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  1. Will a demo be released?
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  12. This game is a masterpiece!
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  15. Updates to be expected?
  16. Will the demo be available on steam eventually?
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  18. Game loads fine, but crashes as soon as I hit a button [Update: "fixed"]
  19. Note for folks looking for AA: SMAA injector works
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  23. Bug? Can't lift full capacity...
  24. Son wants to play.
  25. Please explain something to me (if you finished the game)
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  27. Stereoscopic 3D
  28. This game looks pretty interesting but..
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  30. What did Unmechanical mean to you? [Spoilers]
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  33. The Soundtrack is out Now!
  34. why helicopters need elevators?
  35. Am I screwed?
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  37. how long is this game
  38. Light ball magnet puzzle
  39. Big Problem: Can't launch the game
  40. This is excatly what I wanted
  41. Question: Spoiler