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  1. I'd buy it if..
  2. Don't Listen to these Jokers - this game is pretty fun
  3. Absolutely worth it
  4. STEAM! Help me out here!
  5. mods tahat rock in TSW
  6. WoW Killer?
  7. Should I buy this game?
  8. No uk wtf
  9. Fantastic Game for a month.
  10. If you are in the fence of buying this game but dont know? Read This!!
  11. Just bought today and no key?
  12. Taking bets on how long to free-to-play!
  13. Has anyone gotten this game to work after steam purchase
  14. What's combat like in this game?
  15. are you serious?
  16. Is it possible to merge funcom accounts?
  17. Stay away from this game !
  18. Lul what please?
  19. The no-class concept was awesome but combat was medicore at best.
  20. Ok so...
  21. BUY this game - don't listen to wow fans and haters
  22. Where do you get the special Steam items?
  23. EA-free?
  24. The song in the trailer on steam
  25. The Game is Fantastic
  26. ~Honest Unbiased Player Review/Facts on the Game~ Excellent
  27. This game has lost tons of subscribers!
  28. Impressions from the Free Weekend.
  29. steam in game items?
  30. No steam in game overlay?
  31. Combat roles? Respec?
  32. Just wondering...
  33. Why does the game think I preordered?
  34. One of the best MMOs on the market - Metacritic-Score is a lie!
  35. Can I copy game client to steamapps?
  36. Just bought it!
  37. An error was encountered.
  38. What the hell?
  39. Looking to buy, but wondering some things first...
  40. No Free trial? not going to get suckered by FC a 2nd time
  41. Read this if interested in buying~
  42. What the hell? Bought the game, can't log in?
  43. BEWARE: Game breaking crashing.
  44. Friend invite code?
  45. Issue #2 Digging Deeper
  46. On the fence? try the 3 day trial.
  47. Some advice for new players or people considering puchasing
  48. On Sale
  49. 1UP.com hands TSW an A-
  50. No recommendations? - is it a bug?
  51. payment
  52. Steam Exclusive Clothing?
  53. The Truth About This Game.
  54. First info from Gamescon on future content
  55. Mouse Look Controls
  56. Did anyone else get free bonus points?
  57. Gamescom presentation videos.
  58. Unavailable in the UK!
  59. If this game ever goes FTP...
  60. Funcom Confirms "Temporary" Layoffs, Says TSW Not Going F2P???
  61. System Requirements
  62. Anyone Buy the Lifetime Sub A.K.A. The Grandmaster Pack?
  63. If you're interested in this game.
  64. Ok...I bought it after much thought....havn't regretted it.
  65. I own the game already. How do I add it to Steam?
  66. Where is the demo?
  67. Ok, I like it!
  68. some more... small talk or small questions...
  69. Update via Steam client?
  70. Get Steam to use non-Steam files?
  71. Subscription Questions
  72. Steam Can't Backup The Secret World
  73. Don't bother with this game.
  74. Now gone buy to play.
  75. F2P Worth it now?
  77. question
  78. Trying to convince some friends to get this with me
  79. Sale
  80. Thinking about getting The Secret World but...
  81. Some infos about the game
  82. just bought this, and "Failed to contact key server"
  83. TSW $14.99 on Amazon... Steam, match this price before you lose to many sales :)
  84. Have they fixed the PvP exploits?
  85. Which Server Should I Start On?
  86. cant log in...anyone else?
  87. 25% off Christmas Sales Flop
  88. [youtube] PvP w/ Commentary
  89. This game win any recent awards?
  90. Time contraint - help with build appreciated
  91. I really want to play but...
  92. I can't download this game.
  93. time to buy?
  94. Can my laptop run The Secret World
  95. Secret World region wise
  96. This Game Is Incredible, Ignore The Obvious Trolls
  97. So tell me about it
  98. Serious question: How do you walk in this game?
  99. How to make account?
  100. Secret World 50% Off Sale
  101. Free Promo Hoodie from Curse (also Trial Keys)
  102. Error with the key server?
  103. [Done] Clothing Giveaway/3-day Trial from MMORPG.com (Limited)
  104. Will there be more than 50% discount?
  105. FPS Limit?
  106. Christmas Event December 18-January 2
  107. Inventory Windows will not close completely?