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  1. Matchmaking is broken
  2. Fall of Cybertron Player Reviews
  3. Things To Be Fixed
  4. MP...
  5. Who is who?
  6. Can't use the controller in Teletraan
  7. :)
  8. controller support?
  9. G1 retro pack
  10. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron - Official Glitch/Bug Thread
  11. Known Upcomming DLC
  12. This Friends List Issue.......................
  13. Enjoying!
  14. Multiplayer Gameplay
  15. :(
  16. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron problems
  17. MSNBC Gives Fall of Cybertron 9 out of 10 in Review
  18. Can't get the game to work
  19. Fall of Cybertron Dedicated Servers?
  20. Anyone having some serious lobby issues?
  21. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Walkthrough
  22. hello FoC players.
  23. escalation
  24. How do I cancel my preorder?
  25. FoC eyefinity issues....
  26. Transformers Backgroun
  27. secret areas
  28. Leepers and Jets
  29. Current Truth?
  30. Riot Cannon
  31. Transformers: Prime
  32. gg and thanks for the robofish.
  33. About the decrease in cloak time...
  34. Better or Worse?
  35. Note to Publishers
  36. 9.99 for the havoc pack?! WTF?
  37. Controls
  38. problem with the graphics
  39. well this sucks
  40. All Hail You Achievement Bugged?
  41. game is unplayable; crashes sytem on launch
  42. PC Version - Is this game any good?
  43. Multiplayer is fixed!
  44. Colors are now missing
  45. Changing Decal/Energy Color
  46. IGN Review!
  47. Patch 1.01?
  48. Controls for Transformers Fall of Cybertron
  49. Port Forwarding.
  50. Oh My God.. Quickscoping
  51. If they make a 3rd game
  52. wave 15 escalation club!
  53. Getting stuck under the map
  54. Please add chat options for multiplayer
  55. Scout Tribute
  56. Escalation characters?
  57. Show Off Your MP Transformers
  58. I can't play multiplayer or escalation
  59. New Optimus..Love/Hate
  60. I thought G1 Retro Prime was usable in MP
  61. Thinking of Buying (AUS)
  62. Game shut down to desktop help plz
  63. campaign ending
  64. So...about that community montage?
  65. Kicked from Multiplayer Matches?
  66. Official "Where is my G1 Optimus Prime?!?" thread.
  67. Quick Montage
  68. Missing game level characte parts
  69. Maybe this is picky.
  70. Lol. GaemOevr
  71. Anyone play CTF on this?
  72. Friends List Bug
  73. Best lol moment in campaign.
  74. Stuck at loading screen.
  75. YO WIDGET!!!!!!
  76. A "better" way to include Characters and DLC
  77. Are You Emailing or Tweeting HMX/FOC?
  78. My thoughts on FoC
  80. Email High Moon Studios To Save the Community!
  81. Locked guns on PC
  82. Teletraan Store Question
  83. Gameplay, Check it out!
  84. article I found about the great actor who voices optimus prime the great peter cullen
  85. Save Issue
  86. Awesome Glitch, bug, whaterer it is
  87. Troubles connecting to servers
  88. Tips for destroyer Class
  89. Host Migration Crashing game
  90. Amazing! (Possible Spoliers)
  91. Problem downloading?
  92. This vs Space Marine?
  93. These DLC Packs...
  94. best game ever!!!!!
  95. Anyone else met hackers yet?
  96. Tips for Scientist
  97. optimus and mettoplex level discussion. WARNING MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS
  98. Failed to sign into FoC servers help plz
  99. Cybertron vs Earth (Spoilers?)
  100. No FoC for me
  101. Which is the best version of FoC
  102. Multiplayer taking forever to connect.
  103. No one's on multiplayer...
  104. Optimus's dead body glitch? (Spoilers)
  105. Is Vortex...
  106. Someone explain what Prime mode does?
  107. ***SPOILERS*** Best (awesome) moment in the game? ***SPOILERS***
  108. How do you accept an invite?
  109. How do I earn credits to buy armor parts?
  110. Autobots, Roll Out!
  111. List the Cheats You've Seen, Here:
  112. TransformersTalk.com
  113. Sent a huge letter to HMS
  114. Zee X18
  115. Off Subject: Great Deal SSD
  116. Favorite Bits of Dialogue, Music, and More
  117. FoC Community Review
  118. skipping intro logo..
  119. I see how this is going...
  120. Balancing Issue Solution!
  121. so how is this game different?
  122. 1 Kill, 7 loading screens
  123. Feedback on New Weapons and Upgrades
  124. Transformers Fall of Cybertron REVIEW
  125. hey guys.
  126. Multiplayer Character Creation graphics quality
  127. Thoughts on the last chapter? ***SPOILERS***
  128. Problems with game startup.
  129. We ask for a Port and Support
  130. TWFC Movie Trailer!
  131. EnergonTV
  132. The Sex General
  133. G1 Optimus Prime + Nemesis Prime
  134. Is FoC worth it?
  135. Character Creation Camera Issues
  136. VOTE!!!!!
  137. voicing an opinion...
