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  1. Mouse Acceleration on Consoles - NO, PLEASE NO!!
  2. Xbox 360 Controller unable to aim/look up & down
  3. CS:GO PS3 EU
  4. PS3 Release time
  5. when are the ps3 version coming out
  6. CS:GO PS3 version ... ? when ?
  7. Was told by CSGO dev on twitter that private matches will be on PS3 and 360
  8. PS3 needs custom rooms & clan tags!
  9. The dumbed down console argument
  10. CS GO PS3 LAG
  11. Split Screen Mode For Console Versions??
  12. CSGO XBLA Release Time?
  13. Zombie Mod? Ps3?
  14. PS3 Party System Broken
  15. (PS3) Keyboard Not Responding
  16. Playstation 3 Players post PSN ID here
  17. xbox 360 version release at what time? its 22/08
  18. PS3 Controller on cs:go for OSX (dualshock 3)
  19. Xbox360 Controller Randomly Looks at Sky or Floor
  20. When does xbox version release?
  21. A question for Valve about PS3 european users
  22. Dat PS3 Menu?
  23. CSGO - Now Available Xbox 360.
  24. PS3 EU release ?
  25. [PS3] Keyboard issue
  26. CS: GO Xbox 360 Game Chat
  27. Ridiculous lag on 360 - Everything is peer hosted? Woeful.
  29. PS3 Version not released in EU today, caused uproar
  30. japan ps3
  31. Freezing and (ridiculously) slow loading times
  32. PS3 Input Lag (Mouse Lag)
  33. PS3 Version - regions
  34. [PS3/360] Technical issues list
  35. PS3 Move Sharpshooter Button Bindings
  36. CSGO Console Discussion
  37. Xbox lag.. Really? Dev please comment this is terrible
  38. Xbox 360 Version Issue (crowded reticle)
  39. PS3 Input Lag Possible Fix?
  40. [PS3/360] Offline mode and bot feedback and suggestions
  41. XBXO 360 Streamof CSGO If you curious...
  42. [PS3] [Request] Ability to make private rooms!
  43. [Important - needs fixed] - Xbox 360 issues
  44. CS:GO on PS3
  45. PS3 mouse sensitivity reset?
  46. Is this game coming to Australia?
  47. cs go is so freaking sick sauce on 360
  48. xbox support?
  49. No Legacy thumbstick layout on consoles? Valve why are you taking steps backwards?
  50. CS:GO PS3 / XBOX 360... Fan Review...
  51. Features I'd like to see added to PS3 version
  52. Can we please get 10v10 for consoles! PLEASEEE!
  53. xbox 360 and ps3. crouch should lower sensitivity down a bit
  55. PS3 must have improvements - Lets see if u listen HPE/VALVE
  56. PS3 CS:GO Mouse input problem.
  57. How to set Bot difficulity Highest in console ??
  58. Xbox 360 Version Controlls suckz, I don't understand Valve/Hiddenpath
  59. Console Discussion
  60. CS:GO possible launch for Europe (PS3)
  61. PS3 needs a "Voice Chat" volume bar!...
  62. My Fears For The Console Edition Confirmed - WHY JOYSTICK ACCELERATION!
  63. ps3 support please!
