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  1. Preload?
  2. Steamworks?
  3. Midnight Release?
  4. Question about preorder bonuses (TF2 items)
  5. Huh? Only Windows 7?
  6. Reviews
  7. Do I have to restart Steam?
  8. No 1360 x 768 Option
  9. Soundtrack
  10. Failed to create the D3D9 Device!
  11. Higher Screen Resolutions ?
  12. Have Season Pass Pre-Order but dont see the OST and DLC.
  13. Do the mouse control feel ''off'' for anyone else?
  14. Turning off mouse acceleration and motion blur?
  15. Dekstop Icon - low res
  16. Invalid Content configuration?
  17. No Texture and Model Quality option
  18. How to turn off bloom, motion blur and mouse acceleration
  19. Unable to install the game?
  20. Really laggy in some parts?
  21. Controller support?
  22. How To Fix Resolution (Solution)
  23. No dialog sound
  24. FOV?
  25. Post your Videos/Let's Plays here!
  26. Quantum Conundrum Live Stream
  27. Is there a way to disable the hud?
  28. Widget the Third
  29. A hotfix for people with low-spec computers!
  30. It's worth to purchase Quantum Conundrum?
  31. Unexpected Crash each time I try to "Restart the Power grid"
  32. Soundtrack
  33. Severe Performance Issues
  34. First Generator Room help
  35. QC Impressions and comments.
  36. Two Questions !
  37. [Help] Anti-Aliasing
  38. YES, it does support controllers = )
  39. path to higher learning help
  40. Quantum Conundrum not downloading?
  41. Save system
  42. no way to turn off motion blur?
  43. Continuously Crashing at one point
  44. Horrible white border on the bottom and right of the screen
  45. Lament of the Flightless Bird help!
  46. Mouse Sensitivity
  47. Weird stuttering like the game stops for 2-3 sec and continues...
  48. Sad day,,,
  49. These Video Options
  50. Cannot get passed Stairway to Fluffy (Glitch?)
  51. What do Portal Fans think?
  52. Frame-rate drop as the game loads up a new area
  53. Constant crashes in the 3rd room?
  54. Help on Hang Time
  55. Disappointing Ending [SPOILERS!]
  56. Questions about QC Video Settings
  57. Rage quit
  58. Game thinks mouse is controller
  59. (Possible Spoilers) Beginning of the End?
  60. Game fails to launch, can anyone help?
  61. "The Desmond Debacle" ?
  62. Is this the real life or is this just fan-tasy help
  63. can't 'Continue Game'
  64. Quantum Conundrum Gameplay Walkthrough Review [HD]
  65. Game running at anormal speed on my 3D editing computer?
  66. Do A Thing
  67. Soundtrack: Does it come with the season pass?
  68. Global achievement bugs [FIX ASAP]
  69. Any Tips for Improving Translucent Rendering Performance?s
  70. Library in the yellow wing
  71. I have not unlocked the reverse gravity battery?
  72. Game "not responding"
  73. Basic/Advanced Graphics Settings
  74. What is wrong with reviewers....?
  75. What's the save dir.?
  76. Double conveyor belt + lasers
  77. Missing one collectible
  78. Anyone got an FPS config for this game ?
  79. Solution for windowed mode!
  80. mouse acceleration sortof bug. . .
  81. Strategy Informer's Review
  82. Control glitch
  83. Any way to unbind Ctrl?
  84. Can't even launch the game
  85. First Impressions Video HD
  86. 25% of at Greenmangaming today
  87. TF 2 Items?
  88. Sudden framedrops
  89. So what do YOU think of the ending?
  90. (soltion) capped fps for 120hz monitor users
  91. Save file location?
  92. "new game" button deletes progress?
  93. Hint gameplay setting
  94. Some puzzles...
  95. No soundtrack or TF2 items?
  96. 360 Controller Emulator Help (Solution Inside)
  97. Isildion's humble review.
  98. 24th collectible?
  99. looks like the 2 dlc will fill in the 2 missing dimensions btw the looks of it
  100. How exactly....[Spoilers]
  101. How to skip the videos when you start?
  102. Weird lag when turning?
  103. First update?
  105. Glitch in "Stairway to Fluffy", makes game unwinnable
  106. Enabling console?
  107. The game work fine. And it's really awesome.
  108. 1024x768 Doesnt Exist
  109. High pitch sound
  110. Computer Changes Colours
  111. Let's Play Quantum Conundrum (Blind, Dual Cast)
  112. If I buy the game now...
  113. Am I missing something in R&D Lab? (spoilers maybe?)
  114. Tricks for Less Shifts
  115. Game crash at loading
  116. The configuration Thread (solves slow fps / 120hz / others)
  117. My collectible count appears off.
  118. "Do A Thing!"
