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  1. Crash when EXAMINE "Bracelet"
  2. Build number
  3. Why they truly screwed up the advertising in this game [SPOILERS]
  4. Question about Zeke (spoilers?)
  5. Game destroying save game bug - buyer beware
  6. So...I'm better off hacking my own computer?
  7. The game don't start
  8. Product Activation
  9. guy in the beginning cinematic
  10. DX:HR Saves are no longer loading
  11. Explosive Mission Pack Key
  12. Great patch. Please take it back. I dont want it.
  13. Latest DXHR update broke my game. Ideas?
  14. Am I Alone In Thinking
  15. anyone had to download a 7.5gb update?
  16. Lost Saved Games D Ex after fix?
  17. DX: IW plays slowly
  18. Unvoting with your Wallet
  19. jensen dancing
  20. The factory level of china....
  21. what the hell?!??!?
  22. Did you look up in Heng Sha?
  23. Officially fed up with the game....
  24. Deus Ex has stopped working
  25. Increased lag! Revert to pre-1.2.630.0 patch?
  26. Soundtrack?
  27. Stuck in China
  28. George Lucas Hacked the 'new' Star Wars anyway
  29. Deus Ex Classic - Training Questions
  30. Latest patch and Eyefinity/HUD
  31. Writing With Your Left Hand (or Changing Play Styles)
  32. To ALL Nvidia 3D Vision Users!! Rejoice!!
  33. How much XP did I lose by talking my way into the police station...
  34. Would this run smoothly on my PC?
  35. A fresh start (achievement reset)
  36. do you think review sites should update reviews?
  37. Mantis boss (spoilers)
  38. Deus Ex 1 meets Deus Ex HR
  39. Deus Ex Human Revolution is now slowly - But it was running very well
  40. I think I broke the game...
  41. DE Human Revolution makes me sad :'(
  42. Framerate / Anisotrophic Filter Issue After Patch
  43. Examine Quest Items Crash
  44. There REALLY needs to be achievement failure messages.
  45. Guards in this game are herp a derp
  46. Game unavailable at this time?
  47. my opinion about the game
  48. [DXHR] Game won't launch
  49. Game crashes when trying to examine quest items
  50. The performance in this game still doesn't make sense
  51. 3D Only in DX11 ???
  52. Why the boss fights feel so out of place...
  53. When Phase 4 begins?
  54. (DX1) How can I get my mouse buttons to work?
  55. windowed mode
  56. patch destroyed game
  57. Will I have any issues running HR?
  58. Corporate Passport Crash
  59. Deus Ex and New Vision.
  60. As to me to buy an additional content?
  61. This forum is half-dead.
  62. Achievements
  63. Now that I've got a chance to really play..
  64. WHere the heck are my saves?
  65. Sceencapture
  66. Space burial
  67. Help with Cloak and Dagger quest
  68. Black Screen bug.
  69. Patch made it worse
  70. How to Grab and Throw Items
  71. Suicide Central Bed And Breakfast.
  72. How to beat barret
  73. Original Patch v1.2.630 May Be Corrupt
  74. Where have my saved games gone?!
  75. Examining quest items.
  76. Tactical Enhancement Pack
  77. Diable Bloom
  78. [end-game spoiler] I need help, I am so stuck.
  79. pixelated characters?
  80. How do I fix this? [FIXED]
  81. Pacifist achievement
  82. Addicted
  83. 1 Core @ 95-100%, Other 3 @ 30%
  84. steam cloud question
  85. Deus Ex updates = BSOD
  86. General Help Needed - Lost on Ad-onsand secrets
  88. Windowed Mode Resolution
  89. how to set my maximum fps to 30 ?
  90. how to set my maximum fps to 30 in this game?
