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  1. Um Erro Ocorreu ao atualizar "Darksiders II" (Missing decryption key)
  2. Bad Port?
  3. Arguls Tomb question
  4. Crashing on Launch (From DS1 Forum)
  5. Graphics are.. hrmm.. not as good as they should be?
  6. Prima e-guide with in-game item
  7. The Sun Glitching
  8. Is there a way to change Key bindings for the skills you learn
  9. Game Crashes after it runs 3m
  10. Brit calling all Yanks/Aussies/Kiwis - how is the game?
  11. Magic?
  12. Computer Shuts Down When Playing
  13. No KoA:Reckoning Comparison?
  14. Mouse sensitivity too low, even when maxed
  15. Stuck Due to Bug
  16. Enable Vsync?
  17. Issues ive noticed.
  18. Fixes to Various Bugs, and a Warning Message
  19. Bheithir and Gorewood
  20. Extremely Slow loading in and out of menus
  21. Triple Monitor Support
  22. free code ativation
  23. where are the DLC weapons at?
  24. The Camera Is HORRIBLE! :(
  25. NEED HELP! Stuck in game need a save file! (first dungeon: the cauldron)
  26. Biggest let down of 2012 so far.
  27. Where is the manual?
  28. Red circle above enemies heads
  29. No Crucible Mode?
  30. Toggle overworld map?
  31. Graphic problem
  32. 3D Vision Support?
  33. Skill Point Awarded... No Skillpoint
  34. V Doesn't work for Reaper form
  35. Combos not working
  36. 5GB update?
  37. Death Rides DLC not appearing
  38. 360 Controller - Target Lock Toggle?
  39. How do I quit the game.
  40. Quest Markers?
  41. Why does this game overheat my GPU
  42. DS2 is worth purchasing
  43. Is this game region locked?
  44. My game isn't luanching any ideas?
  45. Link and Death have something in common (spoiler)
  46. controller glitching
  47. Stuck/Bug? Gilded Arena
  48. Using the shortcut menu for skills?
  49. just looking for some feedback
  50. Question about gameplay
  51. Screen Shifts Erratically
  52. Heres How to get your dlc Weapons
  53. 5 Gigs?
  54. Harbinger vs. Necromancer?
  55. monster weaknesses?
  56. Can you change gamepad sensitivity?
  57. Gun stops working
  58. You CAN rebind keys!
  59. auto equip keyboard shortcut?
  60. EU.. US.. the world
  61. Darksiders II Walkthrough
  62. Official game release on Steam?
  63. Rusanov's Axe
  64. Blade Master Talisman
  65. Toggle world map?
  66. Wait
  67. WTF vsync?
  68. Reaper Form not working?
  69. Steam preorder items
  70. Here's what needs to be fixed, control-wise
  71. Why removing the release date ?
  72. Darksiders Lore Question (Possible SPOILERS)
  73. Game breaking bug (spoilers)
  74. in game stuff really expensive
  75. gap jumping bug
  76. [Question]
  77. Not showing as ingame.
  78. This game feels so lazy compared to the first.
  79. World's Classiest Australian(lol) plays Darksiders 2!
  80. Pre-launch.
  81. Invisible Monsters?
  82. Not getting Achievements
  83. Update from the THQ CM regarding PC Issues
  84. DS2 Still isn't Launching!
  85. Mace Maximus codes rolling out
  86. Argul's Tomb DLC invalid code?
  87. The Maker's Chronicle Quest
  88. I want to play but can't, too hot
  89. Warning about the Crucible
  90. Game freezes after exiting menus
  91. Darksiders II won't run after the black screen that happens when you start the games.
  92. Pre-load suspended?
  93. Where's the Manual?; Where's the Argul's Tomb DLC
  94. Valus' Hammer
  95. Limited Edition still available?
  96. Fun to play, pitiful pc game. Gross textures, no anti aliasing.. etc
  97. Mace Maximus & Van Der Schmash Hammer Solution
  98. D2 seems to be slower with Crossfire
  99. anyone get that gnome?
  100. Why do you want to install again Darksiders 2?
  101. Weird SLI Issues
  102. Control remapping issues?
  103. Jittery frame rate?
  104. The most wanted possessed weapon combo?
  105. highest crucible wave?
  106. How to use hotkeyed abilities
  107. I want to transfer My desktop save file in DS2 to my laptop
  108. Can Stalker ( Cauldron's mini-boss) respawn
  109. Bugged Boss Fight? [Spoilers]
  110. Guardian Boss Music
  111. What fixed my stutter issues (nvidia)
  112. My short review ... PC issues, Gameplay etc
  113. The Scar: Bridge is not coming down.
  114. My thoughts so far on the game.
  115. Darksiders II in video games wiki
  116. Gorewood is OP
  117. Prima Guides: Missing Stone of Mystics 12 location
  118. how to get shadow of death armor?
