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  1. Best Documentary in 2012!
  2. Absolutely awesome! Go and buy this !
  3. Funny how this is the closest we'll get the Fez on Steam
  4. French subtitles cut
  5. why does this keep updating?
  6. Format?
  7. Summer Sale Achievment
  8. Mac OSX Lion showing blank screen
  9. Indie Game The Movie Won't Work
  10. "Our database says you tried to purchase Indie Game: The Movie"
  11. Team Meat commentary subtitles?
  12. Waiting for a sale and special feautres?
  13. Lag issue
  14. Fantastic movie but one detail disappointed me.
  15. Garbled screen instead of the movie
  16. Download or Stream?
  17. I loved this movie
  18. Achievements
  19. Can't "install" it in ubuntu linux
  20. is there any game introducing documentary or movie?