  119. Game crashes, causes reboot
  120. Where is soundtrack song 4?
  121. warning for intel users
  122. Do The Robot in 11 shifts?
  123. Do you want Anti-Aliasing in this game? Take a look here!
  124. The "Do a thing" is grayed out...
  125. Disapearing Luggage- game breaking bug?
  126. The ending of this game pains me. SPOILERS.
  127. No Graphics Settings?
  128. So I own the game, but don't own the game. HELP
  129. Did anyone else think the pocket dimension was gonna be (SPOILERS)
  130. Update?
  132. Possible un-intended solutions?
  133. Problem with making jumps after pushing out a box/sofa?
  134. Game wont start at all?
  135. Let's play Quantum Conundrum (blind)
  136. Simple thing, nothing major. Just a quit to desktop.
  137. References
  138. Hey, it's that voice!
  139. Is this game particularly graphics-intensive?
  140. general feedback
  141. Application Load Error
  142. What's Ike-aramba?
  143. Lament Of The Flightless Bird (Bug)
  144. QC Patch 6/24
  145. The path to higher learning (BUG)
  146. Menu Button Request
  148. "The Greatest Puzzle in the World" - game breaking bug?
  149. Quantum Conundrum Leaderboard Confirmed Times/Shifts
  150. Saved game location
  151. Blue Line Bug
  152. Lags between levels
  153. Bonus level??
  154. Game no longer launches
  155. fluffy journey of discovery help
  156. Resolution Fail
  157. Sine Language in 6 shifts
  158. Anywhere to find HS list not in game?
  159. Quantum Conundrum Gameplay Walkthrough Review [HD]
  160. We need a timer and shift counter on the HUD
  161. What is the point of the R & D lab?
  162. Soundtrack
  163. Someone noticed Deus Ex:HR reference?
  165. Upgrade from QC to Season Pass
  166. time weighs heavy upon us all
  167. Uncle's Portrait changes with the dimensions! *Possible Spoilers*
  168. Any hint for whoever belt it?
  169. Where is the Blueprint in the Blue Wing?
  170. My immersion is being broken!
  171. Do A Thing!
  172. -novsync helps, but does not fix
  173. Quantum COnundrum Graphics Tweak
  174. Strange issue: can't move!
  175. I'm not sure I get the story and the ending. [SPOILERS]
  176. Should you buy the game? Let me show you things
  177. Nice Intro video to the game
  178. Steam-Error An error occurred while installing Quantum Conundrum (No subscription)
  179. [BUG] Don't need the very last battery
  180. When are these TF2 promo items tradeable?
  181. season pass
  182. What are the Implications of "Starting a New Game"?
  183. The Chocolate Dimension
  184. Game crashed - progress lost
  185. A wild Quantum Condundrum Demo appears!
  186. Game show advert. stinks?
  187. Achievement "Explorer of all Roads" Unachievable?
  188. Slow-Motion problem
  189. [BUG] Map unexpectedly ends. No Crash.
  190. Tried demo, trapped in second room
  191. A review by Zero Punctuation
  192. The post that Yahtzee was referring to
  193. Airtight: Zero Seconds/Shifts, Any Level (Restart Glitch)
  194. Quantum Conundrum Genuines tradable availlability
  195. TF2 Items still not tradable?
  196. Any point to the R&D Lab besides the last collectible?
  197. Steam leaderboard access and level name conversions
  198. My Noise Generator Collection
  199. Flat running vs. bunny hopping
  200. Xbox 360 contoller on QC?
  201. Unreal Editor w/ Quantum Conundrum?
  202. QC savefile location?
  203. Is anyone else rubbish at the 'flying around' parts?
  204. Quantum Conundrum flickering on launch
  205. Help!STUCK in 'Is This Real Life' Laser Room!
  206. I couldn't finish this game
  207. Does the game get better?
  208. Error with audio **(fixed)
  209. 07/16/12 update?
  210. 40% off on Amazon.
  211. VERY annoying glitch makes the game unplayable
  212. Oops - pressed "New Game" to try and get into R&D and lost everything!
  213. Can't move using WASD?
  214. Any way to enable antialiasing?
  215. HELP! Lighting Glitch in 'Do the Robot'
  216. Quantum Conundrum Black Screen on Startup
  217. Soundtrack / DLCs
  218. What format is the soundtrack?
  219. Limitations of puzzle solves in this game...
  220. -75% off
  221. Does QC leave you wanting more?
  222. Do a Thing! needs to be a screensaver
  223. Stuck on puzzle
  224. Terrible framerate, well above recommended specs
  225. Possible door bug?
  226. QC crashes!
  227. The game is unplayable.
  228. DLC dates announced
  229. Explanation: How to use a Non-Xbox 360 Controller with Quantum Conundrum
  230. Skip intro
  231. controll bugged if I pluged in my flightstick!
  232. Quantum Conundrum: A Series for Scientific Entertainment
  233. how long is this game
  234. Problem by starting Quantum Conundrum
  235. First DLC now out!
  236. How do you start the new dlc?
  237. Where are the save games stored?
  238. Do not buy the DLC!
  239. It's getting too tricky for me
  240. Quantum Conundrum has stopped working.
  241. Feelings coming from a huge Portal fan
  242. John De Lancie is the real star of this game.
  243. Season Pass don't give the new DLC?
  244. All the knights men bug (ike-arambe level 1)
  245. 2.49/$3.75 @ GameFly
  246. Quantum Conundrum - Can't Hear Narrator
  247. IKE-aramba level 2 crash
  248. Quantum Conundrum 2
  249. Achievements not working?
  250. North American PS3 version Ike-Aramba DLC totally broken