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  1. Steam Overlay is not working in Underworld
  2. Buy a Xbox 360 controller
  3. How do you topple the statue??
  4. Tomb Raider: Anniversary
  5. Game is currently unavailable fix
  6. Random Crashes (Underworld)
  7. The most epic environments.
  8. Underworld Dropping blocks
  9. Next Tomb Raider Game
  10. Tomb Raider: Legend - Next Gen Content?
  11. Anniversary grappling issue
  12. Price and release date for the next TR game
  13. Tomb Raider Aniiversary does not start
  14. aspect ratio in underworld dont show health on low resolution
  15. That was so sad (spoiler)
  16. Checkpoints and Saves?
  17. weapon choice?
  18. What do the little blue arrows mean?
  19. in game problem Tomb Raider Anniversary STEAM menu not showing up
  20. TR : Anniversary - Moving Saves?
  21. Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light coming to steam
  22. TR:L missing object model in Kazakhstan
  23. TRU setup
  24. so uhh curious curious
  25. What are the relics for (Underworld)?
  26. Tomb Raider Legend crash
  27. Bouncy blocks
  28. Tomb Raider Legend Will Not Load......
  29. Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light early access demo!
  30. Game modes for Guardian of Light on Steam
  31. 3D Vision and The Guardian of Light
  32. Lara Croft & The Guardian of Light Early Access Demo
  33. Pre-order is now up!
  34. No online co-op on launch, no actual date on the future update
  35. bonus offer gone?
  36. First impressions.
  37. re-purchase now and receive a free, giftable copy
  38. is game out?
  39. 21st or 28th release?
  40. Mouse cursor appears when using Xbox controller
  41. Power Hungry
  42. After playing the demo of The Guardian of Light I can say that...
  43. Top score on leaderboards.
  44. Lack in button mapping?
  45. Mouse cursor when using gamepad?
  46. Thoughts After Playing Guardian of Light Demo
  47. Drop when hanging - Guardian Of Light
  48. Tomb Raider Anniversary - Nvidia 8600 GT Bundle
  49. How long is Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light?
  50. Lara Croft Guardian of Light Render of Lara Croft DLC?
  51. First person to get all 12 achievements?
  52. steam://install/35130
  53. TR:L crashes to desktop
  54. Legend - Gamepad control option can't be enabled?
  55. Legend - Japan boss tips?
  56. worth geting Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
  57. GoL needs a patch soon...
  58. co-op online?
  59. Tomb Raider Anniversary question
  60. Legend - Crash after intro movies - Solved
  61. GoL crash and 'update'?
  62. Pre-Order is still unavailable
  63. GoL downloading 2.1GB for no obvious reason...
  64. Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Questions
  65. Has anyone passed level 12 GOL?
  66. Wait wait wait... there's no multiplayer?
  67. bombs and running quirk
  68. GOL Bug
  69. I'm in love..
  70. GoL Controls/Configuration?
  71. Missing trophie?
  72. LCGL - Failed to initialize Direct3D with current setting
  73. LCGOL No CO OP = Fail
  74. Slight Confusion...
  75. teh idioto
  76. lost savegame LC-GOL
  77. I get this error messages
  78. Local Co-op over LAN
  79. No way to use Lara's gun or his friend weapon
  80. Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light dont support 2 xbox 360 wireless pads ?!?
