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  2. Stuttering, lags and slowdowns
  3. One of the most awkard sprinting mechanic
  4. Quicky Review
  5. Impressions about Demo
  6. Campaign Coop?
  7. Why would they release it now?
  8. More Cut Scenes Than a Slasher Film
  9. No Sound in Cutscenes
  10. Black bars for 1680 x 1050 resolution.
  11. Why people shouldn't review the demo
  12. Anything like Spec Ops 1 or Spec Ops 2?
  13. Imagine Gears of War or Army of Two...
  14. Runs my GPU hot!
  15. Black textures?
  16. (Un-)Official Steam fan group
  17. Doesn't feel like a "port" at all, but a well-made PC version.
  18. Please fix letter-boxing / black bars
  19. Game is crashing at start
  20. pre-load?
  21. FoV change?
  22. Nasty problems with scripting and ai
  23. not THAT bad
  24. Spec Ops: The Line on sale @ GMG
  25. Pre order and Get Duke Nukem Forever for Free
  26. Free Duke Nukem Forever!
  27. Add to Cart button?
  28. Demo updating itself?
  29. Just pre-ordered this my thoughts on it!
  30. Can't Pre-Purchase the game? WTH?
  31. Lead Designer Cory Davis on Weekend Confirmed 118
  32. Pretty good
  33. Ä50 @ Steam - Ä37 @ GMG
  34. Should I buy it? Advise me please?
  35. Will this game have a free for all multiplayer option just like CoD?
  36. "busemaxqualitymode", what does this do?
  37. Pre Load is up!!!
  38. Resolution
  39. How the game?
  40. To the developers: No FOV options = No buy
  41. Multiplayer Not Working?
  42. This game is raw
  43. The lighting/sun causes performance issues.
  44. Anyone got AA working?
  45. Spec Ops: The Line Gameplay Walkthrough Review [HD]
  46. encoded Configs?? WHY??
  47. Multiplayer...
  48. Guys who wants SO: The Line @ 26% off discount?
  49. HELLO!? *echoes*
  50. ummmm MOUSE BUG?
  51. Any Feedback on Multiplayer?
  52. This has the black bars too
  53. Dedicated servers ? yes ? no ?
  54. 3rd person only?
  55. Choppy and stuttering during gameplay
  56. Quick question about key bindings...
  57. 3 Suggestions for Multiplayer : Hope Yager/Darkside reads this
  58. Game resolution starts too high.
  59. Release date ?
  60. Is SLI working for you?
  61. 26% OFF on Spec Ops: The Line
  62. So after the initial Release S*** storm has finished, is it worth it to buy?
  63. MP weirdness
  64. Chapter 6 Help
  65. My review, possible spoilers on plot
  66. No Text Chat In Multiplayer?!
  67. Multiplayer Is Actually Pretty Fun
  68. Very fair view from the Cynical Brit
  69. Serious Lag
  70. DLC inboung August. FREE
  71. not even in steam top 100
  72. NO JOKE! Compared to the PS1 Spec Ops, how is the gameplay?
  73. Play now?
  74. Spec Ops: The Line 50% off
  75. How is the porting (mouse and keyboard)?
  76. The ending and what it means for what actually happened...
  77. Where the Russian language?
  78. The Multiplayer is wasted potential.
  79. Horrendous performance
  80. Russian language is not available
  81. Lost all save data! HELP!
  82. Need opinions!
  83. This game is really good im enjoying it.
  84. Are the INI files encrypted?
  85. How big is the game?
  86. spec ops the line in multiplayer no players?
  87. Weapons in game
  88. The part with the helos and running, seriously ?
  89. [Spoiler] The Phosphorus
  90. How's the multiplayer?
  91. Black Bars for 16:10, devs continue to be lazy
  92. FIX ! (for poor laptop performance)
  93. Do antialiasing work in this game?
  94. [Spoiler] Good ending of the game?
  95. Stupid chopperscene in chapter 6
  96. I love this game
  97. Extrem mouse sensitivity and frame drop
  98. I LOVE the ad steam has for this game BUT
  99. mouse sensitivity+ and frame drop joining MP
  100. Save lost Need Issue
  101. MP could use a survival mode.
  102. cannot play game ...
  103. Did they fix controls for release?
  104. some of the cutscenes dont have audio
  105. [Spoilers] Chapter 9 - What did you do?
  106. How active is the multiplayer?
  107. I hate baby-sitting...
  108. SPOILERS - White Phosphorous
  109. The FOV : it can be fixed!
  110. No/can't search multiplayer matches?
  111. Fix for no sound in cutscenes
  112. Can you play the Campaign in Coop?
  113. anybody got a desaturation injector/filter that works?
  114. Can't use G13 Controller
  115. Host
  116. RUNNING!
  117. someone plz explain the story to me :) SPOILER INSIDE
  118. No Steam Chat?
  119. Gamer-friendly INIs: FOV, HUD toggle, mouse acceleration
  120. This game shows what happens when...
  121. How come Spec Ops: The Line doesn't use authentic Dubai buildings?
  122. Very bad mouse lag. Re-installed few times. Same issue.
  123. The choices *spoilers*
  124. Does it have Surround sound? (5.1,etc)
  125. omg this game is sick.
