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  1. Game won't launch
  2. Character resetted
  3. Can't login
  4. reminded of why I stopped playing before
  5. why is this game free?
  6. OMG we have a forum now?
  7. getting disconected from server
  8. First impressions..
  9. "First Time Install" every time game is launched?
  10. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  11. Blacklight Retribution Commentaries, Tutorials, and Gameplay Videos
  12. A waste of time..
  13. Fun game; Too many Brazilians
  14. New to BLR? A bit lost? Watch these Herp Derp Guides to BLR!
  15. *really* crap pings...
  16. Lost all my stuff
  17. Can't login, EU server borked? and US/AU too now?!
  18. Hello fellow Steam players!
  19. What exactly are the items in the starter pack?
  20. Log in...then CRASH?
  21. Europe Server is dead
  22. Attempting to change resolution, *CRASH*
  23. Forgot login info
  24. Corrupted File Server Connect
  25. No confirmation email
  26. Performance....
  27. is the renting time irl or ingame?
  28. How do Steam users feel about creating new acounts for Blacklight.
  29. Needs a lot of fixing. Cant recommend this game.
  30. servers not available???
  31. Deleting Items from Inventory.
  32. People need to grow up and stop spamming
  33. Wall hack ruins game
  34. Blacklight: Retribution - Montages | Gameplays
  35. Blacklight: Retribution - All Weapon Builds (Level 1 to Max)
  36. Sign-Up for Blacklight Retributions first Tournament
  37. Launcher up, now what?
  38. How do you use the Steam starter pack?
  39. 30 minutes to get a server
  40. You fave gun setup?
  41. Cant change video settings
  42. my first 5 levels
  43. broken launcher
  44. Code for Free Voicepack
  45. Level 6, no weapon tag?
  46. Ran Out of Video Memory error
  47. Stater Pack worth it?
  48. Horribly optimized?
  49. game freezing when going into video settings?
  50. Pay real money for Loadout Slot?
  51. Still, this game is...
  52. Steam Achievments???
  53. Fun things to do in Blacklight
  54. Crashes when trying to join a game
  55. Possible Performance Fix
  56. Steam Starter Pack XP Boost Info
  57. Can't start the game for some odd reason, PLEASE HELP!
  58. Maintenance to fix current issues.
  59. Is this game worth your time
  60. I think the launcher is telling a joke...
  61. How to get weapons forever?
  62. Let's look at Blacklight Retribution (video)
  63. Can't start the game? Crash at launcher.
  64. Too much QQ over "wallhack"
  65. Disabled in Russia, really?
  66. Steam Trading, is it possible?
  67. Objective review of Blacklight retribution.
  68. Inventory and GP completely vanished.
  69. Steam Overlay not working
  70. so where's my portal tag?
  71. What do you know, a problem with F2P launcher.
  72. Marketplace access
  73. game stop working while playing?
  74. "This account is already active on another computer" bug
  75. a tweak to increase fov
  76. EU Servers down?
  77. Blacklight: Retribution Gameplay Review
  78. Account reset
  79. Male or female gender
  80. Are EU servers still down???
  81. Servers not avalible
  82. Why the hell can't we use the same character on both servers?
  83. Basic gameplay and new stuff
  84. Keybindings not saved?!
  85. Blacklight: retribution - Can't join any servers? Partial fix!
  86. some small problems I'm having, help please?
  87. Blacklight: Retribution Beta Key Giveaway
  88. Epic!
  89. that feeling when...
  90. The hardsuit is too powerful and versatile.
  91. Purchasing items in the marketplace problems.
  92. Steam Starter Pack
  93. Dual monitor woes
  94. creating a party with friends
  95. Blacklight: Retribution trailer remake
  96. Extreme Chat Lag
  97. understanding
  98. game crashes once i hit play in the launcher
  99. BLR framerate smoothing?
  100. Items are gone....
  101. Pings
  102. BLR ADMINS: notice a sharp decline in new users today? account registry failure
  103. Warrior Nation (WNx) Game Night 7/8/12 8PM EST
  104. Missing Decryption Key
  105. Creating an account
  106. Opening video option crash the game
  107. Eu Stream, Advice and Tips
  108. DLC not permanent?
  109. How to buy permanently
  110. Game lags after minimizing then maximizing?
  111. Should be BRL.
  112. Steam starter pack is worth it
  113. Steam version files problem
  114. How do i revive someone?
  115. Cannot Connect to Servers
  116. Resolution problem
  117. Why this Starter pack is sucks
  118. Steam Blacklight players spamming the general game chat..
  119. Very dissapointing gameplay
  120. Performance overnight cut in half?
  121. Crash after launcher
  122. Simply great~
  123. How can i get the Portal Gun Weapon Tag?..
  124. How do i unlock the shotgun?
  125. TWL Blacklight League/Ladder
  126. How do i heal myself with health kit?
  127. Tips on spending gold?
  128. Weird screen when attempting to start the launcher (via steam icon)
  129. Can we remove the Chat filter?
  130. Game becomes laggy after playing for an hour or two
  131. Where did the varied servers go?
  132. Buy anything with real money yet?
  133. VGS - This game needs it....
  134. Everyone is now level one?
  135. Latest patch - july 10th
  136. A Warning To All
  137. steam weapon tag?
