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  1. Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition
  2. Pre-order
  3. Are You Prepared To Die?
  4. PVP Online Matchmaking System – Quick matching for co-op or PVP
  5. Fantastic
  6. The PC Market has too Many Pirates
  7. i can't wait to play this! demons souls was AMAZING
  8. Games For Windows Live!!!
  9. "Multiplayer requires microphone headset support "
  10. No 2560 x 1600 Resolution???
  11. Just read this on Bluesnews
  12. Please buy it.
  13. Dark Souls:“Strictly a port from the console version”
  14. What is Namco trying to do!?
  15. Dark Souls General Beginners Guide
  16. Top of the line nVidia 600 series cards are struggling to run Dark Souls on E3
  17. Namco won't read your complaints here, you should go here instead...
  18. What do you want out of the port?
  19. Gameplay Vid. Seems fine to me.
  20. How does the co-op work?
  21. buy the game if you want better dark soul or other AAA title in the future
  22. Namco say fast PC's will have higher FPS than console versions
  23. Will there be (negative) mouse acceleration
  24. We can remove GFWL!! SIGN IN!
  25. Will it be steam redeemable?
  26. Dark Souls System requirementes...
  27. This is an interesting thread which brings hope...
  28. The story of Dark Souls
  29. So where we at with this GFWL buisness.
  30. GFWL + Straight Console Port = Fail
  31. Am I the only one...?
  32. Some questions
  33. Guild Wars 2 ruining Dark Souls release
  34. A short question
  35. Pirate or buy ?
  36. Pre-orders starting to become available
  37. Pre-order and NO PRE-LOAD!
  38. Is the Australian/New Zealand version censord?
  39. GFWL
  40. $40 seriously?
  41. So what kind of controller support we talking here?
  42. Cross-platform play?
  43. New Info
  44. Finally a PC release! Just wish it would come with Demon's Souls as well :(
  45. The Pre-Order Thread
  46. Question for DS experts - help me decide if I should buy this
  47. Conspiracy Theory: Is Dark Souls for PC designed to fail?
  48. Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition - Steam Group
  49. GFWL = no buy
  50. KB+M?
  51. I am seriously sorry.
  52. Reward From Software or punish Namco?
  53. Don't buy this game
  54. So , Dark Souls on Steam will have GWFL?
  55. Anyone else notice the fantastic Engrish in Steam's description?
  56. Attention: Pre-Purchase for non GFWL enabled countries
  57. They Should Have Offered a Pre-Order Bonus
  58. ENB - Great Place to learn more about Dark Souls
  59. Multiplayer Question
  60. Physical Edition? Anyone else not finding it?
  61. This game rocks
  62. My GFWL Issue
  63. A quick question.
  64. Some non-Troll Reasoning for those Genuinely Interested in the Game
  65. Do you guys think the DragonHeadGlitch or BottemlessBox glitch will be patched?
  66. How does somebody connect a PS3 controller to a PC?
  67. The GFWL excuse isnt valid. This is the best game this generation
  68. This game has a better story than any RPG i have ever played
  69. How is everyone playing this game?
  70. From Software probably should have outsourced this
  71. Givme a reason why i dont have to buy this one
  72. Can't Preorder Dark Souls?
  73. This is why you should buy DARK SOULS: A comprehensive list
  74. C/D: Chameleon is the best spell for PvP
  75. dark souls noob build for me?
  77. What's up with the description in the store page?
  78. Pre-order on GMG at 20% off; activates on Steam
  79. Will I be able to predownload
  80. Good game for Over priced. :( ¿why steam??
  81. C/D: You preordered Dark Souls
  82. I'm going to make a video to help new comers/players.
  83. What class will you guys start as in Dark Souls
  84. Lagstabs?
  85. What are you most looking forward to?
  86. Valve fix the DarkSouls store description
  87. Cant wait to grief first timers in the burg!!!
  88. Hopefully we get larger servers than console
  89. Did the petition to get rid of Games for Windows Live DRM lead anywhere...?
  90. Achievements?
  91. To developers / Publisher - No good keyboard control, no sale
  92. Co-op Matchmaking in PC Prepare To Die
  93. Is anyone aware of a means to contact Namco Bandai?
  94. What to expect from Dark Souls.
  95. Does anyone know if this is going to be a console port?
  96. STICKY: Youtube EpicNameBro for all your Souls questions
  97. Please support this game
  98. They should've learned from Alan Wake.
  99. GFWL+Steamworks according to Gamersgate
  100. Pre-order appearing
  101. Is this the sort of game you have to get killed to learn how to progress?
  102. Dark Souls PTD Looks Amazing!
  103. To all the "do not buy" threads
  104. About cheating
  105. Dark Souls, truly a wonderful game.
  106. If You Petitioned, You Should Buy This Game
  107. Wait for PC version or go out and buy Ps3 version?
  108. How buggy do you think this will be?
  109. Black Phantoms
  110. Only three words...
  111. ITT: I teach you how to grief low level players!!
  112. Who else will agree that PC Dark Soulc will be GOTY...
  113. Coop Campaign
  114. Can someone address my concerns?
  115. In game bonuses
  116. GFWL Petition
  117. Quick matching?
  118. Amazon pre-order
  119. Woah! $70! When did that happen?
  120. Dark Souls is Amazing!
  121. Just a few questions.
  122. Are Steam achievements still possible?
  123. AUSTRALIANS - Don't get ripped off
  124. Awesome not $60
  125. Excited!
  126. Australian Dark Souls Price now $70
  127. Another Aussie price thread
  128. Preorder it for only 32$!
  129. What the HELL do u mean?!
  130. Modding offline
  131. pre order bonus, box set?
