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  1. Apocalypse Lockup
  2. Using UFO Extender through Steam?
  3. Windowed X-COM
  4. TFTD Coelacanth/Gauss SWS Ammo
  5. Apocolypse: Alien Dimension scrambeled
  6. Beating the game
  7. UFO Deffence: How to get into enemy craft?
  8. UFO Defense with Extender: Crashed UFOs are always undamaged
  9. Cannot do anything with the Alien Dimension
  10. X Com Ufo Defense Game ALWAYS crashes
  11. [Solved]XCOm Apocalypse Screen size
  12. Need help capturing a commander!
  13. TFTD Cant Get Cheats To Work
  14. X-COM: UFO Defense retro review
  15. Way to change alien loadout UFO?
  16. H: Frozen Synapse, Half-Life 2 Ep 2, Super MNC x2. W:X-com
  17. How to change the DOSBox config file?
  18. Is XCOM: Enemy Unknown a FPS or Turn-Based Strategy?
  19. Interview with Firaxis on x-com:enemy unknown
  20. xcom on mac?
  21. Are the new games coming to Steam?
  22. Xcom Apocalypse and large Monitors
  23. X-Com wont load propperly
  24. Is there a 'light' version of the Extender mod?
  25. Xcom Apocalypse question
  26. Any problems getting this for windows 7?
  27. Question about agent ranks
  28. X-COM: Value Pack Non-Functional?
  29. X-com - Still playable?
  30. Launch Problems with UFO Defense
  31. Few questions for UFO (graphics, research, terror attacks)
  32. In what order am I supposed to play the games?
  33. Attack of Base is not loading weapons
  34. So nobody has coded past the 80 item limit?
  35. Energy?
  36. fyi...to setup Xcom for max play
  37. Little review from a first time player
  38. Apocolypse issue with assigning men to ship
  39. XCOMUTIL experimental difficulty not working for me?
  40. Hate love Apocalypse
  41. Question about Mission research and Alien Infiltration
  42. Is it possible to run X-Com without steam?
  43. [X-COM TFTD] Sound Problems
  44. HOTAS? Mods? Help a Brother Out...
  45. Is it possible for the difficulty to reset with X-Com Util?
  46. X-Com UFO D is bit choppy when I run it
  47. XCOM EU Pax
  48. X-Com UFO image size problem
  49. Do I hate Xcom:UFO? Please give me advice.
  50. Xcom Funny Moments.
  51. Xcom: UFO. Xcom Utility "Alien Research" question.
  52. Blaster Bombs are cheaters!
  53. x-com apoc cheats?
