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  1. Beta, is it active + is it good?
  2. Model collision
  3. Amazon Pre-Order: Will you still get the Digital Deluxe extras?
  4. Overview and questions on Beta and game in general
  5. War of Roses Beta refuses to start up
  6. Beta impressions
  7. My experience is frozen and I can't get to level 6
  8. I never got the email about the Beta.
  9. FPS problem due to swings' air distortion effects...
  10. chat is irritating - disallows continue typing while in spanw menu
  11. shield bash is useless - makes bashing person stunned longer than bashed one
  12. fullscreen bugs out when i alt-tab out and in the game
  13. there is no colision detection = sucky melee
  14. Worth it?
  15. NDA
  16. Fatal Error!
  17. 20% discount if you own Mount&Blade
  18. No reason for long start time at the beginning of a round
  19. Red server titles
  20. Complete letdown
  21. We could use some shouts
  22. With no colision detection longweapons are OP
  23. To long profile editor time between rounds...
  24. "Returning to menu..." with no reason...
  25. Is the game good + Can I run it?
  26. Shield Banning Wars
  27. Any form of single-player?
  28. Why am I forced to unlock things?
  29. Some feedback
  30. Do I need to open any ports?
  31. first day feedback
  32. live DEV stream
  33. Steam not initialized!
  34. Black loading screen on start up
  35. Problème de clé bêta
  36. So who had the bright idea of showing a beta to the public as a demo?
  37. NDA
  38. [xpost from paradox forums] Game not starting, stuck after splash screens
  39. Why aren't any of the servers functioning?
  40. Negative things about the game...
  41. Impressions so far
  42. Achievements?
  43. Is this game meant to be played in single player or multiplayer?
  44. Lol, servers back up but exp is still frozen
  45. Small problems with the beta
  46. Progression carried over beta?
  47. Pre-Order Clarity and Info (From main website)
  48. Any Castle Siege game type?
  49. 2 Servers? o_O
  50. Update!
  51. Gameplay questions
  52. Rather Call of Duty
  53. Text is barely readable?
  54. No Connection Backend
  55. No Singleplayer?
  56. Battle starts in 90 very very boring secons.....
  57. Constructive Criticisms ??
  58. Lots of lag in the main menus, unable to join games.
  59. Dead Bodies
  60. Can you use Controller?
  61. Friend has really bad FPS Issues
  62. Executions.
  63. Question about War of the Roses Pre-Order
  64. Bittersweet Beta
  65. Will the house of york dlc be coming to Steam?
  66. Crossbow upgrades
  67. Graphic Settings - Heard and hopes.
  68. Bug - Deserter Countdown
  69. Frequent Game Exits -- Error retrieving purchasable Items from the Backend
  70. Azerty Keyboard
  71. I keep wanting this game to be fun
  72. Coloured damage numbers?
  73. Alt Tabbing to desktop and back leaves windows taskbar ingame
  74. Running through people?
  75. How about a combat tutorial?
  76. No connection to backend - exit game
  77. armour protection a bit weak?
  78. Ports to open?
  79. An error occurred - No connection to backend multiplayer will not available.
  80. Beta Won't Start (Steam)
  81. Swing Spam
  82. Dedicated servers or matchmaking?
  83. First Person for Melee?
  84. WotR don't see my video card
  85. CoD formula does not fit a medieval setting.
  86. Want to see the game before buying it?
  87. Am I the only one who finds this insanely funny?
  88. Game Refuses to Launch.
  89. A few questions about the game
  90. My Suggestions
  91. The official "Spears are broken" thread
  92. Playing on a Laptop
  93. My first beta, couple questions.
  94. This game needs Fatigue/stamina
  95. Revive > Execute
  96. No XP gain?
  97. Flickering Menus
  98. Chivalry : Medieval Warfare
  99. holy spawntimer
  100. [ Video 1080p ] Dual Comms - Crossbow Gameplay
  101. Server Size - 32man - will we see an increase?
  103. Perks
  104. How long is 20% discount on?
  105. Backend .....
  106. Standard vs custom
  107. Servers down?
  108. Windows firewall blocks postman.exe
  109. What's wrong with those servers?
  110. The Ladder thread
  111. some questions
  112. Beta forum access
  113. I just lost 7 levels when going back into game.
  114. Long term balance and everyone having the same gear
  115. Confusions, Concerns, Aggravations, Desires, etc.
  116. Kicked back to mainmenu
  117. What happens when you buy a Four Pack?
  118. PC Freezes
  119. Will there be a WIPE?
  120. SLI not working?
  121. Any tips for new players?
  122. My Gripes With The Combat
  123. Servers Down?
  125. dismemberment is what this game needs
  126. NDA - what can and can't we do?
  127. Can´t stab enemys doing executions
  128. Some questions and thoughts
  130. Today's update causes driver crashes
  131. Odd connection issues
  132. If I preorder now will I get to play in the beta NOW?
  133. Game won't start.
  134. Doesnt start in fullscreen?
  135. Low performance?
  136. Do game developers of WotR read steam forum?
  137. 0 xp?