  81. LC GoL is awesomly slow
  82. Edited Store Page - No Co-op Bullet Point
  83. BSOD and crashes
  84. LC: GoL Won't Start
  85. No Windowed Mode option?
  86. hELP
  87. Jaws of Death level bug?
  88. Acrobatics
  89. wow tomb raider value! yum yum
  90. GoL: Stronghold passage glitched challenge
  91. Save file location?
  92. Sensitivity issue
  94. What's the best gun for hard fights
  95. Guardian of Light - BUG - Inventory Screen
  96. LCGOL Drop from ledge
  97. Too many keys at the same time :-(
  98. overall scores
  99. How do I retract the Grappling Hook?
  100. Please make more like Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
  101. Looks like online co-op is nearly here
  102. GoL Keyboard Issue
  103. Laggggg
  104. Controller Enabled? How?
  105. Mouse Smoothing
  106. Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Multiplayer
  107. Xbox 360 controller issue!!
  108. Don't buy this game
  109. Tomb Raider: Legend CTD issue
  110. TR Guardian of Light Crash on Death
  111. Reset stats LC:ATGOL
  112. Controller enabled is glitchy.
  113. GOL graphic hardware bug?
  114. Xolotl's Stronghold score challenge
  115. Reward Challenges: Relics not displayed correctly in level overview
  116. GOL, Fiery Depths Bug ??
  117. Bad Bug in Xolots Stronghold
  118. Finishing Review GoL
  119. TR: Legend Level Skip Cheat and SG Warning.
  120. My achievements didn't register
  121. Co-op Review with controllers
  122. Patch?
  123. Status on multi-player co-op?
  124. Downloaded the Demo and.... controller issues.
  125. GOL Game restart
  126. Game doesn't start anymore!?
  127. LC-GOL: The Jaws of Death Score Challenge
  128. The online co-op update
  129. XBox 360 controller issues
  130. game installation bug
  131. Lara Croft Cosplay Show
  132. Favourite Lara Croft game?
  133. Delete saved games
  134. LC-GOL DLC's and Online Coop Delay
  135. Latest Steam Update Deleted Saved Game
  136. Perpetual "Syncing..." state.
  137. LCGOL jumping bug
  138. my friends and i will buy this game when the game has online coop
  139. game controller doesn't work
  140. How well did the game do?|
  141. Game not patching...
  142. Multiplayer in Demo version?
  143. Game won't start, just flickers
  144. Online COOP for PS3 there / PC info coming soon
  145. Online Co-op is here.
  146. PC Online Coop now available!
  147. Online co-op issue
  148. Online COOP is poorly implemented (!)
  149. size of update?
  150. Online co-op immediate disconnects/massive lag
  151. Spider Tomb
  152. Mouse glitch in Multilayer
  153. Incomplete Installation
  154. Online co-op; good stuff.
  155. Online co-op dead already?
  156. How do I save my game?
  157. Post your Steam name for online co-op.
  158. So is this game worth $7.49?
  159. GoL local co-op with controllers
  160. I played the demo, now I can't get any achievements in the full game.
  161. Is it good enough without a gamepad?
  162. Does GoL work with the Steam overlay?
  163. Character select screen issue
  164. Advertising in GoL?
  165. LCGoL Online COOP
  166. Character Modding?
  167. DLC coming?
  168. Framerate stuck?
  169. How to Reset your Save in GOL
  170. Steam Initialization Failed
  171. Online COOP = Ridiculous Lag
  172. TR: Anniversary & Legend crash at start up
  173. Logitech Gamepads "disabled" in full version?
  174. Best controller for Guardian of Light?
  175. Scroll Wheel & Lara-Seeing-Totec-Strangely Bugs
  176. No in-game text chat in Guardian of Light?
  177. [GoL - Coop] Massive Lag
  178. LC:GOL co-op seems fun except...
  179. GoL - Lag problems?
  180. Crash to desktop - what to do?
  181. Can't launch after patch; incomplete installation ('fixed')
  182. Looking for co-op player for LC&GoL
  183. Raziel+Kain & Kane+Lynch are coming to Guardian of Light
  184. Tomb Raider IX - Erste Konzepte aufgetaucht
  185. Tomb Raider Underworld - Downloadable Content News
  186. No Game Found in Guardian of Light
  187. LGCOL DLC - did I miss one?
  188. new update?
  189. So the mayan golf is a real pain the [color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color] eh?
  190. Second player can never use weapons online.
  191. Chat Censoring
  192. Update Deleted Saved Game!!!
  193. LC:GoL is this a sequel?
  194. What about LCGOF challenge pack 1?
  195. Local co-op > keyboard and pad
  196. Broken Xbox 360 controls?
  197. My computer Shuts off after playing the game for a while?
  198. DLC challenges give no reward
  199. GoL: Has anyone gotten a gamepad working perfectly?
  200. Guardian of Light (GoL) crashes when loading "Spider Tomb"
  201. online multiplayer
  202. Online is broken
  203. Quick question about Challenge Packs.
  204. Updates?
  206. 5-10 second online lag?
  207. LCGOL Online Impossible To Complete
  208. Walkthrough?
  209. Holiday Sale 4.99
  210. split screen
  211. Arrow key binding?
  212. LCGOL: Controller problem using Hori Fightpad EX2
  213. Where my discount at
  214. Extra 10% discount not showing
  215. Thanks for the double discount!
  216. Challenge packs?
  217. LC Guardian of light gamepad problem
  218. No public games found - who wants to play with me?
  219. Co-op, internet or network?
  220. To those who have the game: pls confirm that online multiplayer works
  221. GoL crash at loading screen
  222. Coop online problems
  223. "Other player left the session" problem!
  224. Weird gameplay problem
  225. Turn a keyboard into a gamepad?
  226. Game hangs after pausing, tutorials and objectives being displayed.
  227. Failed to open BIGFILE.000
  228. Online play - Guardian of Light
  229. [PC] LC-GoL start and stop responding in black screen
  230. Loved the demo bought the game
  231. Game crashes everytime I load a level
  232. Tomb Raider Legend
  233. CO-OP Totecs weapons useless, except spear
  234. Tomb Raider: Anniversary - Swimming is so hard!
  235. Dont run!!!!
  236. LCGOL with Logitech Rumblepad 2
  237. MS Gamepad only... thank's for not telling.
  238. Flickering screen in Gaurdian of Light
  239. Odd keyboard problem
  240. LCGoL: Co-Op issues
  241. Long jumping in Tomb Raider Legend
  242. devs: loading checkpoint saves in GOL
  243. [Solved] Guardian of Light: Slowdowns whenever there's fire or smoke
  244. Logitech gamepaid doesn't work properly.
  245. I'can not play, error of steam
  246. Guardian Of Light CO-OP add list
  247. Tomb Raider: Legend Shift Tab doesn't work?
  248. Help plz.
  249. Lara Croft GoL: The lost saves
  250. Regular Co-op disconnects thread