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  1. Crash on load?
  2. PainEditor doesn't work
  3. Went to Multiplayer in Black Edition and told...
  4. Running Painkiller Black with single core
  5. difference between Gold and Black editions?
  6. overdose
  7. bahahahah! Painkiller resurrection got a score of 38!!
  8. anyone actually ever play any version of Painkiller in MP?
  9. painkiller still not starting
  10. Bobbing
  11. Painkiller Resurrection Mega Fix Mod By Eggtooth
  12. Gold become Black?
  13. Painkiller series?
  14. so..... have they patched it yet? (resurrection)
  15. did I just save my money?
  16. Please, put on steam FRENCH version of Painkiller Overdose ! Thank you.
  17. Painkiller: Pandemonium (next game)
  18. What version is Painkiller Black Edition on steam?
  19. Painkiller Crash Solution Thread
  20. Painkiller screenshots
  21. Painkiller: Black Edition Still needs an icon for Grid view.
  22. Weapons Invisible.
  23. fight music dosnt work and monster souls are invisibal
  24. Painkiller overdose doesn't start
  25. Keeps crashing :(
  26. Painkiller - Loading Lags
  27. so is painkiller ressurection good yet
  28. Painkiller Ressurection: Equip Tarot Card = Crash
  29. Painkiller Resurrection: Stuck on HIgh Seas
  30. Painkiller black edition should have a sale.
  31. So should I play this game on the highest difficulty I hear the endins are different
  32. Painkiller: Collectors Pack (RoW)
  33. bugged music also!
  34. Any fix for 20seconds card?
  35. Don't judge a game by it's demo
  36. Is there any reward for finding secrets?
  37. Resurrection?
  38. painkiller black edition: monsters run slow...
  39. Painkiller: Black Edition rrrrrunnnnnns ssssllllloooooowwww.
  40. Steam says "game unavailable please try again later"
  41. Painkiller Black found with a trojan this morning.
  42. Painkiller Black Editions Editor help please.
  43. Painkiller Overdose demo fading dark
  44. resurrection.. so.. does it work now?
  45. Microsoft bug Painkiller overside
  46. Painkiller: Resurrection - Bug Reporting
  47. Widescreen BlackEdition
  48. 75% off on Daily Deal?
  49. Just an offer for trade
  50. Invalid CD Key while trying to join a server in Black Edition
  51. Painkiller Black's Gold File Names
  52. Painkiller Redemption Preorder?
  53. Painkiller Redemption eh? does that mean its actually good?
  54. Painkiller Redemption release date announced: Feb 25th 2011!
  55. Painkiller Black won't start (code 51)
  56. Purchase Black Edition
  57. Game is available! $4.49
  58. What is this new Painkiller game?
  59. Painkiller Redemption now available!
  60. so ive had pain killer black
  61. Painkiller Redemption- it truly is GREAT FUN!
  62. I want the old stakegun in Redemption
  63. Sale on black edition
  64. Weapon Button Configs for Redemption
  65. Which Painkiller game is which?
  66. Reloading error
  67. Painkiller Redemption Audio Problem
  68. Redemption Wont Start
  69. No Multiplayer? D:
  70. Before i buy it, does it have coop?
  71. Redemption FOV: can it be tweaked?
  72. A present from developers
  73. Uhh...
  74. Painkiller: Redemption just draws the window and freezes
  75. Direct3D error?
  76. AI downgrade?
  77. painkiller redemption
  78. There's a big problem with Redemption!
  79. Questions for Eggtooth (developer)
  80. Redemption
  81. 5th Level
  82. Redemption in more than just name
  83. Daniel's Weapons
  84. Ok, you fooled me
  85. Couple bugs: Redemption
  86. Redemption doesn't work
  87. Graphics Problem
  88. Painkiller Redemption Machinima- Kill the Pain Movie
  89. Redemption: The kill button
  90. machine gun sound glitch
  91. map editor
  92. Graphical Glitch
  93. Changing resolution in the original painkiller
  94. Extremely disappointed! Fans of the original, stay away.
  95. CHEAT CODES??????
  96. Questions...
  97. No steam content servers
  98. The difficulty settings
  99. Quick review
  100. Weapon Breakdown Tips
  101. Painkiller Black Edition in windowed mode
  102. Do many people still play MP?
  103. Painkiller: Redemption video review
  104. Painkiller Redemption Patch 1.02a- RELEASED!
  105. Good try but not quite right or fun
  106. For the developers
  107. Original painkiller or black edition?
  108. I would REALLY like to play
  109. Enjoying this game.
  110. End game message
  111. white screen glitch
  112. This was a bit much for me details inside.
  113. PK Redemption Uncut??
  114. Game not working
  115. game won't start -- script error
  116. Cannot Run Painkiller Redemption
  117. Bug in Complex of Towers
  118. Final boss dead.. and so is the game.
  119. Redemption: I miss "Tastes like Chicken"
  120. View Forum out of Painkiller Redemption not fixed
  121. Redemption crash
  122. tips for slowdown issues...
  123. [Redemption] Bill ? (glitch?)
