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  1. This game looks interesting
  2. Anyone tried this yet?
  3. IMPORTANT!! Database server issues
  4. Whats the co op like?
  5. Buy Tiny and Big instead
  6. Problems getting past the log in screen
  7. How is this game? and does it have A DRM?
  8. I demand a refund.
  9. Can't connect to game.
  10. And here I thought Steam checked their games
  11. Verify integrity of game cache 1 file failed
  12. No xp against rage quitters
  13. Willing to trade Torchlight for Fray
  14. I get it now!
  15. Stuck on Choosing Corporation Screen
  16. game errors when trying to launch... awesome.
  17. Gamezebo review ( 2 stars out of 5 )
  18. Fray Patch 1.01 is out!
  19. Unplayable. Don't buy it. They try to hide this post to defraud you.
  20. Response To Reaction Of Release.
  21. Since the patch, game no longer works AT ALL
  22. Fray - Current state of the game after patches.
  23. MP Population?
  24. It's not so bad.
  25. Here's what you should do
  26. Single player at all?
  27. anyone want to play this?
  28. Fray: Reloaded Edition coming to Steam.
  29. How active is game now?
  30. Do Not BUY
  31. Extra Copies?