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  1. Steam Premium
  2. VLC Integration for Steam Overlay -- and the reasoning on why Valve can do this one.
  3. Please,make x64 client of Steam
  4. Forum addition request
  5. Trading feedback scores
  6. Apple Pin?
  7. Glowfish game .. section needed!!
  8. You think Steam should...
  9. Release Date on wishlist
  10. List all Total War games under a main heading of 'Total War'
  11. Disable flashing JUST for group chat
  12. Sort games list by time played
  13. Save our categories to the cloud
  14. Steam Forums Linked To Steam Account
  15. break the friends list limit and other stuff
  16. Crysis game scripts corrected? Origin as replacement...
  17. Steam, Feature Request
  18. "Completed Game" banner like Demo and Mods in Grid Mode *with Mock up*
  19. Share your achivements on your profile
  20. Steam need to address this issue
  21. new rules that should be added to Suggestions / Ideas forums
  22. Remove automatic updates and auto direct-x installation
  23. Some idea's for Steam And TF2
  24. Age Verification - Making all games available in germany or other recessive countries
  25. Revamping the Categories system
  26. Change in how CDKeys can be viewed.
  27. New Design Ideas
  28. Remove All From Cart
  29. The Steam Checkpoint gift initiative.
  30. l4d weapon models in l4d2
  31. Reproducable bug when chatting
  32. More capacity for the list of friends
  33. Like/Thank Posts in Steam Community.
  34. Transfering Steam Games From One Account to Another
  35. Enable the "close now" button
  36. Show only unplayed games in library
  37. Paysafe Card Payment Option for Americans
  38. Achievements
  39. Voice chat needs to be able to be turned off
  40. Bribe Platinum Games
  41. Steam account lock
  42. Steam Trading / TF2 : Enable Levels on weapons
  43. Russian forum in language section!
  44. Expand on Friend Suggestions
  45. "Already Requested thread" hasn't been updated in a while...
  46. onlive
  47. Please support Google Checkout!
  48. Remove EMPTY tab
  49. Great New Idea
  50. Steam inbuilt game recording software.
  51. pls Add Note field in user's profiles
  52. Please update to flash11
  53. Multinational Steam Accounts
  54. achievements!!!!!!!!!!!!
  55. Please work a deal for Crysis 2
  56. Make legacy versions of games available
  57. Battlefield 2142 + Northern Strike
  58. Please add Evochron Mercenary to Steam
  59. why have "you owe me" in the steam gift section
  60. Steam Chat Needs Emoticons
  61. why is there a 1 post limit on the steam trade ??
  62. wish steam accepted refunds or atleast accepted to trade with another game
  63. Pick and choose what games to gift and keep in a bundle.
  64. Support Through Steam Sucks
  65. Better Download Speed Servers
  66. Just a few ideas regarding image quality
  67. Let us review games, not just "recommend" them
  68. Gifts and Guest Passes Window
  69. Implementing a music status on Steam
  70. Steam Wallet funding
  71. Pining the message in-screen windows to show in-game
  72. Achievement Auditory Notification
  73. Remove from "Friends who have played (game) in the past." if guest pass used.
  74. Charity Thread - Also a suggestion!
  75. Screenshot Manager
  76. c'mon games should be ready to play from the get go,even pre purchased games
  77. Trading Games You Already Own
  78. Turn the ManCo Store into a game.
  79. Auto shutdown after game download
  80. Sales Forum Section
  81. Small annoying thing
  82. Solicitud de mas opciones para poder comprar juegos en steam
  83. One of these things is not like the other one!
  84. I wonder how many Steam users have their birthday 01.01..
  85. Things Steam NEEDS to change
  86. GROUP: Invite To Game feature request
  87. Deals on Pre-Orders
  88. Inviting group members in group chat is a hassle
  89. Partnerships
  90. Small Suggestion
  91. Avatars when posting on forums
  92. PC versions of Final Fantasy
  93. Volume Control in video player?
  94. wallie
  95. Portable Steam
  96. Itunes and Steam
  97. Something with Achievements!
  98. Is there an "Invisible mode" in chat?
  99. Update news being triggered by starting a game
  100. Stam client improvements
  101. Returning something to the community
  102. Change the default "Save purchase information" setting.
  103. New Pyro Thrower and New Hat Idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  104. Free Weekend download period. One or two days pre-download time.
  105. Add the game 'Defender's Quest' when it gets released, please!
  106. Feature Request: Steamail
  107. Add Steam Wallet to trade
  108. Why can't we do this??
  109. Better Way to Report hacks
  110. Check boxs for doing multiple functions.
  111. Library Tab "Export" (read for explanation)
  112. Be able to move specific games between hard drives
  113. difficult to add a new card?
