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  1. Hero Academy
  2. The question we are all waiting to ask.
  3. Why the price discrepancy?
  4. Crash at startup
  5. Full Screen...?
  6. Anyone know how to redeem the Tf2 items?
  7. TF2 Items
  8. Any perks to owning the iPhone version?
  9. 15 a flash game
  10. Owning the base game - which teams do you have?
  11. Minimum res required = 1280 x 800
  12. Well, I just wasted $5 [cannot make account]
  13. Achievements from iOS?
  14. Single Player...
  15. Game does not start
  16. Hero Academy for Steam - FAQ
  17. Introductions from Robot Entertainment
  18. Hero Academy spams audio codecs?
  19. So anything good?
  20. Pay to win?
  21. Dire need for single player bots
  22. Dont waste your time or money
  23. Resolution Issues
  24. Friends List?
  25. Game Starts but no Video
  26. Window Size Options?
  27. No sound
  28. Ninja Cowl
  29. Taking forever for turns?
  30. If i purchase this game on steam will it be available for my Iphone?
  31. Trouble associating Steam and Game Center accounts
  32. ffdshow audio decoder
  33. Available on App Store?
  34. Undo Option
  35. 25+ instances of ffdshow audio decoder process. They keep building up.
  36. Maybe Singleplayer Will Be Released For Another $5?
  37. I guess it's tailored to people who have the iOS version
  38. So, er... what if I already bought the teams on iOS?
  39. I was winning a match against a guy when suddenly he made 150 moves in 1 turn. WAT?
  40. Guns of Icarus Online
  41. Does the 2-pack contain the TF2 stuff?
  42. How does this game play?
  43. Question
  44. Important Information about Heroic Teams
  45. Terrible game
  47. soooo... who else is missing the Spy hat?
  48. PROBLEM: 2-Pack doesn't include TF2 promo item.
  49. Kinda stuck...
  50. If u are undecided read this
  51. Language Switch?
  52. Hero Academy only giving one hat?
  53. Customizing armies?
  54. No hotsteat mode?
  55. Its annoying to have to wait so long for some players to make a move
  56. [H] Lots of Games [W] Hero Academy
  57. More stats
  58. Orcs and Elves are OP
  59. How to change language of Hero Academy?
  60. Is the TF2 team over powered?
  61. no full screen support
  62. Why don't you guys just release the full version? :/
  63. Pretty fun..
  64. Challenge Mode Guide
  65. Maybe you can implement this?
  66. Wow..
  67. Where do i turn down the music?
  68. Game-Crashing Glitch
  69. Want to get but...
  70. If i purchase the 2 pack will me and my friend get tf2's promos ?
  71. don't buy for single player
  72. Please help me with this problem
  73. Very very disappointing
  74. Suggestion: Quickplay
  75. how to fix this problem????
  76. Love the cross platform play.
  77. Local Multiplayer?
  78. Because of this game I will not buy Orcs must die 2
  79. The Two things they need to add to make this game successful.
  80. False advertisement. I want either a refund or some sort of compensation.
  81. How to change the language!
  82. What username to use ?
  83. 9 Hours logged since purchase!
  84. Where are my free hats
  85. Do games expire?
  86. No hat, No game!
  87. Robot Entertainment and the Hat Problem
  88. How to switch to fullscreen?
  89. WTB Android version
  90. There is the answer: change the language
  91. Can I start a game here then continue on iOS?
  92. Time-out victory conditions?
  93. HA out for a while, sound still gone.
  94. Not working in Windows 7 64 bits?
  95. Hero Academy stoped working.
  96. Singleplayer?
  97. Council is the only team without a real Team Bonus
  98. Improving the notification when our turn comes
  99. Logged out and unable to log back in
  100. How do I get TF on IOS
  101. Bug?
  102. Game unavailable?
  103. Tired of long waits?
  104. Game crashes at startup, avformat-53.dll deleted
  105. Another Hero Academy NOT starting complaint
  106. [bug] ffdshow
  107. Team Kill victory not working properly?
  108. In Game Click Issue
  109. add volume control
  110. Looks like just my thing, but . . .
  111. Hero Academy - Ninja Cowl (TF2 Promo)
  112. Won a phantom game
  114. unfinished and lacking game
  115. Little audio request
  116. Default team
  117. this game really needs a practice mode :|
  118. So I Bought the Gold Pack Through TF2...
  119. anyway to fix this ?
  120. add me as a friend to play thread
  121. Why does Hero Academy have to be at a 1200 x 800 resolution?
  122. Can we get some kind of Snooper program/app for this?
  123. Should I buy it?
  124. new races?
  125. Submit with taunt
  126. What DLC do you have?
  127. How to turn off music but keep sound fx?
  128. Question about the TF2 items
  129. Do my teams purchased transfer over to the steam version?
  130. Tell me if its true and if it is im done with this game.
  131. Why i won't buy this game
  132. Need help with achievement
  133. why doesnt this launch in mac OSX
  134. All undocumented units/game behaviour
  135. Stomping on own unit = save it?
  136. Tired of turtling?
  137. You have too many games to create another.
  138. New update = Crash at startup (Win 8)
  139. Widescreen
  140. Question for a noob here
  141. Hero Academy Game Tracker tool
  142. Bugs bugs bugs.
  143. An important question about the Gold Pack and TF2 items.
  144. Another important question.
  145. iOS friend
  146. Resolution
  147. Why doesn't Gold Pack give you a copy of base game to gift?
  148. is this game worth buying ?
  149. Patch Notes - 08-30-2012
  150. if anyone has DLC for this will trade for torchlight 1.
  151. what do avatars do?
  152. Any plans for a volume slider?
  153. 2 pack
  154. In-game hats
  155. Why leaderboards mean nothing.
  156. Information on the Tournaments, Player League and Fan Group
  157. ZoneAlarm and Hero Academy Startup Issues
  158. Wraith? Help please
  159. Taunt Points
  160. Special hats for Tf2 characters
  161. This game should have a timed turn mode
  162. Fancy a game?
  163. MOAR Maintenance?
  164. special avatar?
  165. I LOVE THIS GAME <3
  166. Archers need to be rebalanced
  168. Before you say "CANT LOGIN!!"
  170. Council Tutorial Videos
  171. Wraith Bug?
  172. Missing TF2 Hats
  173. A Known Crash & Workaround in the latest version
  174. Maintenance?
  175. Game Doesnt Work
  176. Game crashes at the same spot
  177. Hero Academy uses a HUGE amount of Memory
  178. REF: Six questions for SixOkay
  179. Exe stopped working HeroAcademy
  180. Really wierd issue with this game
  181. Problem, can't play this game. "Sorta-Of"
  182. Now obviously this wouldn't happen, but...
  183. Black Screen With Sound
  184. Hero Academy TF2 Team Has Hats?
  185. Submitting turn bug
  186. They need to make a L4D team for Hero Academy
  187. Registering Wins
  188. "Download Queued" Steam Error