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  1. X-com TFTD too fast!
  2. [X-COM Interceptor] How do I exit the game?
  3. X-Com General FAQ
  4. Your best X-Com moments.
  5. xcom TFTD making popping sounds
  6. Xcom Apocalypse Flawed Masterpiece (please patch it 2k)
  7. True PSX X-Com Music in PC mode?
  8. A new remake of the game in hd?!
  9. XcomUtil 9.7 Beta
  10. X-coma apoc Help
  11. German Patch legal?
  12. Possibly the best way to install Xcom: Ufo defense
  13. XcomUtil Help
  14. UFO Defense: Unable to clear out the UFO
  15. UFO: Extraterrestrials
  16. Proven recipe for Super Soldiers
  17. Mouse Sensitivity Issue
  18. Online UFOpedias
  19. New X-Com steam group!
  20. XCom runs too slow, or too fast
  21. Extender and Util: How do I do that?
  22. X-Com UFO Defense Startup Bug
  23. Hotkey script via Autohotkey for XCOM
  24. X-com Ufo Defense too fast
  25. Error already. Keeps loading a page then going blank.
  26. Xcom Fanart Thread
  27. Getting Apocalypse to look better
  28. Disc and DVD case art avaliable for X-Com.
  29. Blank screen when loading the windows executable
  30. New to X-Com
  31. 2K releasing new XCOM game
  32. Terror From The Deep_patched.exe - trojan virus?
  33. X-COM TFTD on Windows 7 64 bit
  34. AVG says the X-com 2 patch is a virus!
  35. New X-Com = FPS, what other games would you like as a different Genre?
  36. Recommended Mod's for TFTD
  37. X-Com Screen capture
  38. XComUtil and old save games?
  39. Xenonauts, xcom remake
  40. XCOMA Cheats
  41. Question here
  42. Terror from the ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
  43. X-Com Apocalypse Little Questions Thread
  44. UFO: The Two Sides
  45. Battlecape
  46. Updates/Add-ons
  47. Define Soldier Weapons/Roles
  48. DOS Box problem
  49. UFO Menu Sounds
  50. Need help getting UFO Defense to display in 16:9
  51. Bios... XCOM trailer
  52. Getting frustrated (difficulty)
  53. Which one should I play first?
  54. ufo alien invasion 2.3 released
  55. Mmm where's my game
  56. I loved X-Com - Which new game is closet?
  57. X-Com Apocalypse Question
  58. Really surprised
  59. new XCOM better called UFOshock?
  60. X-Com Apocalypse Screen Black
  61. Xcom Apocolypse
  62. Interceptor and Enforcer in widescreen?
  63. Are the difficulty bugs still present?
  64. X-Com Series No Sound (Win7 x64)
  65. Will i need to patch steam version?
  66. Ufo: Extraterrestrials gold and Ufo: Afterlight
  67. Which xcom game should I get
  68. Anyone have a strong strategy in capturing Leaders?
  69. X-COM on a 55" 1080p TV
  70. Steam Lied With Download Size
  71. How can i tell what UFO's are up to?
  72. UFO: The Two Sides - freeware fan remake
  73. X-COM Util+UFO Extender?
  74. XcomUFO-SaveGame Hack/Editor
  75. Build alien craft faster?
  76. The game ask me to put the CD in...
  77. X-COM: Multiplayer being added
  78. Some pretty awesome mods for Apocalypse
  79. X-Com on mac?
  80. xcom apoc crash at end of day
  81. X-Com Ufo Defense : Terror attack within the first 17 days
  82. [X-Com: Enforcer] Game won't start ...?
  83. X-Com TFTD : 20 turn strategy doesn't work?
  84. Mouse problems?
  85. UFO2000 (X-Com battlescape) New version.
  86. dynx86 can't run code in this page
  87. New, updated Enemy Unknown
  88. Apoc - Capturing downed UFOs?
  89. Interceptor crashing on equipment
  90. Show your best soldier
  91. X-COM Apocalipse working on W7?
  92. Joystick support for interceptor?
  93. Large Unit Graphics Error
  94. Problems with XComUtil
  95. What is your biggest fail in Xcom: ufo defence?
  96. Enforcer isn't actually that bad
  97. new dumb down x-com to come out 2011
  98. Do NOT buy the new XCOM...
  99. It's Dos Box Right?
  100. Is there a x-com windows theme?
  101. XCOM In game issue
  102. Hate, hate, hate rocket launchers in Apocalypse!
  103. UFO Defence remake to keep an eye on...
  104. X-Com: Interceptor in windowed mode?
  105. How to beat Entropy Slime Launchers in Apocalypse
  106. Help with X-com TFTD
  107. Need German Ufopeadia
  108. Dumb things I do in Apocalypse
  109. X-Com: How *exactly* do you use Blaster Launcher?
  110. Apocalypse: how to forget your cargo module
  111. XCOM Enforcer and windows 7 help
  112. Is there an easy way to select multiple ships in X-com Apoc?
  113. XCOM Apocalypse
  114. How to play the x-com games - links and cool stuff
  115. [X-COM: Apocalypse] Hostiles organizations.
