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  3. Is this worth playing?
  4. Paysafe And LOTRO
  5. Steam Achievements
  6. LotR Online Won't Load
  7. The Lord of the Rings Online™ Steam Starter Pack - Which quest packs?
  8. Oh yeah, Spring Festival
  9. The Lord of the Rings Online - My F2P review + all the info you could ever want.
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  11. so happy to see this on Steam
  12. Gifting the Start Pack is not possible?
  13. Does the steam version have the high res texture pack included?
  14. Wont finish installation
  15. Join GLFF
  16. PvP/PvMP
  17. Which server did you choose?
  18. LOTRO Crashing
  19. Steam guild?
  20. Old returning lotro player looking to play with some newbies
  21. Mithril Edition?
  22. I want steam achievements
  23. Screenshots private only
  24. Wont accept my name
  25. Problem with the starter pack.
  26. Separate hold RightMouseButton for movement?
  27. Mithril Edition
  28. If you like the standard MMO model, you should try out this game
  29. Game crashes
  30. How to activate the Steam Starter Pack
  31. Game is not launching (invoker problem?)
  32. Lifetime subscription
  33. How to get these free 500 turbine points?
  34. Stuck at "Examine Game Data" in the Launcher
  35. Turbine, are there any plans to bring a high resolution quest font size to the game?
  36. have to download again?
  37. Helpful Turbine Support Info - Updated 7/24/12!
  38. Games 201 Error
  39. Single Character Mount
  40. DDO?
  41. This game is bad, and the devs should feel bad.
  42. attaching LOTRO to Steam
  43. Regular Account & Steam
  44. Steam Starter Package contains following!
  45. An update error occurred: A connection attempt failed.
  46. Performance tweaks?
  47. Black screen? Non functional?
  48. A newbie question from a newbie player
  49. Where's the motivation?
  50. Buying points through steam
  51. Mithril Edition pack from Gamestop
  52. Cannot create account
  53. Mithril Edition and what to purchase next with TP.
  54. Welcome to LOTRO - Important Community Links and Information
  55. Character is gone.
  56. Official Lotro.com Homepage Feedback
  57. The Music System (and a few things to get you started)
  58. Can't create account.
  59. What to buy with turbine points?
  60. Premium Wallet Upgrade
  61. How to turn off the skill pop up windows on quick slot bar
  62. XP Token
  63. Servers?
  64. LotRO won't start up in steam
  65. Expansion ?
  66. LotRO install is not compatible with DEP
  67. Title freaks must know!
  68. Question about Skirmish Soldiers
  69. New players Best Pop EU Server EN-RP Laurelin
  70. any way to see full list of emotes?
  71. Steam Packs
  72. Turbine points card in Canada?
  73. Getting error message each time i try to play
  74. Server Population for each realm
  75. Product Key
  76. Account Transfer Codemasters/Turbine
  77. Man or Hobbit for Burglar?
  78. Steam pack activation?
  79. Riders of Rohan Expansion Question @Turbine
  80. Buying TP through Steam is not working for me
  81. Unable to launch LOTRO
  82. Going to start - how does pvp work
  83. Newbie needs a quick introduction
  84. Reminder: Turbine has almost daily built-in raffles for LOTRO players
  85. New to LOTR
  86. first person view?
  87. Graphical problems
  88. Is the game alive/dead?
  89. Former player
  90. Review
  91. I havent played 85 hours, whys it say that?
  92. A veteran & first time player LOTRO series
  93. unable to play lotro crash bug and more
  94. 72 hours later, still havent received the TP's I paid for (via steam)
  95. Haven't Received Free Key From Support Yet
  96. plugin installation
  97. referalls?
  98. Oh god my characters?
  99. Question about Steam vs. non-Steam
  100. Suggestions for best first class?
  101. Escort missions
  102. Lotr or Dungeons & dragons?.
  103. expansion packs?
  104. some advice needed
  105. Crash to blue screen when zoning into buildings
  106. Where do you find basic cooking ingredients?
  107. The Auction House
  108. All these greedy game devs!
  109. 2 people playing together - how?
  110. Deed log question
  111. quick question about steam version,
  112. Feeling like a ghost town? Try these servers!
  113. VIP is it worth it for one month?
  114. Now that DDO is out on Steam, can we please have unified TP currency for both games?
  115. Steam Starter Pack for LOTR !
  116. Minor complain
  117. LOTRO Summer Fun 2012 schedule posted
  118. Runekeeper - is it worth unlocking?
  119. Stuck at first time performing
  120. Looking for someone to duo with.
  121. odd bug...
  122. High or low LOTRO Client?
  123. knowledgable LOTRO veterans needed for answers...
  124. Buying a second house
  125. 50% off sale! Quest packs, Steam Starter Edition ($15), Mithril Edition ($10)
  126. Let's talk classes
  127. Lotro 2000 Turbine Points
  128. how do i contact Turbine?
  129. STEAM wont download
  130. Legendary Books - level 39
  131. Can we get some Steam Achievements?
  132. LoTRO: Mithril Edition digital download on sale at $9.99 from Impulse!
  133. Starter pack
  134. Lotro promotion !!!
  135. LotRO Steam Starter Pack should be giftable, but isn't
  136. Stupid question about account...
  137. Is there a way to do this?
  138. Game not patching correctly
  139. question about mithril edition
  140. Working on deeds after VIP expires
  141. Nothing in the Auction House to buy???
  142. Steam error when launching LOTRO
  143. Logging in from Steam
  144. Game updating
  145. [B][I][U][SIZE="6"]why can't i run lotro without steam anymore?[/SIZE][/U][/I][/B]
  146. trouble uninstalling this game, need help.
  147. Old EU Player
  148. Question about Moria expansion pack
  149. Question.
  150. Question again in LOTRO
  151. Game Won't Run
  152. LOTRO needs Steam Workshop too and vice versa!
  153. Question about quests
  154. not available in my region?
  155. DLC Triple Pack
  156. How to tell if Triple Pack DLC is installed?
  157. lvl 75 in 5 months or less
  158. Are these's fourms active
  159. Servers down ??
  160. Rohan client
  161. Will Steam Update My Game to the Correct Expansion?
  162. Turbine Point Purchases- Not currently working
  163. Lord of the Updates
  164. WT, Steam? Full client download after a patch!
  165. Game stopped working on steam, asking to be downloaded again!
  166. Need help
  167. Can't buy ingame Turbine points since Steam is now priced in Brazilian Reais!
  168. Cannot find code for Steely Dawn
  169. Purchased DLC, but it's not showing up?
  170. LOTRO not available for Brazilians
  171. Game will not launch
  172. Steam redownloading nearly whole client
  173. Turbine points...
  174. Logging in/DLC problem
  175. Reinstalled recently and now getting a decrypt error? Please read.
  176. LotRO Mithril Edition
  177. They removed the lore-book!! What the hell?
  178. Won't Load After Server Selection