  124. Painkiller black makes gpu hot! any help appreciated
  125. Question about patches
  126. Painkiller: Redemption doesnt work.
  127. Compatybile in Painkiller: Redemption
  128. Frustrating sound problem with original PK
  129. I love the game + Little question
  130. Demo playback
  131. Save Games
  132. I'm lovin it!
  133. Painkiller black edition issues.
  134. Painkiller Black in NVsurround/eyefinity
  135. Where are hidden enemies in Old Underground Complex?
  136. What keeps you coming back to Painkiller?
  137. Is Resurrection better than the demo?
  138. PK:Resurrection COOP any new fixes
  139. PK: Redemption Cutscene Project
  140. dear eggtooth..
  141. Painkiller Redemption uses old Painkiller muliplayer maps!
  142. Redemption savegame directory
  143. REALLY low FPS in Resurrection
  144. Technical Issues
  145. Painkiller: Redemption Patch 1.03a RELEASED! - NEW!
  146. Painkiller Black Ed
  147. Painkiller Redemption error on Load/Save
  148. PK - Atrium Complex 'Tarot Card'
  149. Painkiller German Voice, how?
  150. PainKiller Black Edition Editor
  151. Ctacombs crash
  152. It was not possible to create the Direct3D rendering device.
  153. How to change language in Painkiller Black Edition
  154. Painkiller: Redemption
  155. pls support pk rd.
  156. PK Black issue with weapons
  157. graphics improved... where?...
  158. F****ing thing FREEZES right at the end boss.
  159. Anyone buy painkiller black recently able to play it?
  160. Editor
  161. Painkiller: Black Edition for 7
  162. language Painkiller black edition
  163. Painkiller Black Edition stops working on level Leningrad
  164. Game Crash on Old Monastery
  165. Painkiller Editor won't work
  166. Anyway to enable vsync in painkiller black?
  167. Overdose and Redemption save locations?
  168. What one should I buy next?
  169. Know nothing about these games
  170. Redemption bosses
  171. Painkiller Black Weapon Loss?
  172. Painkiller Complete Pack
  173. Redemption has multiplayer?
  174. Redemption Thoughts and Level 2
  175. Painkiller Gold saves disappear after restarting game
  176. Black Edition for $2.98
  177. Tarot?
  178. Painkiller Black not running =S [+opinion on other Painkillers]
  179. having some really annoying issues with painkiller overdose
  180. Slowdown when taking damage
  181. Keyboard problem
  182. Multiplayer?
  183. Where is my cd key?
  184. Black Edition not working
  185. Riddle me this...
  186. My impression after playing black edition for 5 minutes
  187. PK Overdose MP query...
  188. swapping weapons with the enemy :(
  189. Easy way to increase the number of enemies in an existing map?
  190. painkiller black lua crash on atrium. can't finish it
  191. Painkiller Black Catacombs deadly bridge glitch
  192. ATTN: Eggtooth
  193. Painkiller Future
  194. A lovely welcome to the Nordic Games family!
  195. Game updating
  196. Painkiller: Redemption major free DLC update + patch released!
  197. About Nordic Games
  198. Windowed Mode for Redemption
  199. [solved] "Painkiller Redemption is not installed."
  200. For Newcomers to Black Edition: Easy Gold!!
  201. Any news on Painkiller 2 or the Movie?
  202. Anyway to have classic weapons in Overdose?
  203. Scary days! Halloween is here ... Painkiller series 75 % off
  204. Has The Super-duper Speed Bug Been Fixed Yet?
  205. black ed and fps question
  206. Painkiller Black on Win7x64?
  207. Issue of purchasing Painkiller: Black Edition
  208. Any of these games have a decent amount of online servers?
  209. is this game worth it?
  210. None of the Painkillers games works, same problem in all
  211. Flickering on Windows 7+Radeon
  212. For Those of You New to Painkiller...
  213. Finished Battle Out of Hell on Trauma...
  214. German Version of Painkiller BE Uncut?
  215. Play Order?
  216. Ressurection
  217. Painkiller Black is running in slow motion
  218. Gamespy
  219. Rename Overdose
  220. co-op
  221. Painkiller Gold edition vs. Black edition???
  222. Game keeps freezing. Please help
  223. Surprisingly easy
  224. Very Minor, But I Am Curious...
  225. Witch game shall I install?
  226. Demon Morph mode is bugged??
  227. In which order should i play the games?
  228. Almost forgot what PC shooters were about!
  229. can only get one painkiller game which one ?
  230. Painkiller, y u no play
  231. Some Painkiller questions
  232. which order should i play the series in
  233. Painkiller Black Edition and Overdose Crash on Load
  234. Painkiller: Black Edition crashing...
  235. PK north american(but open to all) duel tournament - for fun
  236. Painkiller Resurrection Haunted City Bug: No floor?
  237. I just had the most silly glitch ever in Painkiller Resurrection
  238. Overdose vs 2008 Server
  239. A couple questions for vets...
  240. Possible to get all Gold stars ?
  241. Does Dual Monitors Work?
  242. Redemption Unholy Stronghold (Ch2 Lvl1) card
  243. Autumn sale - whole catalogue 50 % off!
  244. Is Painkiller worth buying?(MP Question)
  245. Updating PK++
  246. Painkiller and Multi-core CPUs
  247. Which is the latest (and greatest) of the series?
  248. how to install PK++ ?
  249. overdose in french
  250. You must install 3rd party adware to play PK-black edition, save your money.