  54. X-Com via Boxer on Mac?
  55. Worst Soldier You Have Ever Had?
  56. Sectiod Medic Research Bug?
  57. Mouse/Gamepad
  58. bought Xcom ufo defense, problems running it
  59. All crashed ships undamaged in vanilla steam X-COM?
  60. More Xcom Interview, May 4th & 5th
  61. X-Com LPs (UFO Enemy Unknown, Terror from the Deep, Apocalypse)
  62. X-Com Intercepter - Fatal Error
  63. X-Com Apocalypse: The Battleship's Secret Flaw
  64. Questions about TFTD, Apoc and UFO franchise
  65. XCOM: Enemy Unknown October 9th
  66. Xenonaut features discussion thread!
  67. Blocked lift
  68. Increasing CPU cycles from DOSBox?
  69. Trouble launching the game
  70. UFO Defense - Fusion Ball Launcher problem
  71. Looking for my X-Com fix
  72. Question for X-Com Vets
  73. HELP! (Maximize Issue)
  74. XCOM TFTD Tips & Tricks
  75. Mouse cursor problem
  76. Amazon sale.
  77. changing the aspect ratio
  78. How to Run in full screen with XcomUtil
  79. XCOM apocolays cheats dont work?
  80. Grafvis Ultrasound support
  81. X-Com UFO Defender Tips & Tricks (Request)
  82. What is this game like?
  83. Super Early Superhuman Base Defense
  84. Improved Graphics.
  85. Running X-com UFO Defense in Windows 7 64 bit
  86. A little analysis I made about the setting of "X-Com Apocalypse"
  87. Will Retail XCOM Enemy Unknown use Steam?
  88. Fixing the Geoscape/Reload Bug
  89. TFTD Extender
  90. Xcom interceptor
  91. questions on apocalypse
  92. Difficulty
  93. Xcom Apocalypse question
  94. 2 X-Com Questions
  95. X-Com: UFO Defense Game Editor
  96. Recording dosbox video.
  97. Problems running Interceptor
  98. Any more news on X-COM: EU Collectors Edition?
  99. Rain hell on them there aliens(Apoc)
  100. Terror From the Deep Live Let's Play
  101. A quick tip on getting to sort of play the game in win7.
  102. Why I highly recommend you buy X-COM UFO Defense
  103. Playing X-COM UFO Defense on a Mac
  104. X-COM UFO Defense combat tactics
  105. Which X-Com?
  106. I have forgotten how hard this game is...
  107. Pre-order bonus controversy going on
  108. Pre-Orders Are Up, Unlockable Rewards
  109. XCOM: Enemy Unknown Pre-Release Information Summary
  110. Bitter vet
  111. Terror From the Deep Remastered Soundtrack
  112. How to make this playable?
  113. A case for Interceptor
  114. Need help with UFO Defense.
  115. Where's my guns gone to?? (UFO Defence)
  116. X-Com Ufo Defence (with Util + Extender) very slow speed
  117. Will X-COM Enemy Unknown (newer one) ever be mac compatible?
  118. Little Fan Trailer I made...
  119. XCOM demo is out!
  120. help with X-com Interceptor
  121. X-Com UFO Defense Keyboard Help Pls!!!
  122. Demo would indicate a game with short,linear story
  123. xcom screen?
  124. Which to get?
  125. Can smoke grenades fail to deploy?
  126. UFO Defense Troubles...
  127. What do you guys think...
  128. saved games???
  129. Soundtrack Get?
  130. Game currently unavailable (CORRUPT GAME FILES)
  131. Physical copy in my hands -
  132. Any tweak to zoom in closer on the battlefield?
  133. That moment when...
  134. Patch? Now with More Crashing?
  135. XCOM enemy unknown and triple monitor upside downs
  136. A couple suggestions for next update
  137. UFO Defense Inventory Question
  138. what Anticheat does XCOM EU come with?
  139. Modding Sound Effects
  140. Let's Play XCOM Enemy Unknown
  141. XCom UFO Defense skip large UFOs?
  142. UFO Defense: Weight, Pistol vs. Rifle, etc
  143. Strange persistant bug
  144. Issue with performance?
  145. Grenade Launcher Implementation
  146. Stopping an Infiltration Mission?
  147. chosing your squad
  148. UFO Defense : money problems!!!
  149. Psionics Balancing Idea?
  150. I want to play XCOM: Terror From The Deep in 1366 x 768
  151. New Xcom too easy
  152. What's the difference in difficulties?
  153. invisible weapons?
  154. X-COM Youtube Series Help
  155. someone who has never played the old xcom
  156. TFTD Superhuman Ironman LP (Pacific Challenge)
  157. X-Com: Apocalypse slows to a crawl, sticking for 30 minutes or more.
  158. XCOM: EU with Renemesis! (A youtube series, hardcore alien killing)
  159. Is the game worth it at $9.99?
  160. The Bureau: XCOM Declassified preorder.
  161. Will the 3rd reward give an extra copy if you already have the collection ?
  162. Area 51 admitted to have finally exist
  163. The Bureau review - Destructoid 4.5/10
  164. Let's Play The Bureau XCOM Declassified
  165. How to manually edit graphic setting? The bureau
  166. The Bureau: XCOM Declassified stuck in first area
  167. XCOM: EU Marathon: Controlling panic?
  168. XCOM Bundle Sale 72% Off
  169. Hybrid games using XcomUtil?
  170. The Bureau - An under-appreciated beauty
  171. Can't build the skeleton key
  172. X-com 2 Developer console.