  138. I've made a mistake
  139. Realise it's still in beta but....
  140. game is good
  141. "error in foundation" at start
  142. Collision checking, hit placement and armour behaviour has to improve till release!
  143. Don't bother "testing"
  144. My Game Commentary Channel playing War of the Roses beta
  145. The Grind
  146. Different damage colour
  147. 99 kills...
  148. 2GB update?
  149. War of the Roses Preview Video
  150. Only 2 Server ?
  151. Group spawn ruining the game!
  152. DAMAGE COLORS - reply if corrections plz
  153. Possible to Cancel Purchase?
  155. If the spear isn't removed or fixed the game is ruined.
  156. Levels Will be kept or not when Released?
  157. Single life server ?
  158. Game needs more interactive Terrain!
  159. Great game, just crashing randomly and often
  160. Armour and the myths about it...
  161. A hint how to hit enemys in melee better
  162. This game needs a Siege mode
  163. Shadows
  164. 100% Crash when jousting.
  165. Error
  166. Can't Start the Game
  167. So.. Encumbrance?
  168. Very hard to hit people charging with lance
  169. Duplicated Product code
  170. Wielding of the sword fast?
  171. Im not sure my computer can take this game
  172. What To Do To Fix WotR
  173. Perks & unique characters....
  174. XP and final release
  176. SLI WORKING 100%
  177. What to do when Im out of arrows?
  178. What about different kinds of plate/mail?
  179. Sleight of hand also influencing Bow drawing speed?
  180. Pole arms to weak against mounted knights?!
  181. Game minimizes to taskbar
  182. Helmet view is aweful
  183. Bills under polearms causing crashes?
  184. Great game but I can't figure it out
  185. Server List shows up only sometimes.
  186. Character draws sowrd only, without his shield
  187. Game Exits in 5 Seconds
  188. How about Jousting?
  189. Possible frame rate issue fix!
  190. Low FPS on Forest_01 map
  191. Three issues the game has
  192. Any Patch notes?
  193. Axe Range
  194. Private Servers?
  195. Is there a story or end to this game?
  196. Question on the pre order
  197. Live gameplay stream of War of the Roses airing at 7PM GMT
  198. Multiplayer Only?
  199. game wont open
  200. Attack Speed
  201. Really bad FPS even on lowest settings
  202. werid error
  203. WOR or WB+NW
  204. I can't see any servers?
  205. How do i start fight after selecting spawning spot and squad
  206. Game starts but then crashes
  207. [Bug] When I buy a profile and play one game they end up being greyed out.
  208. All the servers are down today?
  209. Single player/Offline content
  210. do you think i'll be able to get refunded by steam support
  211. Not Going To get a fatshark shaft again...
  212. can i run this?
  213. DirectX 10!?
  214. [BETA KEY] First Come, First Serve
  215. Beta Key? Invalid product code?
  216. Deciding Whether I Should Purchase?
  217. Anyone else having grief with this early access build?
  219. NinjaX Youtube Video - WotR Introduction: 18-0 Playthrough
  220. ** read: DEV FAQ **
  221. War of the Roses Review from Strategy Informer
  222. the discount
  223. No servers showing up?
  224. Regarding preorder content: stuff missing.
  225. Pre-Ordered for Early Access but game just crashes
  226. NinjaXStation: Blocking and Counterattacking
  227. Annoying resolution issue
  228. Will trade Batman Arkham City GOTY Edition + Nexus
  229. Is this for Jedi Academy fans?
  230. Suggestion: a "melee only" or "duel arena" type mode!
  231. Far worse performance than in the Beta
  232. [Free] War Of The Roses Beta Key
  233. Buying 4 pack, need 1 more
  234. Spawn issue idea and bindable keys
  235. Worth it?
  236. War of the Roses Wiki
  237. Gameplay video: scottish sword fighting with heavy armor.
  238. Can't stay in a multiplayer game.
  239. Pre-Order... What happened to the Deluxe Upgrade?
  240. Server lag/Ping fix coming!
  241. 2 Minutes Played -- Already Crashed
  242. Mouse Wheel Weapon Switch
  243. Server Forum Community Opened
  244. Low FPS even at Lowest Settings
  245. Stuttering in melee combat
  246. This is an awesome game (or "complainers please shut your mouth kindly")
  247. No Servers (and with all steam multiplayer games)
  248. Can't Connect to Servers
  249. WotR Tips & Tricks Video
  250. Huge mistake - Only want single player