  132. Buy Russian Version, Send to US Account?
  133. Jus played an early June build of this ...
  134. What happened to modding?
  135. Pre-order for $32!!!
  136. Can't flipping wait, pre-ordered day 1
  137. Why GFWL keeps me from buying this.
  138. You don't need to go offline
  139. I want all of the collectors edition stuff but..
  140. region locking?
  141. does it have new game + like demons souls?
  142. The GFWL Thread
  143. Stealth type gameplay?
  144. Pure casters viables?
  145. Dark Souls GFWL Region Lock
  146. Will I be able to run this game on my computer?
  147. Any latest news on PC version?
  148. How do the controls compare to Skyrim?
  149. Some more Match Making info
  150. What would make Dark Souls a 'Bad' port.
  151. Looks like there will be pre-load.
  152. Anyone else not buying this solely because of GFWL?
  153. Looking for feedback on multiplayer
  154. What is this game?
  155. wtf Namco?
  156. Attention all Aussies!
  157. Anyone else buying this solely because of GFWL?
  158. Confirm/Deny: You have preordered the best game of all time
  159. Is it a new game or we will have the original DS from ps3??
  160. I am not in GFWL supported countries will multiplayer work?
  161. Souls Veterans, Are you ready to stomp some cry babies?
  162. Dark Souls 25% off
  163. So how many gig's is this game? 4 or 16?
  164. Question About Region Lock
  165. Souls cry babies,are you ready to stomp some annoying try hards?
  166. Is there a physical copy of DS for PC?
  167. Guys i just played an August 1st build of this...
  168. Dark Souls GMG 20% or 25% off
  169. What will YOU control dark souls with?
  170. Dark Souls official manual
  171. how 2 pre-lood
  172. Darksouls confirmed to have PC optimized controls, graphic options etc !
  173. A question to those who have GFWL savedata experience
  174. What is with the lower price entitlement?
  175. Dark Souls from GMG
  176. Dark Souls Pre-Order
  177. In 1 word or 2, Dark Souls is better than..........
  178. FPS Disconnect Feature?
  179. to those who are new to this kind of series
  180. Jolly Cooperation - a grossly incandescent guide
  181. Anyone notice something funny about the store description...
  182. Dark Souls combat guide for new players
  183. A "proper" coop
  184. Region lock questions, about to get DS by trade
  185. When are the GMG keys suppose to arrive?
  186. Hello
  187. I'm Confused: GFWL, Steam, or Both?
  188. Retail version working on Steam ?
  189. CIS is locked?
  190. Press Embargo Up, Post Articles here!
  191. Dark Souls Not available in your region
  192. Game confirmed to be 30FPS lock and LESS than HD Resolution.
  193. Make a petition to take it back to consoles?
  194. DO NOT BUY if your Australian
  195. So can I cancel my pre-order or something?...
  196. Dark Souls 1024 x 720 pixel Nooooooo
  197. This or Guild Wars 2?
  198. Dark Souls PC screenshots and impressions
  199. PC-P2D still vastly superior technical experience+WAY cheaper than buying a console
  200. New Gameplay
  201. Does it at least support windowed mode?
  202. Resolution locked... and I still want it
  203. If you buy this game, you are what is wrong with PC gaming
  204. Upscale Your Favorite Games Thread!!
  205. As someone who has played and loved this game....
  206. I just asked for a refund
  207. The game has already been released on PC
  208. Gameplay is KING.
  209. is the DARK SOULS mod friendly?
  210. Dark souls and pc : The lesson
  211. Ex-Ubisoft dev explains why the port is like this.
  212. how is this happening?
  213. Question about dark souls online
  214. Why the Port is the Way It Is
  215. Positives and negatives, all speculation...
  216. Australian consumers are being overcharged for this title.
  217. Making up for the lack of support.
  218. Just preordered.... praise me!
  219. "Dark Souls PC screenshots and impressions" is ALL LIES- and here's why! :D
  220. I'm unable to buy Dark Souls (GFWL blocked in my Country)
  221. Going to buy it in GMG, how can I create GFWL account? (My Country is blocked)
  222. Dark Souls UK and New Zealand Collector's Editions?!
  223. The defense is that the Dev's have to do a lot of work to cater to a proper PC title
  224. Let's brainstorm workarounds for the resolution lock
  225. Any non new dark souls player see that vid
  226. New Petition: Delay and Improve Dark Souls for PC
  227. Video Card Question
  228. Not sure if I should have put this here or the tf2 board
  229. Is there info if the servers/connection is improved?
  230. Not sure where to post this exactly
  231. Whats up with Australian Version of this game?
  232. XBOX360 joypad
  233. Dark Souls: Prepare to Countdown Thread
  234. Dark Souls Australian Release Date
  235. How much GB will it have?
  236. Dark Souls Gamescom Trailer
  237. New screens arrived
  238. Is there any reason to get this on Steam?
  239. Just listen to this, so beautiful.
  240. Importing Dark Souls
  241. Buying NA-Version in Eu on GMG
  242. will the game be region locked?
  243. 8 days left...I can't wait any longer
  244. If buy key from GMG, in region that's not avaliable, will it work?
  245. New IGN preview video
  246. When invaded...
  247. Not available in my region
  248. Cloud Saves?
  249. Looks like fun NOT: The list of fail
  250. Looking forward to makke007's report