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  1. I Encounter another problem!
  2. Help on vampire masquerade bloodlines
  3. Blank screen with sound at start up.
  4. Yes, it's worth it
  5. It's worth it, BUT........
  6. There won't be another sale for the next 3 years
  7. Low Violence Version & Fan Patch
  8. Is there an "uncut" version of this game?
  9. win 7 64
  10. How well would this game run on a 4500mhd card?
  11. If you buy this game, the developer gets no money
  12. Steam only game?
  13. Tips for New Buyers with Problems!
  14. Does V:BL Support 360 Controllers?
  15. Missing cursor during dialog choice
  16. Thinking of picking this up again.
  17. clear this up?
  18. how to access the console
  19. Get it. Just get it.
  20. 1920 by 1080 with patch 7.6?
  21. Keep getting some error msg?
  22. Getting the game to a playable state WITHOUT mods/fanpatches on W7 x64
  23. Is the game already patched in the Steam version?
  24. Don't get it. Just don't do it.
  25. For the most original SP experience: Official Patch vs. True Patch Gold?
  26. Crashes on Startup
  27. Is the vanilla game playable?
  28. New error message
  29. Looking for a different replay?
  30. Are there any games similair to this awesome one?
  31. Woul unofficial patches work with Steam version?
  32. One of the best games Ever
  33. Is this game censored?
  34. VtM:B Randomly Crashes after 7.6b patch
  35. Vampire: The Masqurade Not Working
  36. vampire.exe has stopped working
  37. RIP Troika games
  38. Sexy Cop Outfit
  39. How do I install the Unofficial Patch?
  40. Unofficial Patches
  41. Does this games have subtitles?
  42. Cannot Find Steam Error
  43. Game is currently unavailable
  44. Clan Mod + Unofficial Patch
  45. How To: What you need to know to get this game running [Win7 x64]
  46. How can you remove the cross hair
  47. Using Wesp patch and Clan/Weapon mod on Steam version
  48. Can run the game directly from .exe?
  49. 7.6b - Widescreen?
  50. Bought from D2D, awful graphics?
  51. AVG 2011 detected a virus in vampire.exe
  52. Camera off center & unable to run
  53. My keybinds keep resetting.
  54. blurry textures
  55. Awkward Camera
  56. German Low VIolence Version
  57. someone tell me how to do the patch properly please..
  58. Skyline Floor 6
  59. which patch is the latest one for w7 64 bit and is there one with hd textures?
  60. Where can i get some blood? (very minor early spoilers)
  61. Failed to Find Steam Error
  62. Have read forum posts, but still can't patch
  63. So, you've bought the game...
  64. Couple of questions
  65. Very Strange Controls
  66. Texture mods/patches
  67. Which unofficial patch makes the game look better?
  68. Confused on Where to Patch West 7.6b
  69. Framerate issues
  70. Engine Error: Available memory less than 15MB!!! -1
  71. If you have Mozilla listen to me to make it work
  72. greed corp trade
  74. Game Saves
  75. Beach error
  76. Wesp5 - A little help please
  77. Jeanette sex problem...
  78. EVERYTHING I learned to fix this game.
  79. any clan choose guide?
  80. Failed to lock vertex buffer in cmesh DX8::LockVertexBuffer
  81. Community patches not integrated via Steam?
  82. Just a quick Q...
  83. Can't watch the intro... at least.
  84. Cant look up or down
  85. Crash during tutorial demonstrating Protean discipline
  86. Crash at start Windows 7 professional 32bit
  87. Is Valve's aquisition of V:TMB possible?
  88. Need this game uncut. Would gift King's Bounty: The Legend in exchange
  89. char build questions
  90. Question about unofficial patch PLUS and a couple of other things
  91. please sticky the Gold patch download...
  92. Keeps crashing Windows XP 32 bit
  93. The game closes.
  94. mouse doesnt appear in dialog
  95. Achievements
  96. No saves after restart
  97. 1920 x 1080
  98. Stupid Question
  99. Warning
  100. is steam.....
  101. Lost Game Saves (SOLVED) - Avast! Issue
  102. I do not have a valid reply - tutorial bug
  103. Someone clarify patches please
  104. Game crashes after i click "New Game"
  105. "Engine Error" Window
  106. Game Crashes Before It Loads
  107. Cut and Uncut versions
  108. Which patches?
  109. This game makes me feel like a pervert
  110. Good clan for first runthrough?
  111. Invalid Format
  112. Is there a way to make this game look great?
  113. Playing on Windows 7 (64) using Steam, solving the 15MB Memory issue
  114. Can I install unofficial Patches on Steam Version?
  115. Help---
  116. (SOLUTION) Auto shut down after logo screens
  117. Only english language?
  118. Higher Resolution or Windowed Mode
  119. Installing Patch 7.6?
  120. No 1080p
  121. Blood Magic Game Broken Bug
  122. Hotkey bug
  123. Third Person View: Wrong setting or Malkavian Mindscrew?
  124. R6034 runtime error - please help!
  125. Engine Error
  126. Windows 7 Compatibility? (32 bit)
  127. Very bad performance when many npcs are around
  128. Crashing on start-up...
  129. Engine Error. Available memory less than 15MB!!!
  130. Cannot move the mouse down
  131. Error - This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way
  132. This is kind of a sad game
  133. Paying $10 USD PayPal If You Can Get My V:TM Working.
  134. Patch - basic or plus?
  135. Histories
  136. First true complaint about steam - releasing an old broken game
  137. any way to play this in higher res?
