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  1. New preorder system
  2. Pre-ordered!
  3. The big question. Will this game be any good?
  4. Reward 1
  5. Question About the Specs
  6. Pre-order from GMG or Steam, decision?!
  7. So what ever happened to that stupid black goo demo version of the game?
  8. So the aliens cant attack your base?
  9. Another euro rip-off, don't buy
  10. if you like shooter like COD buy it!
  11. Captain Buzz Lightyear DLC skin?
  12. Visuals are meh!
  13. No mod support
  14. Who will play multiplayer ?
  15. Is this a console port?
  16. Colour Tint as DLC?
  17. 1 hour+ vid of unscripted gameplay from late Aug.
  18. Different store ids from country to country, different censorships ?
  19. "3 Exclusive XCOM TF2 Itemís"
  20. I want to preorder but....
  21. Game questions
  22. Demo?
  23. Is it XCOM Simply Because it's Called XCOM?
  24. Am I the only one who liked X-com Apocalypse best?
  25. Can I run it?
  26. FF:Tactics and Advance Wars meets Halo and Gears of War?
  27. Pre-order award question
  28. Questions for the mods
  29. Gameplay over Graphics.
  30. THIS makes a game truely X-COM
  31. Dredd and XCOM music similarity
  32. Linear or open?
  33. Of those who are angry.
  34. A simple question
  35. Anyone finds this a bit too cartoony ?
  36. New to XCOM but not to Turn Based Strat
  37. Music in XCOM EU The Base Trailer
  38. Multiplayer Progression
  39. Unhappy with the Remake? Get a freebie
  40. Should I buy this game? (New to X-COM)
  41. Will I still get all pre-order bonuses?
  42. Only night-time levels?
  43. This or Xenonauts
  44. Why pre order when it will need patching etc.
  45. Pre-ordered from Dell.com
  46. Pre-order bonuses from other retailers
  47. PC Port?
  48. The mac version.
  49. Steam Forums link removed from XCOM Enemy Unknown page
  50. What difficulty level are you using for first playthrough?
  51. XCOM: Enemy Unknown is going to be the best game in years
  52. 20 GB?!?!?
  53. Why I feel the New XCOM Will Be Good
  54. What kind of funny/odd things do you call your Squad members?
  55. Rock Paper Shotgun - Hands On: Forty Hours With XCOM (+ other previews)
  56. OXM Gameplay Feature (All New Campaign Footage)
  57. A question on gifting xcom
  58. Why call it XCOM?
  59. Will XCOM:EU have a New Game + Feature?
  60. Regarding types of alien.
  61. Can't wait for this Game to be Released.
  62. Just an amusing thought...
  63. About Pre-Odred
  64. Is it wrong of me.....
  65. This or Company of Heroes 2?
  66. The game doesn't have Coop, hasn't it?
  67. Something changed on CDR. Is the game region locked now?
  68. Reward 3 Might be a close one.
  69. Pre-order at gmg for $37
  70. Gamespot Livestreaming XCOM: Enemy Unknown Today (9/24)
  71. XCOM: Enemy Unknown Demo On Steam!!!!
  72. XCOM: Enemy Unknown demo installing error: No subscribtion
  73. Demo not working
  74. Demo Poorly Optimized?
  75. pretty game :) (2560x1600)
  76. Game won't run
  77. Just Support These Guys
  78. Controls are bad
  79. cover system
  80. Mini Review.
  81. few things
  82. Not windows xp supported
  83. If XCOM was to be commercially re-released in HD
  84. It's just a Demo
  85. Thoughts on the demo
  86. Can't control the camera
  87. Looks like I'll get flamed for this....
  88. Why so much hate for the demo?
  89. Important Info Regarding the Demo
  90. I funking love it when developers release a demo before their game is released
  91. Prepurchase Rewards: When will we get Civ 5?
  92. Demo Mods and Tweaks
  93. False Requirements?
  94. Game for $39.99 on Gamefly.
  95. Demo is crashing to desktop
  96. RPS on The Demo - See Here If Demo Disappointed You
  97. custom resolutions?
  98. Who Will You Name Your Soldiers After?
  99. What are some features from the original game you will miss from this game.
  100. UK PLAYERS - GMG - £21.60 with PROMO!!!
  101. Pre-Order Bonus
  102. Will the free Civ:V be worth anything?
  103. Play XCOM:EU right NOW! On Youtube! (wait... what? O_o )
  104. Feels too "cartoony"?
  105. New OXM 46-Minute Gameplay 9/29 *Spoilers*
  106. Will there be a pre-load?
  107. Civ5 got just unlocked
  108. Gifting Civ 5
  109. Difficulty Running Demo
  110. XCOM Gamepad camera control!!!
  111. If I pre-order from elsewhere, do I get TF2 hats and Civ V?
  112. More Dev deathmatch gameplay with Destructoid
  113. why pay steams $70 when it's $34 at GMG?
