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  1. Amazing Game - Reccommended!!
  2. Support Windows 7 and widescreen resolutions?
  3. beyond divinity
  4. plz add french audio support
  5. Which Version Here At Steam?
  6. Important Question!!
  7. Updated today?
  8. Steam overlay?
  9. a couple questions about Divine divnity
  10. Any solution to this problem?
  11. Indoor graphics issues
  12. Larger fonts for high resolutions
  13. Stuck
  14. language
  15. Getting owned in new game, what am I doing wrong?
  16. Hey guys I got two questions, fairly simple.
  17. How do you pick up the teleporter stone?
  18. Picking Herbs and Deadly Gift?
  19. Level/Skill Point Cap?
  20. Windowed mode?
  21. Tips and Tactics.
  22. How do I harvest herbs and mushrooms?
  23. Any "stretch to fit" screen options?
  24. Holy crapola!
  25. Multiplayer
  26. user manual pdf
  27. Larger UI?
  28. Totally worth it so far.
  29. A bit late...
  30. Inrceasing player's stats?
  31. Audio Issue... no sound Effects?
  32. Game fails to luanch
  33. Quick question about chests.
  34. The none magic mirror. Spoiler.
  35. Which version of the original game is being used? (Please clarify)
  36. divine divinity mana problems
  37. Game screen greened out
  38. Manual, prequel story and soundtrack for free
  39. List of known bug(s) in the Steam Version
  40. I can't open nericon's garden!
  41. Contest: describe Divine Divinity, win a free copy
  42. why no steam cloud ?
  43. Side scrolling stopped
  44. About to go into the castle... Will I be able to continue my quests after?
  45. where to buy potion ?
  46. In the castle - spoiler - where is the chest with my equip? Bug?
  47. bought it full price and today it onsale lol
  48. hey 1080p users, 1280*800 has no bars
  49. How do you pickup teleport stone from ground?
  50. windowed mode, how?
  51. For those of you who enjoyed this:
  52. I Feel Like I'm Cheating...
  53. dont make mistake like I do :(
  54. Great game, no sound.
  55. Win 7?
  56. Missed spellbooks
  57. Activated teleporters reset bug
  58. DD in Italian
  59. can't use steam overlay/community in game
  60. Patch notes claim expertise bonuses are now percentile. They don't seem to be?
  61. Custom Resolution?
  62. Use AlphaBit?
  63. Jump To Map Marker
  64. Hard Mode question ?
  65. Game keeps glitching.
  66. After finished Dr. Elrath´s quest, his house is closed forever?
  67. At what level can the bosses be tackled?
  68. does being low level effect how high item drop ?
  69. Beyond Divinity for free at GMG today.
  70. Major bug - Council of Seven Elves quest
  71. Performance vs GoG version
  72. vote for divinity !
  73. Any news on Beyond Divinity for Steam?
  74. Storing items
  75. Slipgate Central review is up now!
  76. Divine Divinity a good game, still after 10 years...
  77. Divine Divinity not playing correctly
  78. Where do you all store your stuff and place you accumulated goodies?
  79. question about font size
  80. Rainbow Shadows and Uncooperative Interiors
  81. Resolution preference?
  82. Cringeworthy writing
  83. Whooshing noise...
  84. Corrupted savegames
  85. How I set Right-Click back to special attack?
  86. boring trailer :(
  87. can't save at this moment for the rest of the game.
  88. Highest level bow?
  89. Does Steams version actually use DX9?
  90. Bug: Imp Council Member
  91. I love this type of game. What are some others like it?
  92. Got stuck need HELP (Any trainers for the steam verison?)
  93. game will not save AT ALL
  95. Cats Suddenly want me dead? O.o
  96. Need some tips for the murder mystery quest
  97. Question about bows
  98. $5,000 bounty for retrieval of stolen PCs
  99. Crash when load a save or in the merchant village
  100. Game Breaking Bugs! :(
  101. Quicksave Rename Script
  102. Hello
  103. I screwed up (dropped quest item)
  104. Soundtrack doesnt change in divine divinity.
  105. need lockpicks. bad.
  106. New 99.6MB Patch
  107. Divinity Anthology
  108. Divine Divinity at GOG for $0.01 (pay what you want)
  109. this game have relation with divinty 2?
  110. True Shot
  111. Crash on savegame! Please help!
  112. Do you know what?
  113. PDF Manual download?
  114. This is a pretty good game but I'm not very good at it
  115. Whoever designed this game loves skeletons
  116. Finding a potion for Sarah and Cedric
  117. This is seriously F$@!ed up!
  118. Well, I just beat Divine Divinity
  119. The post below "Well, I just beat Divine Divinity" has major ending spoilers
  120. CPU core 100% [english | german]
  121. Divinity Sequel Kickstarter
  122. Beyond Divinity -- Can someone offer some technical advice?
  123. Graphical glitches
  124. Welchen patch braucht mein Spiel?
  125. [SPOILERS] I Sold Slasher to George...