  126. Music
  127. Wiki page for bugs, fixes and workarounds for Spec Ops: The Line
  128. Donít base your opinion of this game on the demo.
  129. Crash to desktop? After cutscene
  130. is there gonna be any patches?
  131. NO AA Support..
  132. Black bars fix for 5:4 resolution
  133. ultimate fix for no sound on cut scene
  134. Stuck in Windowed Mode
  135. I don't quite understand the meaning behind... *Spoilers*
  136. Spec Ops: The Line Multiplayer Freeze
  137. Spec Ops - The Line
  138. So how is the mp fixed yet?
  139. One of the worst Mp ever?
  140. Location of d3d9.dll
  141. Should have had co-op.
  142. Save file location?
  143. Inverted Contorl Option doesn't work.
  144. Spec Ops the line Lag
  145. black screen on start up
  146. Graphics Issues and Freezing
  147. Can't play the game
  148. Is there any way
  149. New Cheat Warning
  150. This game is half price on Amazon and...
  151. Help clarifying the story *spoilers*
  152. Multiplayer lobbies all jacked up?
  153. Strange FPS performance....
  154. Anyone here got spec ops: the line?
  155. A bug spreads to an official wallpaper?
  156. Stepping over "The Line"??
  157. Trouble with playing the game
  158. 2k collection for 50 euros...
  159. Multiplayer
  160. This is a terrible console port dont buy guys.
  163. Scene skip doesn't work.
  164. Check out my Playthroughs
  165. Spec Ops: The Line Delivers An Ending That Mass Effect 3 Didn't
  166. Single player difficulty
  167. A good console port and if i had the money i would buy it
  168. Crash to desktop just before the end of Chapter 11
  169. Chapter 6: 5 rounds, 50,000 enemies
  170. Super Nuclear White Phopherous???
  171. Lets get ready !!!!!
  172. Change FOV anywhere?
  173. Spec Ops : The Line Fixed for 3D Vision !!!
  174. How to get "All You Can Be" achievement.?
  175. My Two Cent Review
  176. Stuttering with V-Sync on (no Tripple-Buffering)?
  178. No, I don't want to change difficulty
  179. Being a Soldier....(Review)
  180. Squad Command not working
  181. I think I finally figured this game out... (spoilers)
  182. Not keeping save games after PC reboot
  183. Multiplayer.
  185. Stop Running from SniperKiller
  186. AI/Scripting is nonfunctional
  187. Cheater notice
  188. Why gaming needs this game
  189. worst sound design i've ever head since FEAR 2
  190. Major problem with joining games
  191. Crash During Helicopter Intro Scene
  192. Sensitivity Mouse no effect !!
  193. Demo Vs. full game
  194. Framerate issues with Spec Ops: The Line and NVidia Geforce GTX 680m
  195. No achievements...
  196. Spec Ops: The Line Gameplay Walkthrough Review [HD]
  197. august is nearly over weres our free dlc
  198. COOP?
  199. How do i get the coop addon
  200. Extra Credits says its totally worth it
  201. Patch?
  202. Looking fpr COOP Partners
  203. Looking for people to multiplayer with
  204. Spec Ops TL + 2 Bioshock titles on sale at Amazon for $19.99. Register on Steam!
  205. The "Civilian Incident" [Spoilers] and what you think it says about you?
  206. Graphical glitch
  207. Is $13 Buck Worth It For Spec Ops?
  208. The full story of Spec Ops - very interesting article
  209. I just finished it up ...
  210. No story mode coop?
  211. Any idea where the saves are kept?
  212. why is it letterboxed?
  213. Game not on Steam?
  214. Game Crashes
  215. Disable Mouse Acceleration
  216. Spec Ops: The Line 75% off on Gamefly.
  217. Is spec ops locked ?
  218. 360 controller worked fine first time playing, now it does nothing.
  219. [spoilers] So I beat the game. What happened?
  220. So the 33rd are the good guys, right?
  221. Springing this game on an unsuspecting Teenaged COD-head
  222. Does anyone actually play the MP?
  223. Spec Ops UI HUD issues.
  224. Extreme micro-freezes, game unenjoyable
  225. Spec OPS is 6$ at greenmangaming
  226. Game crashes on startup
  227. Spec Ops: The Line 3.00
  228. so is the mp broke ?
  229. Spec ops Flashy purple?
  230. Crashing after helicopter intro
  231. Squad Command not working
  232. Free Key
  233. No Sound During Cutscenes
  234. Could there ever be a sequel?
  235. Any way to remap controls
  236. Post-Launch Review: Spec Ops The Line
  237. Fatal crash with helicopter gunship
  238. Mouse acceleration
  239. Willy P
  240. Sierra hotel cheevo
  241. Spec ops $7.49 Amazon or Bioshock 1+2+Spec ops $9.99
  242. Weird Shadows on Characters
  243. Spec Ops The Line videos
  244. Game doesnt launch
  245. Coop errors
  246. any coupons 4 this ???
  247. circling camera
  248. Consistent crash in a specific spot
  249. Anyone read the book "Killing is Harmless - A critical reading of Spec Ops: The Line"
  250. Disable Gamepad?