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  1. Hows is the game? Is it a 4 player online Seiken Densetsu?
  2. Watch the Turtorial Videos.
  3. Stay away from this game.
  4. is the 360 controller support going to be added?
  5. Known Steam Issues [and Fixes]
  6. The developers want your feedback! Help them expand Wanderlust!
  7. Character Portrait glitch
  8. Too intrusive?
  9. Anyone gotten port forwarding to work with an Airport Extreme?
  10. achievements broken?
  11. Brown Chest Next To Stash?
  12. Need more stash space
  13. "Wanderlust: Rebirth" The "is it worth it thread?"
  14. Game won't start?
  15. Chat issue
  16. Secret... Tree?
  17. Why do elems get only 2 hotkeys
  18. Where's the Demo?
  19. In game currency question
  20. This game is currently unavailable?
  21. Try the demo before you buy
  22. Split screen?
  23. Graphic Problem
  24. Want to trade...
  25. 2 Copies for sale/trade
  26. Trading Bastion key for this game
  27. Really, REALLY slow FPS/lag
  28. Networking for Dummies (Need help!)
  29. No local co-op???
  31. Enemies not dying in multiplayer
  32. Steam key for the game
  33. Game re-downloading itself?
  34. what changes in update?
  35. How do i drop a barrel?
  36. Trading a copy of renegade ops
  37. Anyway to play single player as a single player?
  38. Option: Gift Wanderlust Lethal Lanvas 3 left
  39. So now me and a friend are stuck on the final boss
  40. Hi guys, Matt from Yeti Trunk here...
  41. Any fix for memory leak issue?
  42. No Multiplayer?
  43. Recent Patch butchered performance
  44. Failure to Load and Performance issues
  45. AI helpers could use some changes.
  46. what?
  47. Where can I check the patch notes?
  48. H for hotkey wont work
  49. Chat Won't Appear - Trading Suggestion
  50. Questions and suggestions
  51. A waste of my time and money. dont let it be the same for you.
  52. Dedicated Hosting question
  53. Text in chat is unreadable
  54. 1 copy of Wanderlust for trade
  55. Why can't I switch characters?
  56. PUP.HackTool.DDoS in Wanderlust
  57. 1 Wanderlust copy for sale/trade
  58. Renown Hero Fighter streaming Wanderlust: Rebirth
  59. T> 1 copy of wanderlust for a game
  60. Admins please espond.
  61. Game Freeze A LOT (more details inside)
  62. Server Browser needs a massive revamp
  63. things that should change.
  64. Gamersgate Bundle - Does it redeem on Steam?
  65. Looking to trade for a copy
  66. Possible to get 50+ Splash on Requiem? Also: Not getting hit CH 10 EPic achievment
  67. Just dropping by to say hi!
  68. Divine Blade, how much does it boost?
  69. What does Angel Breath do?
  70. Should this Game even be Running this Slow?
  71. Issues hosting a game
  72. Ready - unReady Bug - Skipping Dialogue Too Fast?
  73. Is this game worth the money?
  74. Not populating server list
  75. Game freezes upon reaching slot room in crawl mode.
  76. Any possibility of picking what port we want to use for hosting?
  77. I have copy of wanderlust :O
  78. No .exe?
  79. Is there a way to delete characters and profiles?
  80. Community
  81. Problems Installing Wanderlust: Rebirth
  82. Chat Window Messed Up
  83. Concerns about Hotkeying
  84. Is there a limit to crafts-per-day?
  85. Missing character portraits.
  86. Gems overwriting stat slots?
  87. Recent updates
  88. Is this really different from Cladun x2?
  89. New content incoming!
  90. Hosting Question.
  91. Looking for partners to play with.
  92. Wanderlust: Rebirth Steam Group
  93. Attacking
  94. For anyone having low frame rate issues
  95. Official FAQ (With Troubleshooting Tips)
  96. Option to change to port other than 1110?
  97. Game unresponsive after detour chapter
  98. Ch10 Epic Issues
  99. So this game's online community. . . non existent?
  100. Mouse Control for Melee Classes
  101. Wanderlust OST?
  102. Missing blueprint shop
  103. Bugged Achievements???
  104. text transation: prologue
  105. Wanderlust Adventures discussion thread
  106. Wanderlust: Rebirth Co-op Series
  107. x360CE with wanderlust
  108. Wanderlust Rebirth ~ Unexpected Error occurred on launch