  119. Unable to progress -
  120. How do I use my necromancer abilities?
  121. Sentinel's gaze.. impossible situation.
  122. Vigil on the missing config file[News article]
  123. Pre-order and Strategy Guide DLC?
  124. So...Death can fly.
  125. Gorehammer
  126. OMG I deleted my saved game by mistake :((((
  127. Where were Fury and Strife? (Sorta-spoilers)
  128. Why wait until August 20
  129. Stone giant is stuck on a piece of geometry
  130. Prima guide
  131. gnoMADS
  132. UI element positioning bug?
  133. First PC Patch released
  134. What the hell ???
  135. How do you reach this balcony? (Lair of the Deposed King)
  136. Just got a pretty cool idea..
  137. DLC List
  138. Rebinding the 'Pause' key
  139. Questions: Unique weapon abilities, Prima Guide Appendix, Vulgrim, Abyssal
  140. Karikinos
  141. final boss :spoiler: maybe
  142. Screen Resolution
  143. manual?
  144. Harbinger Tree Vs Necromancer Tree, which is better?
  145. How to make the game look better with Nvidia
  146. Screen resolution problem.
  147. Getting weapons from Darksiders 1
  148. Shadow Quality so Poor [Look Image]
  149. Voidwalker, can anyone else NOT close portals?
  150. darksiders 2 preorder price
  151. Game Crashes on New game
  152. Nvidia SLI with Driver 305.53
  153. Is Ghorn glitched for anyone else?
  154. Thane Fight Bug [GOD MODE]
  155. New Game+ in DS 2
  156. Skeletal Axe of Rending and Dark Talons
  157. Can't enter the Psychameron anymore
  158. "Twitchy" combat
  159. Pre-Order TF2 Items
  160. Textures and user interface are LOW RES
  161. So were isn't this released yet?
  162. City of the dead mession bug
  163. How to unchain things
  164. can you use a F510 camepad on PC with darksiders2?
  165. game crashes/ wont start on startup
  166. highest crucible wave?
  167. Item Sacrifice Bug
  168. THQ apologizes for shoddy PC port
  169. DirectX 11?
  170. Karkinos Bug?
  171. Color tints in certain areas?
  172. Back to hell it goes.
  173. Game is way too zoomed it?
  174. **SPOILER ALERT** Discussion regarding DS2 Ending **SPOILER ALERT**
  175. Darksiders II MSCVR100.dll missing solution
  176. How to change the subtitles / which file contains the subtitle?
  177. The Crucible
  178. Bugs and Problems
  179. FXAA Injector Configs - Prettify your Darksiders 2!
  180. Monitor enters sleep mode when launching game/resolution problem
  181. Devs want to fix PC port...
  182. WINDOWS 8
  183. How do I link DS2 to my THQ community account?
  184. Strange Issues with the Sound
  185. Crashes when left paused
  186. Some buttons on map screen not working (X360 controller)
  187. Can't Accept Terms of Service (Nothing Happens)
  188. Want a lvl 17 possessed armband or gauntlet
  189. The Hammer Forge Wall Jumping HELP!!
  190. Can't install from retail disc.
  191. To many puzzles
  192. Buttons don't work
  193. Loading forever
  194. The Crucible
  195. Hotbar popup during combat?
  196. Darksiders 2 AA & V-Sync Guide (Nvidia Only)
  197. I have no sound during cutscenes :(
  198. does this game really cause overheating?
  199. High FPS
  200. Can't move!
  201. Manual?
  202. psychameron puzzle question
  203. How do you get an angle on this stonebit? (late game spoilers)
  204. When can we play (Eu)
  205. Toggle map button not working
  206. I take it back game is amazing!!!
  207. Estimated self-inflicted piracy loss due to release time failure
  208. possessed/sacrificing items bug
  209. ***SPOILER***Arbiters Maze
  210. Hourly Video Marathon Starting NOW!
  211. UK Release
  212. Awful console port?
  213. A Somewhat annoying Gun bug
  214. Game constantly "preloading"
  215. game time
  216. [VIDEO] Thoughts and commentray/// I LIKE IT
  217. The Foundry
  218. Elemental Damage
  219. redeeming codes?
  220. My thoughts on this game.
  221. cant play it
  222. Do I need to play darksiders 1?
  223. Keyboard mapping horrid
  224. so how much longer (europe) ?
  225. YouTube Walkthrough Hourly Video Marathon TODAY : 4p to 12a EST!
  226. How do I enter the crucible?
  227. DarkSiders II Manual Here
  228. wtf is this error? pls
  229. Deleted your save file by accident?
  230. Disk IO Failure
  231. Where is "ru" language?!
  232. Graphical issue
  233. WTF is up with manually aiming redemption?????
  234. Can only send items to friends that own Darksiders 1...
  235. Think I will still get a refund?
  236. The crucible
  237. Redemption not working... at all! Need help.
  238. Darksiders 2 Gameplay Walkthrough Review [1080p]
  239. Stuck at the Lost Temple - Game bugged?
  240. Darksiders 2 weapons dlc's list.
  241. Language!
  242. Where is steam preorder Argul's Tomb code???
  243. Strange achievement issue
  244. Phasewalker bugged
  245. This game is pretty great, but...
  246. wailing host
  247. Ghorn and Gharn
  248. Crossfire setups - disable it.
  249. Darksiders2.exe has stopped working - UPDATE: FIX
  250. Pay It Forward Achievement