  138. Can't get the game to run...
  139. Activating Console
  140. I need some money ...
  141. This game in a nutshell.
  142. I turned off an npc!
  143. Unable to get IfileSystem interface from filesystem factory
  144. Finished the game, feedback on last levels!
  145. Attack glitch?
  146. Crash after launching game (solution)
  147. My Weird Problem
  148. weird sound
  149. How To Turn On First Person Melee?
  150. BS Glitch (Warrens)
  151. First Time Player
  152. Vampire Bloodlines, Hydrophobia, or E.Y.E.
  153. engine error
  154. Possible Spoilers, Yo - Sibling Rivalry Quest (Using Gold Patch)
  155. Did the unofficial patch nerf the flamethrower ?
  156. Automated Experience Allocation - Reliable?
  157. Favourite clan?
  158. Mods
  159. vampire.exe crashing because of my intel chipset?
  160. thank you wesp
  161. Objects disappearing when almost out of sight
  162. Is there a way...
  163. Game error on Zhao mission
  164. Occultish Personality question *very minor spoilers*
  165. Loving this game but Cannot Start Quests in Hollywood?
  166. Items disappearing when I approach them?
  167. Any way to disable vsync?
  168. The Hunted Hunter side quest
  169. First time player
  170. Gamebreaking Bug
  171. Patron of the Ancient Arts (spoilers?)
  172. up to date guides
  173. Carnival of Death Game Freezes
  174. Be careful deleting saved games
  175. Saving gets progressively longer, any way to fix this?
  176. Slip sliding away...
  177. should i keep heather poe as a ghoul?
  178. mercurio morphine quest broke?
  179. debugger error... :( plz help...
  180. THAT was the ending? *spoilers*
  181. Echoed Speech Problem
  182. Mutant eyes glitch
  183. Vampire.dll tester needed!
  184. Load screen dialog goes by too quickly
  185. Plagubearer quests
  186. VTM: the final nights
  187. money from Venus
  188. Two questions about stats
  189. Getting Fat Larry and Nines to train me...
  190. Museum Basment
  191. Problem with Julius
  192. They don't make games like these anymore
  193. Problem with "Model Citizen" quest.
  194. vampire: the masquerade bloodlines
  195. Misplaced Nosferatu Photo
  196. Clan Gangrel (Group)
  197. problem with experience points
  198. <>Need Help making the game work<>
  199. Can this game be played without worrying about making an unwinnable character?
  200. New VTM mod to update the game to the new source engine
  201. Turn Off Vsnyc?
  202. Problem with game crashing
  203. Celerity bug - Stuck running sideways?
  204. Playing without patches?
  205. Giovanni mansion mission crash.
  206. Telescopic Trembles
  207. SWAT Rifle
  208. Patch can't verify what version of the game i'm running?
  209. Can't Get Downtown Haven
  210. Playing Without Patches on Win7 x64 ...
  211. Second floor of Ocean House
  212. combat
  213. Access Denied??
  214. Screen size is now 4:3?!?!
  215. Bloodlines Resurgence in need of coders
  216. nothing
  217. Clan Quest Mod?
  218. elevator buttons
  219. History
  220. Disable Reflections?
  221. Error with the game...
  222. Plz add me for help
  223. Can't find downtown haven
  224. something is broken
  225. Possible Pop Culture Influences and Refrences
  226. Having fun with +
  227. Voice Actress Tagged in Another Game
  228. Black Screen Error
  229. Unofficial Patch 7.7 released!
  230. Downtown haven?
  231. Silly - I just watched "Let Me In" and... (SPOILERS!)
  232. Help (kinda) - Loading Screen Text
  233. Fighting the arm-head monsters *spoilers*
  234. Game Reboots My Computer
  235. Stuck in Tutorial "I have no valid reply"
  236. Fighting Tong
  237. Heather Poe Not There
  238. poster quest
  239. Body Armor
  240. I want to pay again!
  241. Help - *SPOILERS*
  242. What vampire are you picking as you think?
  243. Adding your saved games to the "cloud" (not the steam one)
  244. game crashed, weird after effects, any ideas?
  245. Kinda lost....
  246. Clan Quest Mod 2.1 Installation issues...
  247. Patch 7.7 question
  248. will there ever been a vampire mmo?
  249. Bug(s): Chinatown is tottaly messed up (v. 7.6)
  250. Performance issue