  114. Dear Developers, stop the Ads in my Games!
  115. Identify already owned games
  116. Full Control over particle effects and draw distance
  117. Source tv in Left 4 Dead 2
  118. Put a volume control on the videos in the Steam store...
  119. Steam Newsletter..
  120. Steam Workshop with Mod and Map publishing (Idea)
  121. Add Friends without pay games
  122. Nonsense restrictions for Puerto Rico.
  123. Stop
  124. Game packs and spare keys
  125. Achievements Progress
  126. Libary Ideas
  127. New more specific categories/subcategories
  128. Tag "Person" in screenshot.
  129. No more age verification
  130. Crowd-Sourced tagging on Store page: advertisments
  131. Release something on PS3/ Boxed set or something
  132. Rename Tags in Friends List
  133. Change default for saving credit card info
  134. Notification if "tagged" item goes on sale
  135. Dungeon Defenders Forum
  136. Send picture to friend option
  137. Mark Games as Completed
  138. Steam Account name change
  139. WORLD of TANKS
  140. master achievement score listing
  141. Sending pictures in Steam Chats.
  142. Suggestion: option to redeem steam game key as gift
  143. Stream-Line the Friends grouping thing
  144. Error in the counting of hours played
  145. Official steam group suggestion, Steam Workshop
  146. Steam Trading Auction House
  147. People have been having problems with TF2 since the recent update. Proof.
  148. Suggestion For Steam's popularity
  149. Steam lending service
  150. Rename Steam Cloud to Steam Trunk
  151. Steam Store Suggestion
  152. Why can't we set priorities on steam processes?
  153. Phone and or Live cust. support !
  154. Mini-Steam Program (Friends and Library Steam)
  155. Need an auto-install option for preorders.
  156. Reduce memory usage
  157. Lock Steam account after incorrect password input
  158. Use one source engine branch and have the other games share off it please
  159. bug with steam email system
  160. Retail box single player games really should have steam optional.
  161. Service status box on forum page for small issues (Mirror twitter feed)
  162. DRM's limited activations and how Valve can help us
  163. Steam Marketplace For Game saves...
  164. Wishlist report
  165. To the DOTA2 some advice.
  166. FOR STAFF
  167. Other language help.
  168. Seriously! I want quantity of copies as selection!
  169. Lessen the search time.
  170. Russian section of SUF
  171. Steam feature suggestion: Specify an install folder
  172. Since when is Andover in Wiltshire?
  173. Begin Game Updates as Paused
  174. Can i put games into category then categorize these category?
  175. Spell check
  176. Steam Purchases in South Asia and Pricing Model
  177. Controller Recommendation With Game Recommendation
  178. TF2 Purchased Items
  179. Games list filters
  180. Would it be possible to widen the Title box for all SPUF posts?
  181. Portal 2 - seperate leaderboards
  182. Forum Meta Game :D
  183. List all DLC owned?
  184. Game volume should be lowered automatically during talking
  185. A few suggestions to make Steam more friendly
  186. Assassin's Creed Relevations Deluxe version
  187. Signatures?
  188. Fix advice on steam support site
  189. Steam chat popup direction changer
  190. buy the game again to remove vac ban
  191. A different email for SteamGuard ?
  192. Help admins to prevent hacking
  194. Increase frequency of DEMOS in advertisements.
  195. Help Me button.
  196. Feature request - Turn off pc when download completed.
  197. Ingame Browser Bookmarks
  198. Steam Cash Giftcards/Prepaid
  199. Recording Video
  200. Steam Game Library Quality Control
  201. Valve needs to step it up
  202. Allowing for multiple liscenses
  203. Please improve steam backup.
  205. - IDEA - Steam Store for Middle East
  206. prepaid cards should be a MUST
  207. sonic adventure 2 would be GRAND
  208. Show Global Recommendations.
  209. Credit for games no longer carried
  210. Halo Free 2 Play Movement
  211. Amazon cash to Steam cash?
  212. Use lossless formats for screenshots
  213. Currently Playing
  214. Translations for "Steam News"
  215. New idea for Groups
  216. Steaming pile of bullcrap
  217. cooldown on nickname change?
  218. Keep Steam Overlay to steam
  219. Page #s on each thread topic please
  220. Optional Peer-To-Peer downloading
  221. What about demo?
  222. BIG Steam Bug
  223. Add Achievements to Half-Life
  224. Downloading Files Within the Steam Browser
  225. Stop refreshing to the store page when client is reopened
  226. Option to Not Download Soundtracks
  227. My ideas and thoughts for future Left 4 Dead games.
  228. Games Installation at a time
  229. I originally posted this in trades, but I think it belongs here
  230. freunde namen endern
  231. On the Storepage have a....
  232. Ability to rank top ten games in library
  233. Steam needs something like gamer score or trophies levels!
  234. Steam needs a game search engine.
  235. dear steam...
  236. View wallet funds in game?
  237. Game store pages updated.
  238. a suggestion for password recovery
  239. Add "tradeable items" to the category list
  240. TF2 rewards for completeing games.
  241. Game's Cover
  242. Reviews on Products homepages
  243. Startup Options
  244. PSN and Valve
  245. This website "Are you sure you want to log out?"
  246. Steam trade suggestion
  247. Please arrange backup by title
  248. Steamail? Why don't we have it yet?
  249. Track Java Runtime Environment in Software Survey
  250. Turok I think should be on Steam!!!