  138. Capture the flag noobquestion
  139. How do you post a pre-made weapon?
  140. Crashing every few minutes.
  141. Cannot create PW account
  142. If anyone is wondering what's to come in the games future
  143. Looking for Starter Pack
  144. Can't start the game
  145. Account level problems-different levels of different servers
  146. Permanent unlocks?
  147. Compilation of My BLR Sniper Videos
  148. Blacklight Retribution | Heavy Assault Rifle Build Guide (7/10/12)
  149. EXS | The Executioners clan is recruiting competitive players
  150. Why can't we bookmark our favorite servers?
  151. Is the turret broken?
  152. Warrior Nation Recruiting
  153. 5+ KDR Player Streaming
  154. Huge Frame Rate Drop After Update
  155. Weapon tag effects
  156. To my annoyance..
  157. This junk wont start!
  158. Are the servers down ATM?
  159. When do I get the bonus GP from the 4th of July?
  160. Achievement facepalm
  161. Is there a way to...
  162. Where's the portal tag?
  163. Probleeem xD
  164. Account separated from Agent
  165. New blue Portal tag
  166. Got 1000 kills during the 4th of July event. Got the helmet skin but no GP??
  167. Wait for it...
  168. time out...
  169. can you earn zen
  170. video setting wont open, crash
  171. Rewards for Tango Down players.
  172. What should I buy?
  173. My Blacklight video
  174. Almost ready to buy my first receiver
  175. Servers down for anyone else?
  176. Game launches in unplayable resolution
  177. 200 - 300 ms Latency
  178. Starter pack -75% is coming?
  179. Game doesn't launch.
  180. BL:R Steam Workshop
  181. How to sum up this game.
  182. Can someone explain some graphics menu option?
  183. developers actively supporting
  184. 170 damage BAR gameplay
  185. Unable to join games while logged into steam?
  186. What is worth spending Zen on?
  187. [EVENT] Community Training Night & Zen Giveaway - Tuesdays at 8pm EST
  188. 30-3 Aggressive Assult rifle play.
  189. Blacklight: Retribution | TDM HeloDeck | 33-2 Submachine gun
  190. Can't change armor/gear
  191. i got M.A.R.S. for free?
  192. 2 Extremely good Assualt Rifle Builds
  193. Throwing Knives only 23-8
  194. Achievs not triggering
  195. Whats a good secondary for the Combat Rifle?
  196. bundles/packs and unlocks question
  197. Out of video memory?
  198. Things I hate about this game
  199. Blacklight Retribution | SMG Build Guide (7/17/12)
  200. competitive ?
  201. Random crashes
  202. Darkcola Youtube
  203. Which Pack Is Worth It?
  204. Stuttering/Freezes
  205. I Suck + Live Stream Talk (Blacklight Retribution Gameplay/Commentary)
  206. Throwing knives only gameplay
  207. Startup Crash
  208. Free Zen
  209. How the hell do I start this game?
  210. BLR keeps crashing! Help me please!
  211. Show FPS?
  212. Cannot join game from friends list
  213. Constant crashing - yet to play online
  214. Blacklight Launcher freezes on loading
  215. Looking for Tips on Killing Mechs
  216. Got 13 hours in. . . Impressive for Freemium
  217. Can't Start the Game :(
  218. cannot play it from China :c
  219. Separate account needed?
  220. Manual Patch for 8/2's 0980.RC5 Update
  221. Can't join a single match
  222. Stuttering in Menus and in-game
  223. Lmg Gameplay 36-7
  224. Performance Is A Joke
  225. The latest patch makes the game almost unplayable
  226. Server Unavailable, 88 files Failed to Validate.
  227. Why so much hate?
  228. Cant open the game.
  229. Farming GP in BL:R
  230. Servers not avialable!
  231. Blacklight Overview Video for New Players
  232. Blacklight: Retribution Montage "Just One Day" by LmAo | Witem
  233. Montage "Derailed" 720 & 1080p
  234. Crashes, crashes, more crashes
  235. cannot log in, have the correct information...?
  236. New patch/ launch discrepancy
  237. "Deadly Precision V1" Throwing Knives Montage
  238. What the hell is a beacon?
  239. I can't join ANY Game on the US Server
  240. This always happens ...
  241. 8/13/2012 [0981.RC1] Manual Patch and Patch Notes
  242. Seige Mode
  243. "Unable to establish connection to patch server"?!?1?
  244. 24 hour $1000 Marathon
  245. New to blacklight? - CLICK HERE!
  246. Blacklight gameplays vids with commentary.
  247. whatt should i buy first?
  248. "Strength Of Two Men" by Witem & Reckson CHEEEECK THIS=P
  249. Screenshots Thread
  250. Servers Down?