  138. Is the Multiplayer dead?
  139. Finally got a decent shot at multiplayer...
  140. The Ending Credits
  141. Servers..
  142. Unlock FPS
  143. Something is wrong. *SPOILERS*
  144. Made some youtube videos last night.
  145. Can credits earned in Escalation be used in Character creation parts purchase?
  146. transformers BSOD help
  147. Any tips for infiltrator?
  148. From HMS: First Set of Tweaks
  149. The next Transformers Game has been announced!
  150. CLIP
  151. Savegame folder?
  152. G1 Birth of Optimus Prime - MUST SEE-
  153. Controls in ingame store
  154. Two TFOC.exe sessions running when running .exe directly
  155. Changes in the works for PC Fall of Cybertron
  156. Good News for PC Players of FOC
  157. Need Secondary Commentator for WFC/FoC Tips and Tricks Video!
  158. Lookin' for Escalation Buds
  159. Game More Enjoyable Without Lag?
  160. Funny Transformers Quotes
  161. You must be signed in to play online
  162. Transformers Fall of Cybertron running sluggish
  163. Hacker Alert
  164. CTF/Head Hunter achievements
  165. Have just ordered all 4 series of G1 + Ultimate edition movie!
  166. Problem with installation from DVD
  167. Sign in : You must be connected to the internet to play online
  168. "Kicked for suspected cheating..."
  169. Random black screen during gameplay
  170. FoC MP= What the Heck?
  171. Sometimes I get weapon perks i havent earned
  172. Transformers Rescue Bots!!!
  173. is there a decent player base on here?
  174. Greenlight TF G1 Awakenings?
  175. finally got a chance at multiplayer.
  176. Request for Merc Games
  177. Chapter 5: Blueprint pickup not being recorded
  178. FINALLY!!!!!
  179. Arcee?
  180. Just curious! What do Transformers eat??
  181. Thoughts on the Grimlock chapters?
  182. Need some help campagin bsp not loading 4th mission
  183. Bugs, Balancing and More- Let's Fix FOC
  184. The Destroyers role on the battlefield.
  185. Transformers FallofCybertron REVIEWS
  186. you think......
  187. How easy/difficult is PORTING?
  188. I really do hope HighMoon make a Beast Wars game.
  189. EDK Techvolt for Scientist
  190. WFC Hackers!
  191. Is it because im horrible? or because im low ranked?
  192. Sequel Wishlist
  193. Swoop Gameplay
  194. FOC: Multiplayer
  195. What nonTransformers brand would you enjoy if HMS made it?
  196. What are your names on multiplayer?
  197. *SPOILERS*These games cannot be related to Prime
  198. Possible Escalation Hack/Glitch?.... Maybe?
  199. Escalation mode pop up needed
  200. Can I run the Russian version in English?
  201. Just want to say...
  202. WW videos
  203. What team are you
  204. Questions about various weaponary...
  205. HMS [color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color]ED UP
  206. Official reason for leaving colors out?
  207. Make a WFC & FOC Movie already!!!
  208. How do you have your 3 class slots filled?
  209. Inaccurate representation?
  210. Team with me
  211. I won!
  212. Dinobots DLC coming to Fall of Cybertron next week, Insecticons looming
  213. dinobot dlc!!!
  214. 4 classes, 3 insecticons.
  215. Just Out of Curiousity...
  216. Dinobot/Insecticon Vehicle Abilities
  217. Cheapest Fall of Cybertron !!!
  218. Would you be in favor of...
  219. So I received a response from High Moon Studios....
  220. Yet another huge email to HMS
  221. Black screen main menu.
  222. Quick question: Can you re-assign keys?
  223. Games that inspired FOC/WFC
  224. Sorry.
  225. Before I buy this game...
  226. Does this game share any of the various Transformers' movies music?
  227. Save game method
  228. Escalation: Weapon Upgrades
  229. Fun fact:
  230. G1 Optimus Available in MP
  231. Head Hunter? (game mode explaination)
  232. Zoris has Risen!
  233. The one thing I don't get about FoC
  234. Holy Crap This Game Is Different!!!
  235. Question about checking steam profiles
  236. How awesome would racing be?
  237. xbox controller on PC
  238. Questions About Posting In the FOC Forum
  239. TF: prime latest news.
  240. Patch is Out?
  241. Wow... I feel like I don't play enough...
  242. Why Steam wrote "COOP" but there is no Campaign Coop?
  243. Off Topic: Transformers G1 Awakening
  244. Quick Question
  246. Titan question
  247. Dear Mister Cheater
  248. OP?
  249. Just started playing, some easy question..
  250. Getting sick and tired of being trapped under the map.