  64. ps3 update/patch 08/23
  65. Counterstrike: GO! Xbox Live Gameplay Commentary!
  66. ps3 game modes
  67. PS3 Sensitivity Discussion
  68. please fix ps3 leaderboards
  69. why no ps3 psn EU release
  70. So will there be new maps?
  71. Xbox 360 Feedback.
  72. XBOX: "Play with Friends" Mode is completely broken.
  73. Ok, enough, lets fix the horrible aiming system in CS: GO on 360
  74. Question for PS3 players
  75. Is there splitscreen?
  76. Extremely dissapointed in CS: GO 360
  77. Xbox 360 - The Lag Is Unbearable!...
  78. Fix Broken Joystick Look Mechanics = WITH HARD LOOK MECHANIC DATA
  79. [PS3] Keyboard/Mouse Issue
  80. No DLC for consoles... Ever.
  81. [PS3/360]Ability to disable Kb&M in Private match
  82. Think I've Had It With The Console Versions...
  83. CS:GO Not Available on PSN Store?
  84. This ELO Rank (PS3)
  86. PS3 Update out so..
  87. My Logitech G5 mouse wont work with ps3 csgo
  88. Xbox 360 thread!
  89. Xbox 360 Party/Private Chat
  91. How does PS3 version connect with Steam?
  92. Counter Strike for Xbox.. (Xbox Players Help)
  93. Console versions gone totally wrong
  94. A good idea to release CS 1.6 and Source on Consoles aswell?
  95. Xbox 360 voice chat. It makes no sense.
  96. Hit Detection Is Really Bad on Xbox 360
  97. A positive post!
  98. cs go on xbox problem
  99. DlC on xbox
  100. [Xbox] Allow us to use party chat when playing casual
  101. Xbox 360 Lag Issue
  102. PS3 Keyboard and Mouse Problem!!
  103. Counter-Strike: GO Console will have...?
  104. I can move around but can't shoot!!! (xbox 360)
  105. PS3 & 360 Changes
  106. CS:GO on xbox360
  107. Your support for the console community is a joke.
  108. map pack for consoles
  109. Sound changes when Valve games start
  110. List Your Favorite Maps For Future DLC
  111. CS:GO PSN EU release date
  112. Split-screen demands! (+ talk)
  113. question for ps3 keyboard mouse users
  114. Unplayable lag (say SOMETHING, Valve...)
  115. Queuing with party doesn't work!
  116. this game is so much better on 360
  117. PS3 - FIX OR DIE
  118. CS:GO PSN EU
  119. 360 kbm support
  120. We need to keep this forum area alive!
  121. No Feedback at all sucks?
  122. CS:GO still not released in Europe (PS3)
  123. Player drift/sliding
  124. Anyone Remember These Maps From CS (Xbox)
  125. counter-strike:global offensive (split screen)
  126. Total population ps3/xbox
  127. Display Ping, new scalable crosshairs, remember crosshair behaviour
  128. Spectator Mode
  129. one good thing from all this nonsense...
  130. 360 version unplayable online
  131. Lag issue ever going to be fixed?
  132. CS:GO PS3 Mic Issue.
  133. Console Acknowledgement
  134. P.c got an update today....is ours in the mail?
  135. I can't get both my keyboard and mouse to work at the same time on PS3 ? HELP PLEASE
  136. remove aim assist for competetive mode?
  137. Valve, Please give the Console version silencers..
  138. VALVe... can we have favorites back?
  139. Best FPS Freek sticks for CS:GO on Xbox?
  141. Demolition maps in casual mode
  142. (XBOX) Online Leaderboards reset?
  143. Gamertags - Play with others
  144. I can't find a game right now?
  145. Awesome. Party mode, but it doesn't work...
  146. Why are there so many PC trolls on this part of the forum?
  147. New crosshairs? Improvement?!?! wtf...
  148. ELO Ranking System
  149. [PS3] Controls layout??
  150. What we as a community need...
  151. Throw us a bone Valve
  152. Fix You're Game CS:GO PS3
  153. XBOX 360 Lag! It makes the online game unplayable
  154. Video of how this game should work with a controller.
  155. 'valve time' is just an excuse
  156. PS3 version graphical bugs??
  157. Fix Your Game CS:GO PS3
  158. How come the updates are not updating on the xbox?!
  159. How come the Ranking system is not working?!
  160. Post your control settings (all systems welcome!)
  161. Gun Balance
  162. valve should have a contest for maps
  163. CS: GO a bit surprised with console edition
  164. This game is complete garbage on 360
  165. xim 3 users post in here
  166. [PS3] Different matches/servers for Pad, Mouse and MOVE users
  167. Keyboard and mouse users for ps3 and Xbox discussion
  168. Valve, Why is there cross talk in Casual mode and no side switching?
  169. Xbox 360 CS:GO Bug - Interface crowded around crosshair (pics attached)
  170. [X360] Losing stats/awards between exiting game and relaunching?
