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  1. OK...sooo wheres my Legends Of Pegasus download?
  2. So, how bad is it?
  3. Any good?
  4. Sigh.... camera controls...
  5. Morse code in title
  6. Bugs ! Bugs everywhere !
  7. BUG: Campaign Start Limbo
  8. This Game is a ALPHA VERSION DONT BUY
  9. AI
  10. $40 AU=$40 US for an alpha, refund possible?
  11. Can not start the skirmish?
  12. intentional criminal fruad/scam (defs inc, you decide)
  13. Game does not start
  14. To the developers, my thoughts.
  15. This is a terrible game at any price
  16. Verifying integrity of game cache
  17. Refund Request thread
  18. Kerberos Productions has found a new ally in the quest to decieve customers. Grats.
  19. Did anyone buy on Gamersgate?
  20. Things bugging me (or: What's those weird colors?)
  21. Any info from the developers?
  22. Is it just me, or does this game totally suck?
  23. can anybody get skermish to work?
  24. Does this game use the Kalypso launcher?
  25. how do you add more than 1 ai?
  26. DO NOT BUY
  27. ok friends please read this.
  28. Colony Module..
  29. Message from the developer
  30. 105 people recommend *this* to their friends
  31. Tech trees and info boxes
  32. From the Dev's "what are we working on?"
  33. LoP v. SoTS II launch
  34. Is this a joke?
  35. Closed Refund Threads
  36. Can't Even Start/Play Game
  37. Quit Whining
  38. Steam Store Page is missing link to the forum
  39. What were they doing the past months?
  40. Noise from my computer case?
  41. Top 3 most disappointing games ever...
  42. Pegasus Vs Endless
  43. Work arrounds on some BUGS.
  44. New Feature
  45. Gfx intensive
  46. Skirmish play only one oppent ?
  47. New Patch!
  48. so - now I am undecided
  49. Seriously steam please.....
  50. / Zonealarm / Game does not start
  51. THE BETTER QUSTION:Will they patch this game as SOTS 2 Team patched their broken game
  52. "Connection failed - timeout"
  53. The perfect Con
  54. Nice Video Review ;)
  55. STOP WHINING. Indie devs need support not children throwing tantrums..
  56. any new news?
  57. Gotta say, Steam are making it pretty obvious these days
  58. They can hide the forums but can they hide from the reviews?
  59. Forget your Sins
  60. Broken Stuff
  61. Steams response to a full refund
  62. played till repair dock in orbit
  63. Font size is very small
  64. German Legend of Pegasus
  65. So how is 40$ = 45?
  66. UK peeps seeking refund from steam
  67. DXDIAG reports for Kalypso
  68. Is anyone trying to refund?
  69. All i want is my money back....
  70. developer surprised by bugs? lol
  71. why I like the game and will buy it for $50 easy!
  72. thanks to lop I can lough my [color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color] of all buyers here
  73. Nice video Review of the game
  74. If I hadn't already heard, it would be clear this game isn't done by the patch notes
  75. cool it guys, as long as they are patching the game, it is still salvageable
  76. cant stop crashing
  77. Game not available (application running)
  78. perhaps dont by it just jet.
  79. Is the game playable yet?
  80. Manual Link working?
  81. Support for the game?
  82. Not an easy solution but... Help for games not loading.
  83. Game wont even launch now
  84. Why You Might Buy This Game
  85. Amazon is apparently giving refunds
  86. I have requested a refund. Would sell my soul for a homeworld reboot.
  87. guys, its OK!
  88. Hey... It's playable...
  89. Whats wrong with skirmish
  90. Graphics issues with SLI
  91. Are you Serious?
  92. Patches?
  93. New Patch crashes while loading saved games
  94. Closed threads
  95. morse code in game title graphics
  96. Multiplayer Diplomacy Crash
  97. Have some sympathy for the programmers of LoP
  98. A solution for all your 4x problems
  99. Why is this still for sale?
  100. Gamespy Review = Poor
  101. Anyone get the free keys yet?
  102. Yet another great review
  103. 8/21/2012 Current Status
  104. Any help with a fix?
  105. False advertising is illegal, so is selling this game
  106. Bug reports - Constructive feedback
  107. Be reasonable.
  108. My Refund Strategy -- Join me Brothers!!!
  109. Anyone need free KEYS
  110. How I received a refund from Steam.
  111. Message from Kalypso
  112. Review of Legends of Pegasus
  113. Invasion Glitch help
  114. cant uppdate.
  115. weird not wired
  116. So is this game working now?
  117. [MOD APP] SaveGame Editor v1.10 +
  118. Warning last update virus
  119. time for an update?
  120. Novacore out of bussiness
  121. LoP pulled from sale