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  1. Looks epic!
  2. controller help!
  3. Anyone get this to work on a single core?
  4. Possibility for a level editor?
  5. Slow-mo
  6. GiantBomb quick look
  7. Chapter 1 music
  8. Death Montage
  9. this is a truly challenging gaming experience
  10. just purchased... streaming
  11. Don't have soundtrack, can't buy it
  12. .Net 4.0 Runtime setup
  13. Can I run this game?
  14. Cant start the game
  15. Please help me to start this game!
  16. Can't buy soundtrack
  17. TPB has no icon :(
  18. Purchased game but can't find it in my games list on Steam web profile
  19. Game doesn't display on dual monitor setup.
  20. Randomly alt tabbing me out
  21. [Solved] Not working on Windows 8
  22. Ghosts!
  23. So I REALLY wish this game didn't use XNA crap
  24. Really annoying having to hold left/right to attack
  25. No Credit for Prologue Speed Run
  26. Stuck on the third dream - chapter 3
  27. [Suggestion] Restart Level Pause Option
  28. Screen flickering/tearing on TV monitor
  29. Best Side Scrolling Beat em up since Viewtiful Joe!
  30. Non-centered Screen!
  31. I have a problem.
  32. Ghosts...just no, why are they even in this...
  33. It's a damn pity it's over so fast
  34. They Bleed Pixels review is up on Slipgate Central!
  35. Game Is Playing Slowly, But Game Claims FPS Is At 60
  36. Questions about resolution and a free battle arena.
  37. Cant unlock one tutorial and Bonus level.
  38. Vanishing badges?
  39. Non lethal spikes in the bottom of an abyss
  40. Claw charge indicator
  41. I would have earned every achievement, but...
  42. Shut up and take my money! <3
  43. Accessing the leaderboard instantly crashes the game
  44. Is there a level skip code?
  45. A couple quick questions....
  46. TBP crashes on startup!
  47. Is this a save?
  48. Gripes
  49. Double jumping doesn't always work.
  50. Halloween Achievements?
  51. Everytime i want to start the game, tries to install DirectX, why?!!!
  52. Play it in fullscreen at 1920 x 1080
  53. They Bleed Pixels - GETTING TROLLED HARDKAW (Gameplay Commentary)
  54. Halloween Stage?
  55. Just Finished It.
  56. I had a couple hours and I made this.
  57. Restart level: Are you sure? Y/N
  58. Weird video
  59. If a level editor isn't released...
  60. Possible to use Analog and D-Pad Controls Together?
  61. Controller issue.
  62. Any Idea when the other bonus stage Will arrive?
  63. Chain 5 Bomb Explosions - The 5th of November Achievement
  64. In-Depth Feedback, Frustrations, and Bugs