  171. [Consoles] Weapon Stats Testing
  172. Stats for kelvar + helm
  173. You can't break your promises VALVe
  174. Text Glitch?
  175. Best K/D game 16-1, Italy as Terrorist
  176. I bought a multiplayer game to play with BOTS
  177. Bring Back The Chickens Update 9/9/12 - We won
  178. Way to ruin another great game valve, by giving players (mor***) way to much freedom.
  179. anyone else having these problems?
  180. Vibration on or off?
  181. patch soon? can valve be even a little active in here?
  182. Remove Votekick Feature Entirely
  183. Another week comes and goes and still no CS:GO for Europe...
  184. CS:GO E-Show - Competitive Basics
  185. Steams big picture.
  186. PS3 lag & strange occurrences last few days
  187. So CS:GO on Console is still garbage... let's do something about it
  188. Alternate stab
  189. Valve, How about an update for the Console version?
  190. Couple of suggestions/requests
  191. For those of you who missed the MP5
  192. Keyboard and Mouse Attention Needed
  193. Where is my ability to communicate using the keyboard like the pc version?
  194. Console Updates
  195. Console needs a way to set up custom rooms
  197. Crazy Bulletdodging Gunfight video
  198. Clean Sweep Achievement Online (no bots)
  199. velocity
  200. Low Frame-rate + Frame-rate Drops = Disaster
  201. Cant connect to Steam?
  202. Valve finally speaks!! :)
  203. Arms Race on all Defusal and Hostage maps?
  205. SeCrEt GuNs!?!?!?!
  206. Anybody got any good suggestions of games to play (XBOX)?
  207. Weapon Attachments and More weapons
  208. Xbox360 and Ps3 issues
  209. [PS3] CS:GO "Remote Play for Vita?"
  210. More hostage levels please.
  211. How come we are not getting the updates like PC?
  212. Can you please add flopping dead bodies and up the frame rate
  213. Thirty more days... tops
  214. Devs Are All Over The PC Section
  215. CS:Global Offensive Running@Pentium 3Ghz HT
  216. Pistol Graphics Glitch
  217. Hostage and Bomb maps mixed together
  218. Note to devs
  219. Well, another PC patch is dropping on Monday and...
  220. Xbox 360 Request for VALVe (:
  221. Valve, Does Mondays update apply to Console's too?
  222. when will xbox get de_vertigo?
  223. Dropped an ELO rank after doing awesome and didn't save awards...
  224. how many people even bought tihs game
  225. Console Update
  226. Recent updates not on console
  227. Eurogamer interview. 1/10/12 (console players read this)
  228. Where is the ps3,xbox update?
  229. Error 55. Steam Support 0 HELP!
  230. New matchmaking system is bad, one person leaves the game automatically ends.
  231. PS3 CS:GO crosshair settings won't save
  232. PS3 UPDATE
  233. Either, get rid of classic casual mode or fix it.
  234. Opinions, Advantages to CS: GO on consoles & Lag fix.
  235. Deagle: Is it me or....
  236. Ingame clans
  237. MVP STARS
  238. Your favorite weapon
  239. (machinima) CS:GO REJECTED TRAILER
  240. Will CS:GO ever be released for PS3 in Europe?
  241. Server Command Issue.
  242. Avenging Angel
  243. I thought that...
  244. Hit Detection (PS3)
  245. Reply?
  246. please fix Xbox live leaderboards!!!!
  247. Do you guys still keep checking this site occasionally?
  248. Problems with CS:GO on Xbox
  249. Updates for PS3?
  250. fpstragedy