  116. UFO defense: Moving structures?
  117. X com UFO Defense resolution
  118. X-Com Let's Plays?
  119. XCOM TFTD 2 terrors sametime end of month
  120. Playing without Steam
  121. X-Com Interceptor fix
  122. Apocalypse Real-Time Two-Gun
  123. Bloop bloop bloop bloop bloop BLOOP BLOOP!!
  124. X-Com UFO is slow?
  125. Is there a way to disable music but not sound?
  126. Oops! Is it too late to get a chrysalis autopsy?
  127. UFo Defense Gold Edition on win7 64but
  128. Government runs out of money
  129. Is there any way to get an organization back?
  130. What rules do you set for yourself?
  131. Psionic Capture Strategy?
  132. Bug?
  133. Ending the game
  134. X-Com Let's Plays? ((Number 2))
  135. Ok. So far so bad
  136. Xcom pocalypse
  137. Psionic force in APOC
  138. Dealing with Psy-Aliens?
  139. UFO Defence Update
  140. Any point in Base Defenses?
  141. UFO slow on larger UFO missions
  142. X-COM:UD - Aircraft stuck with 0 fuel
  143. How do I train in the psionic lab ?
  144. Know me and I know you
  145. UFO great, TFTD not so much
  146. Aliens can see you after turn 20?
  147. XCom Apocalypse needs CD
  148. Stream: UFO Defense - Lunatic Challenge
  149. Win7: [how do I get the game to be full screen again after I tab out?]
  150. [UFO] What if I don't attempt the final mission?
  151. A few questions about x com interceptor
  152. Let's Play X-Com: Apocalypse (walkthrough, tips, commentary)
  153. Xcom apoc problems?
  154. X com cd needed how i fixed it (steam)
  155. Finally done a game of TFTD!
  156. X-Com UFO Full Screen issue
  157. X com update/mod
  158. Terror from the Deep timeline?
  159. Italian Translation of UD,TFTD & APOCALYPSE -Traduzione Italiana- [PLEASE STICKY]
  160. X-Com Interceptor, the shade refuses to appear
  161. Let's Play X-Com Terror From the Deep & Enforcer!
  162. Chrysalis
  163. Need help, apoc is glitching out.
  164. Reloads save on battle completion. UFO
  165. Xenonauts on Steam?
  166. Game Order
  167. Strategy tips needed
  168. Terror From The Deep Version Number?..
  169. X-COM: A game log
  170. Playstation version of TFTD
  171. Newbie queries on Xcom Ufo Defense settings...
  172. where should i buy it?
  173. 2h Weapons and Grenades
  174. Quick question about arranging
  175. Difficulty and Alien Sounds
  176. 2K, I am disappoint
  177. No sectoids?
  178. X-Com Apocalypse Error
  179. How do you play X-Com?
  180. Need Help pls.
  181. X-COM: UFO Defence and Win 7
  182. X-comutil and 64-bit cpu's
  183. X-Com Apocalypse - Problem with Soldier Stats
  184. X-Com UFO Game "lagging"
  185. X-COM New game a Disgrace or Good modern copy?
  186. apocalypse on win-7 64 bit
  187. Just finished Ufo defence
  188. TFTD - mod to change alien bases
  189. The real spiritual successor to X-com!
  190. Has anyone gotten an editor working for Xcom TFTD?
  191. Cheats in Apocalypse
  192. Apocalypse: entering the Alien Dimension
  193. is there a High-res X-com mod?
  194. A modern remake of this game would ROCK
  195. Losing items at Cydonia
  196. So, I love UFO Defense, why can't I get into Apocalypse?
  197. To x-com fans
  198. Xcom UFO defence crashes
  199. Windows 7 64 Bit - Black Screen?
  200. X-Com Apocalypse, Windowed, Adjust size
  201. Difficulty bug?
  202. "Real" system requirements
  203. Apocalypse: how to deal with entropy launchers?
  204. Running on mac/released on Mac
  205. Scren size
  206. UFO Defense: Best squad layout?
  207. Xcom window size problem!
  208. What is the best X-COM friendly game to start with?
  209. Question about Steam's version
  210. Save Game Issue
  211. UFO Defense: How do I get Elerium from downed ships?
  212. X-Com Ufo Enemy Unknown
  213. X-COM: Terror from the Deep - Annoying sound issue
  214. Specific Mod wanted
  215. Alien base campers
  216. X-com: Enemy Unknown. By Firaxis. A REAL sequel.
  217. So will these games run on windows 7?
  218. yes it is worth it, every penny!
  219. Five X-COM games to choose. Which are the best?
  220. Problem with X-COM UFO: Defense/TFTD/Apoc
  221. NEW XCOM GAME! not the FPS one!
  222. A question about the Old Xcom games...and something you must know...
  223. So should I just buy UFO and skip the rest?
  224. Will Interceptor work with an Xbox 360 pad and on Win 7 64bit?
  225. Win7 64 compatibility
  226. Which to get?
  227. Noob question
  228. X-Com: Enforcer Co-op?
  229. terror from the deep dosbox problems
  230. Getting only one of the games?
  231. Sometimes... You can go back again. =) >>>and a warning<<<
  232. Your Ideal XCOM Formula
  233. Cant back out of character stat window
  234. Stuck in a mission help
  235. Proper use of med-kits in UFO Defense
  236. Obituaries
  237. X-COM: UFO Defense - Perpetual crash issues
  238. Constant base attack
  239. Questions from a newbie =)
  240. What to keep, what to ditch?
  241. Can you re-mind control?
  242. Turning the corner
  243. TFTD and Apocalypse question
  244. UFO Defense: Slight lagginess/frame skipping
  245. UFO defence newbie help.
  246. xcom interceptor save question
  247. First run on ufo defense, difficulty advice?
  248. XCOM UFO Defense Problems
  249. moving the maps with keys?
  250. Apocolypse: Barely haingin in there