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  30. How many of you still re-install this game to play it again?
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  49. Wouldn't it be great if this bad boy went on sale?
  50. Fixed "failed to find steam" problem, how have another
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  59. anyone else give up on using a controller?
  60. It's not on sale, but if it ever is, it's worth it. (some useful links)
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  63. Jade Empire Special Edition
  64. Error: "Failed to find Steam
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  66. Crash at start new game
  67. need help!!
  68. Now it's 75% off!? Really!?
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  75. so what's so special about this Special Edition?
  76. Quick question.
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  86. is there a way to fix the glitching on the player models? [fixed, sort of]
  87. This game is currently unavailable (Unspecified Error)
  88. Warning Notice on Store Page
  89. Character Builds?
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  106. jade empire duble sabers have bloody kill
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