed Fix
  135. Terrible game.... lost all my saves!
  136. System Requirements: not listed on store page?
  137. Rockstar Support: Update your resource links
  138. Regular mouse showing in game
  139. Steam Achievements Not Unlocking
  140. Bad performance.
  141. Settings wont save?
  142. Anyone else unable to connect to multiplayer?
  143. Really good effort from R*
  144. Forever Loading.
  145. Crashing On Cutscene
  146. Crash In first cutscene.
  147. Constant micro cutscenes ruin gameplay
  148. Insane FPS...
  149. SLI performance issues
  150. Great job rockstar* Im loving it
  151. Black Screen on launch
  152. Retail CD keys
  153. Cant seem to check my framerate?
  154. My review.
  155. So If I want the full game it's 50?
  156. Steam users who's games wont launch at all
  157. What makes this game worth $60?
  158. Multiplayer doesn't fee right.
  159. Single Player is there any Replay value?
  160. Frame drop issues
  161. A potential buyer's question about multiplayer.
  162. We always get put on the backburner
  163. For all the old Max Payne fans out there...
  164. all thumbs
  165. Weird VRAM readings
  166. Trying to play Max Payne 3...ended up destroying my computer
  167. How you gonna save your face?
  168. game doesn't start
  169. The game now launches but stuck at Logo Screen
  170. Dedicated Servers?
  171. For those who the game works fine and are enjoying the game
  172. Amazing PC Game
  173. Steam achievements which mean steamworks...
  174. Unable to access Online Multiplayer and Marketplace
  175. Any way to increase the mouse speed?
  176. cant get it to start
  177. Oh well another broken PC port
  178. Man, PC 10x Better than PS3
  179. Can't get past the start screen - Initializing/Social Club/Activation
  180. how can i get MSI Afterburner to work?
  181. multiplayer issue
  182. How About Giving Us The Stinking Manual
  183. Rockstar
  184. Anyone else really dissapointed?
  185. 7 design flaws that drove me up the wall
  186. Random Crashing in Multiplayer
  187. Mouse Lag Fix (nVIDIA)
  188. "We will have more information within the next few days."
  189. wtf game doesn't save my progress
  190. Anyone with Steam/Win7/64 actually got it working?
  191. mouse acceleration = horrid fix it
  192. "Max Payne 3 has stopped working." **Possible FIX**
  193. Best way/time to use Bulletdodge/Bullettime?
  194. I Found Panacea. Look, try and say "It works". I really want, that the game starts
  195. Just finished the single player [No spoilers]
  196. Anyone running it okay?
  197. Does anybody can help me?
  198. Game don't start!
  199. Classic Multiplayer Characters
  200. Do whatever. Dont need this game anymore
  201. advanced character customization
  202. Achievements not unlocking
  203. How is the performance?
  204. only problem = mouse sensitivity
  205. This happen to anyone else?
  206. A question for anyone that owns this game.
  207. Service pack 1?!
  208. Police station part is impossible!!
  209. Crosshair goes bigger, what does it mean?
  210. Please Read This
  211. 1440x900 Resolution?
  212. Max Payne 3 Full Screen problem.
  213. What i did to make it work(+my Specs)
  214. Max Payne 3 Choppy for 2-3 seconds
  215. Performance tweak, huge boost for me! (graphics.xml)
  216. please tell the king to tell the hand that this game kicks [color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color].
  217. Will i be able to run this game well?
  218. How to access DLC ????
  219. Really enjoying the game
  220. LA Noire
  221. Weird Mouse Jumping Randomly
  222. Frustration incarnate.
  223. Multiplayer Graphics looks terrible,while singleplayer looks good,Help Please!!
  224. blue screen mp3
  225. Uncut version - Germany?
  226. Any tips for the rooftop level?
  227. No option for HD Resolution?
  228. connection problems
  229. Bind Keys to mouse
  230. PC or PS3
  231. Video Memory problem? - Solved: turned on DX11
  232. Social Hub
  233. THANK YOU Rock*
  234. Max Payne 3 review.
  235. Who could help me? Max payne 3 wont launch.
  236. My fix for the crash on startup
  237. Download speed is pitiful
  238. Game CTD after GFX change
  239. Ports to open?
  240. I didn't even know my PC could max this with 100fps+
  241. Any way to force white dot crosshair in multiplayer ?
  242. this is the problem im having with Max Payne 3
  243. What were you expecting?
  244. Multiplayer - Enemy Player Tags
  245. Max Payne 3D Vision bug with subtittles
  246. How to download gorilla dlc multiplayer pack?
  247. How to force AA and other video settings in Max Payne 3
  248. I can't use Bullet Time
  250. [Solved] Chapter 5, cutscene bug and insta death