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  1. Mafia
  2. 2k continues to to ruin their sales by not being avaliable outside north america
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  17. Hey 2k, drop the DRM use
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  22. MLB 2k10
  23. Good job jacking up Civ V! :(
  24. DLCs Mafia II
  26. Australians won't buy your games if you insist on doubling the price of every game.
  27. wat the pirates region locked?
  28. 2k10 baseball controls
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  30. WTF 2K?
  31. Question Will DNF on PC be a Steamworks title?
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  34. nba 2k11?
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  42. just finished duke demo
  43. How to activate the DN:F demo
  44. Demo is superb- come get some!!!
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  46. How big is the DNF demo?
  47. DNF Demo Graphics Corruption?
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  49. My Thoughts: DNF Demo
  50. Duke's Masterplan(s)
  51. Found easter egg! Makes demo worth it! Video
  52. DNF demo graphics problems
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  54. how to change FOV
  55. DNF outdoor areas 30FPS cap?
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  58. Cant't play game D:
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  60. Bad performance on DNF demo
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  64. Final Stretch
  65. 2K can you bring back the curling game ?
  66. Duke Nukem Forever Crashing whenever I try to start a new game
  67. I have an Intel hd graphic card and I will buy this
  68. Coupon for trade: 25% OFF 2K
  69. Please put NBA 2k12 onsale
  70. Please put DukeNukum Forever tomorrow at 75%
  71. Trying to purchase Civ V GOTY
  72. Combat Commando - New game released by appsea
  73. Hidden and Dangerous
  74. Petition to have 2K Games remove 3rd-party DRM from their Steam games.