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  1. Awesome Game!
  2. I'm wondering about peoples opinion of the game
  3. What's the AI like?
  4. Multiplayer Only
  5. starting the game after release
  6. This game is a-mazing. Wow. Better than the original. Even tho its an expo only.
  7. Culture!?
  8. does it will be like Eve?
  9. How do you capture extractors?
  10. Why this forum?
  11. Unachieveable Achievements.
  12. Novalith Cannon Problem
  13. Who wants to play? :D
  14. Multiplayer v Human
  15. Just bought it for the first time
  16. Watched the trailer... Space sarcophagus?
  17. AI doesn't build Titans
  18. Workshop Support?
  19. resolution puzzle
  20. Win XP support
  21. Rebellion content
  22. Post your artistic screenshots
  23. Should I get Trinity also? Does it get me anything?
  24. Change AI difficulity?
  25. Please Help - Game will not start
  26. Opinion of those who have original
  27. Is Rebellion playable on my system?
  28. Video Introduction & Gameplay
  29. Rebellion is my first Sins game
  30. 4X or no?
  31. If you're having screen resolution problems...
  32. Vasari - in general
  33. Crash on single player startup
  34. TEC tactics
  35. nasty stop construction bug found
  36. Severe lag / ICO issues
  37. Where are the Sins Rebellion replays?
  38. Anyone else have problem with MP saves?
  39. Hard drive space
  40. Problems with achievements?
  41. LF players
  42. TEC loyalist vs Kultorask Titan
  43. ship models easter eggs in themselves
  44. Rebellion
  45. Best strategy game in years, because...
  46. New Patch, any info on it?
  47. No one playing multiplayer?
  48. Help, im slow
  49. Dual monitor - mouse leaves game window
  50. Close-up framerate issues
  51. How to get positive appreciation from the AI ?
  52. Mine-sweeping as Vasari?
  53. Creating maps
  54. Any tips?
  55. Serial Code
  56. Novalith Cannon spamming even by easy AI
  57. The 'is it worth it over Trinity thread'
  58. Game reverted to 1.02? WTF!
  59. Odds this will be on for Summer Sale?
  60. The allied AI is less reliable than my X-wife.
  61. No Building Bug?
  62. Looking for a strategy/beginners guide
  63. Researching more hero slots
  64. Where are the save files located?
  65. Has Anyone Had Any Success With Diplomacy?
  66. Trouble finding the game's manual
  67. Is there any point to get trinity if I already have rebellion?
  68. Looking for Sins of A Solar Empire: Rebellion
  69. Custom Map Pack for Rebellion now available!
  70. I must say...
  71. So this game is basically Star Wars: Rebellion?
  72. What Would You Do...If you were me?
  73. Possible to MP Galaxy made maps?
  74. Yes, it is worth it.
  75. Little Help...
  76. Is it possible to add discounts with summer sale?
  77. If you want to know if it's worth it...
  78. How much has multi-player improved?
  79. Decent tutorial?
  80. Well, piss
  81. Steam crashes upon loading
  82. Max # of mp players
  83. Is Rebellion as easy to make mods for as Trinity?
  84. does rebillion include older content?
  85. do Trinity mods work with Rebellion?
  86. Latest patch info?
  87. learning to play the game? I'd be happy to help.
  88. Tips for Advent Rebels for a newbie
  89. Could not find SteamService.exe?
  90. cloud saves?
  91. Great Game - Terrible Community?
  92. This or Trinity?
  93. Micro- Control?
  94. Does Rebellion Have Trinity Features?
  95. Random rebellion crashes.
  96. Disabling super weapons?
  97. For multiplayer gamers/players
  98. can my pc run this game
  99. Best 1st Capital Ship?
  100. Coronata?
  101. Use for the Novalith?
  102. Any must have Mods?
  103. Have to ask whats better
  104. Steam content conversion???
  105. So are the bugged achievements fixed in 1.4?
  106. Teamscrewed every SINGLE TIME
  107. Multi-monitor Scrolling
  108. Mini Dump Error
  109. Method to disable camera rotation?
  110. HUGE error in AI code
  111. 1.1 Update
  112. Is it worth buying this if I already have Trinity?
  113. Looking to trade Torchlight 2 for Rebellion
  114. Install Size - 1.5GB - Is that right?
  115. Experimental weapons
  116. Game Always Launches in Fullscreen at Lowest Resolution
  117. Rebellion does contain Trinity?
  118. Looking in to this
  119. Something's wrong...
  120. Wont buy because of extra account creation needed...
  121. Problem with Stardock Activation solved
  122. Welcome New Sins Players -- New Player Guide
  123. How do you missions offers?
  124. Not enough Rebellion players online!
  125. Anyone got a Sins discount code?
  126. Camera issues
  127. Rebellion 66% Off Coupon
  128. Wanna play? :)
  129. Star Trek Armada III Problems?