  114. Random?
  115. What are some features from the original game you won't miss from this game.
  116. Ironman
  117. UK release 11th Oct?
  118. Demo won't work?
  119. Release time in US?
  120. XCOM Version Based on Activation Code or Steam Install?
  121. Game Informer gives XCOM: Enemy Unknown a 9.5!
  122. 117 second to do a turn??? mp
  123. Pre-load Is Up!
  124. Any idea what the directory name for the game will be?
  125. Pre-Load, people already got achievements
  126. Hope Valve don't screw up the pre-load again
  127. Green Man Gaming Keys
  128. Question about Amazon
  129. Camera turn
  130. Xcom:EU missing from steam store?
  131. GMG Preorder
  132. can't pre-load?!
  133. X-Com: Enemy Unknown (RU) Pre-Order (English??)
  134. Demo: What made me reluctant towards XCOM
  135. So whats actually new?
  136. seeing the enemy going into overwatch
  137. Is Civ5 forced in my library or will it be tradeable in my Steam Inventory
  138. Why the aliens move and attack in the same turn
  139. does every team in xcom enemy unknown needs a medic or can you do without one?
  140. Lost the files
  141. Article on Difficulty
  142. Machinima Review of XCOM: Enemy Unknown.
  143. (US) Game Releasing at 9PM PST?
  144. Review Roundup
  145. Veterans: RATE FOR ME
  146. 2 questions; Moddable? more aliens?
  147. Not sure if this question has been answered or not but..
  148. Props to Valve. Midnight release right on time!
  149. Mouse lag
  150. XCOM Won't Finish Downloading/Updating!
  151. In game voices don't work.
  152. Where are my pre order bonuses?
  153. 1 file fails vaildiation no matter what I do
  154. Bug: Mission 1 (after tut)
  155. Can You Change The Nationality Of A Soldier?
  156. How do I change who is in my squad?
  157. Where's the manual?
  158. Teleporting Enemies
  159. Change Nickname?
  160. Disk: IO error
  161. Release Times
  162. Command-line parameters?
  163. XCOM Enemy Unknown Keyboard Controls
  164. Is there any way of turning off NPC screaming for help every turn?
  165. Unskippable Cutscenes? WTF?
  166. If anyone at Firaxis is reading this
  167. 4 inventory slots
  168. Game crashes when two soldiers take reaction shots at the same time
  169. Change nationality?
  170. Running Enemy Unknown on XP (Guide)
  171. Skip Intro?
  172. "Can('t) be revived"
  173. So when does this scripted tutorial end?
  174. I was getting headaches, but then...
  175. Panicked Over Nothing
  176. game keeps saying game files are currupt
  177. Sigh another cheating game
  178. Preorder (EU)
  179. Multiplayer working?
  180. Can only choose Europe and North America to build base?
  181. Anyone else feel like snipers are rather useless?
  182. Ran out of video memory: Shutting down
  183. Steam version or Special Edition
  184. bug thread
  185. [BUG] change input source
  186. Can you finish the game without losing a country?
  187. Steam cloud
  188. Nickname Triggers
  189. Can someone explain how this happens?
  190. Why Pistols?
  191. Sniper Overwatch Bug
  192. Engineering?
  193. X Marks the Spot
  194. Best 10k Point Online Ranked Squad?
  195. Have preloaded, but no civ 5 ?
  196. Graphical Glitches on Multiple Elevations
  198. Download File Size ?
  199. Death Thread
  200. WTF? You can just simply lose the game all of a sudden?
  201. What changes with the difficulty?
  202. What's the point of giving us a percentage chance to hit?
  203. EU UK Game commentary.. FULL GAME> Not happy (VIDEO)
  204. The "right" way to play?
  205. Chrissalids...
  206. Plot time limits?
  207. Low Res Movies?
  208. A couple of questions
  209. Floaters freezing game {REPRODUCIBLE}
  210. so absolute universal love...or what?
  211. 5.1 Sound
  212. Misc. observations
  213. Chrysalid overwatch game freeze
  214. When do you unlock the workshop?
  215. Getting my @$$ handed to me...
  216. In-game voice
  217. XCOM Enemy Unknown stops working at the start of a new game.
  218. Not launching
  219. My SHIVs just got Shived
  220. More points in ranked match
  221. Alien Containment Bug?
  222. Welcom to X-Com is not an excuse.
  223. need suggestion for Overseer UFO mission
  224. Crash to desktop after windows update
  225. Location: Germany, possible to change to english language?
  226. Why is it not unlocking till 10am on release day?
  227. Game still locked. Steam shows 'Released'
  228. Capturing anything harder than a sectoid...
  229. Direction of cover
  230. Please help!
  231. Are you sure you knew what you were getting into?
  232. Council panic management
  233. So how does the game assign classes?
  234. Who else is learning all the flags?
  235. Can't play XCOM yet (International)
  236. 1.8GB patch today?
  237. Anyone else downloading a 1.8gb update?
  238. Fire teams on other continents ?
  239. Zoom in the base?
  240. Recovering Items from the map
  241. Modified files from patch
  242. Patch Breaks Cover Indicator?
  243. Quick XCOM Installation Question
  244. RNG works funny in this game
  245. So.... Terror Mission.... All Chrysallids... FML
  246. Odd Multiplayer Design Choice?
  247. Does the Hover SHIV regain +HP from the Alloy SHIV?
  248. Cover indicators vanished
  249. 12am 12th October 2012 - When can i play ;)
  250. My preload disappeared all of a sudden