  91. Disable "tactical enhancement"
  92. Can i run The new Deus Ex decently with this
  93. HR: Why Are Cut Scenes Darker Than Game Play?
  94. Nonstop crashing when I get to China.
  95. Can i run this game decently with this compuer?
  96. New Patch
  97. I actually feel bad now...
  98. DXHR: Can't change resolution in windowed mode
  99. Need Help Beating 3rd Boss
  100. omg I finshed the game :(
  101. First version of ENB series mod is out
  102. Update..Slower performance?
  103. Help on Yelena?
  104. Why stealth plays garner more XP
  105. Activating the Cloak
  106. I Think I Reached the Maximum Praxis Limit
  107. Why is Steam more expensive than online retailers delivering a physical product?
  108. Bought Human Revolution via Amazon so?
  109. Saving Character Question - spoilers
  110. ENBSeries for DXHR
  111. Plot nitpick about Sarif and Pritchard *SPOILER*
  112. Unplayable video delay
  113. DXHR Flash Animation
  114. Steam cloud not sync - Have I lost my progress?
  115. Boy, it's great to know they're busy
  116. Reverting two AutoSaves Back - City Copy Want to Kill Me
  117. What was the patch?
  118. Where is this to purchase?
  119. Why should lethal make more noise?
  120. Favourite and worst level?
  121. Very slow connection. Is it possible to play at all?
  122. Patch broke the game
  123. Future DLC idea
  124. If you like Human Revolution...
  125. Energy Regen Mod?
  126. Why LIMB clinics sell experimental military stuff like Typhoon?
  127. Will this work?
  128. Why are there boss fights in the game if you can choose to play in stealth?
  129. David Sarif Social Battle Bug
  130. Non lethal laurence barrett take down?
  131. [H] Deus Ex Human revolution CD key [W] Oblivion GOTY and Dawn of War 2
  132. Need some help (Game sort of related)
  133. No-Ads Mod for DX:HR
  134. Missing Link gameplay demo.
  135. crashes/freezes on exit
  136. Hacking get really old for anyone else?
  137. Windowed Mode Resolution
  138. No demo?
  139. Deus Ex 1 bug: Weapons refuse to switch
  140. SDK/Editor IS vital for Deus Ex HR..right?
  141. Weird Events in DX:HR
  142. Do you recognize some of the conspirators from the intro cutscene?
  143. HR: Hold to CROUCH?
  144. Micro-stutter/frame-skipping
  145. Taking robot down with stealth? (FEMA)
  146. The original Deus Ex
  147. How to go from dx 11 to dx9 anyone know?
  148. Finished the game without anyone dying by your hand.
  149. Cool Turret Trick
  150. More saves?
  151. So I Thought It Would Be Fun To Play Deus Ex...
  152. Harvester hideout, no way out, no way in.
  153. Possible to return or sell after activating DE:HR on Steam?
  154. Missing Gun Sight
  155. Why should I really care for Sandoval.. [spoilers]
  156. Bonus Mission but No Grenade Launcher
  157. Why does this feel so much like a cover based shooter?
  158. Infinite loading screen
  159. Just dreaming
  160. Missing Link has a non-outsourced boss fight.
  161. [color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color] GAME; this is why
  162. DX:HR Config Options???
  163. DX:HR - The missing conversations you never overhear.
  164. deus ex invisible war - broken logic thread
  165. Best use of weapon mods?
  166. Save trouble
  167. Where Do You Find A Snipers Rifle and Rocket Launcher
  168. List of other action FPS+Stealth RPG
  169. So, I'm kind of upset (ending spoilers).
  170. Dues Ex Invisible War broken Logic thread
  171. Cheat Codes?
  172. Hmm... Disappointed? Am I alone?
  173. Will DE:HR run on this computer?
  174. omg...where is the ammo??
  175. Massive stuttering in prerendered cutscenes only (DX11).
  176. DX: HR explosive mission&tactical weapons pack coming to Steam?
  177. Some negative thoughts I have on Deus Ex: HR
  178. 2027 - Mod for the original Deus Ex
  179. Post-Launch Review: Deus Ex Human Revolution
  180. Digital version with CD problems?
  181. So i got the explosive pack....
  183. They broke transmission after picking up..
  184. Hey guys! Some help,please?
  185. Pre-Order DLC now on Steam!
  186. So I want to download Malkavian mod...
  187. Mission Pack questions
  188. 285.38 beta drivers fixed my stuttering
  189. Dear L.I.M.B.
  190. DLC
  191. 11.9 = Much Smoother Performance
  192. Got the DLC... where is my stuff
  193. For those who recently bought the explosive and tacticsDLC [MUST READ]
  194. My thoughts on purchasing content that should of been included to begin with...
  195. Essential mods & Tweaks?
  196. O'Mally Fail?
  197. Human Revolution
  198. Kentie DX10 renderer (Deus Ex) & bump mapping /POM..?
  199. 'Augmented All-Star' DX:HR Advanced Basketball Act 1, 2 & 3 *ReUpload*
  200. Can't launch Deus Ex Human Revolution
  201. Would the extra 10K credits from DLC hurt a first playthrough?
  202. Stuck in Detroit
  203. Smooth play sometimes
  204. Suddenly all cops are hostile?
  205. Syndicate = Deus Ex Human Revolution
  206. Where's The Real DLC?
  207. Need a spoiler for getting into the police armory
  208. Help with a quest.
  209. Crash Fix? (something to try)
  210. 2 Very quick questions
  211. I Have To Start A New Game After Purchasing The DLC???
  212. Combat Rifle vs. Machine Pistol
  213. Tong's Rescue mission - Do you have to play the whole game again?
  214. Ghost/Smooth Operator/Silver Tongue
  215. Derelict Section Cache of Arms
  216. I need start a new game to get the DLC?
  217. Trade DLC
  218. new update or only me?
  219. Upgraded chip and the plot
  220. Does anyone know the HTML code for the spoiler window--
  221. Uninstalled Other Software--Now Cutscenes Stutter Badly. Please Help!
  222. under the fern in the shipping office
  223. Deus Ex: HR any way to skip the boss fights?
  224. Am I stupid?
  225. Tindall's Apartment crashes my game
  226. Things I hate - 99 save file limit, Picking up guns
  227. The dames in the streets
  228. Deus Ex GOTY 5.1 Directional Surround Windows 7
  229. This game killed my ears
  230. Aiming i dont get it ?
  231. i did the imposible
  232. "Motherly Ties" quest failed because I was defending myself from Punks??
  233. Megan Reed and Janice Reed(Manderley's secretary) could they be related?
  234. Troubles all of a sudden throwing barrels.
  235. Harvester's Hideout scene (spoilers)
  236. That awkward moment
  237. Catalyst 11.9 fixed my stutter
  238. Human Revolution Athlon XP works
  239. Extreme caching problem when playing DX HR?
  240. How to kill Namir, the third boss on Human Revolution?
  241. DX: HR questions on performance.
  242. giving up
  243. Over rated
  244. Preparing for Boss 2
  245. What is the point of ironsights?
  246. Question Before Buying
  247. Should I give van bruggen a gun? (doing pacifist and foxiest)
  248. Windows 7 crash.
  249. Deus Ex: HR textures
  250. Help: Desktop Crashes