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  1. Greetings Fellow Road Crew Worker
  2. Psychonauts apllication error
  3. demo fails, will the full game also fail?
  4. Game won't start in Steam
  6. Steam version updated to 1.04 patch or not?
  7. Trouble with popping sound?
  8. Psychonauts crashing and having weird graphics
  9. Does anyone else feel bad?
  10. any games similar to Psychonauts?
  11. Complete breakdown on Gloria's Theatre level
  12. Unusual Graphics Problem
  13. Saved Games Location?
  14. should you feel guilty if....
  15. ATI driver issues/crashes
  16. Free copy!!!!!!!
  17. Underrated!
  18. Steam doesn't track playing time
  19. Mouse sensitivity
  20. I'm Sure This Forum Is Long Abandoned, But I Need Help!
  21. Before you buy this with an ATI card installed...
  22. Graphics aren't displayed in full screen
  23. Bring Psychonauts to Mac
  24. Xbox 360 Controller?
  25. Analog controls are 8-directional with gamepad?
  26. When can we expect another sale/price drop?
  27. Well, what now?
  28. Save game
  29. Where are saved games stored?
  30. Whispering Rock : Psychic Summer Camp
  31. Cheating help
  32. Crash
  33. Psychonauts on GOG for $7.49
  34. costume quest
  35. anyone else having this problem?
  36. Tim Schafer ready for Psychonauts 2
  37. Can't seem to bind keys and mouse is awkward in menus
  38. Problem with frequent Hard Crash in bootcamp
  39. Xbox 360 Contoller config HOWTO
  40. Workaround for problem in Gloria's Theatre
  41. We know Gloria's broken, but Bonaparte too?
  42. Shooting Gallery Figments
  43. Reset intro videos
  44. I am the Milkman.
  45. If anyone does not have psychonauts cause of demo errors..
  46. Unable to play Psychonauts
  47. Psychonauts refuses to start even though it used to work
  48. Crashing on cutscenes
  49. How to Cheat!!! (in this game)
  50. Psychonauts 2
  51. Forcing windowed mode?
  52. I can't play Psychonauts even though it is running?
  53. Game is updating
  54. Psychonauts iphone app
  55. "Math is Hard" Achievement
  56. Does cloud saving work right?
  57. Unannounced Changes Thread
  58. Update broke my game
  59. launch fails silently, game icon is gone
  60. Graphical visual Differences
  61. Possibly bugged achievement
  62. 2011 iMac problems
  63. I don't think any update ever made me so happy ...
  64. Bug: Psychonauts.ini missing/deleted when switching to English!
  65. Mouse not working
  66. demo crashes right after hitting play.
  67. Does the game still not support nVidia Surround?
  68. Psychonauts crashing on Mac
  69. Game bug
  70. Surround Sound After The Update
  71. 360 controler on mac?
  72. How to change back to the English version?
  73. Achievement Related Questions
  74. Controller issue, anyone have this problem?
  75. Any way to choose Xbox UI?
  76. Turning in items at sanctuary?
  77. Getting from sanctuary back to Thorney Tower asylum?
  78. PsychoPad - xbox 360 controller GUI unofficial patch
  79. Ugly hover ball glowing effect
  80. Achievement Guide
  81. 360 Controller HUD in two steps!
  82. Maloof comes from my home town.
  83. 'Input signal out of range'
  84. The App
  85. Need a Pre-Pokeylope save!
  86. Psychonauts is not starting
  87. Psychomasters Club (100% Achievements)
  88. Double Fine
  89. PROBLEM I Got Just Sound, no Graphich!
  90. Milla's Highly Phallic Mind
  91. Stuttering
  92. Unfair says I
  93. Is it me or did the icon change?
  94. Could this mean... Phychonauts 2?
  95. Screen freezes and computer becomes unresponsive
  96. Save disappeared
  97. Achievement bug (Missing Rank 60)
  98. Achievements not working.
  99. Any other game in this vein on Steam?
  100. Crash when entering the GPC
  101. End game?
  102. Crashing before entering the brain tumbler?
  103. 10/11/11 Update?
  104. What was changed in the Big Update?
  105. Bizzare errors loading game
  106. 360 controller not working
  107. Crash Bug?
  108. Costume Quest comes to Steam! Thank you, Double Fine.
  109. Problems with the new patch ( Mac Version )
  110. Save file problems
  111. Psychonauts CRASH after updates
  112. Achievement Guide 2.0
  113. Owner of Retail version, questions about changes
  114. Psychonauts achievements not working!
  115. Black Velvetopia rage
  116. Get Back to normal size
  117. Math is hard not achieved?
  118. Psychonauts vs 32bpp display
  119. Running on a netbook?
  120. How do I backup my Pychonauts user data (savegames/config)?
  121. Will there ever be a sale again?
  122. System requirements for mac could be less!
  123. Spanish translation
  124. Can't access saved games without being connected to Steam server
  125. Inventory control
  126. No Sound -_-
  127. so the achievements
  128. Christmas Achievements
  129. Doublefine..
  130. Updated?
  131. Christmas sale...
  132. I LOVED this game when it came out
  133. Are achievements retroactive?
  134. Holiday Dinner winter achivment?
  135. Windows 7?
  136. I already own this game...
  137. Worth it?
  138. Coupon not working.
  139. Leaving the Asylum?
  140. Video Guide for the Achievement
  141. Have retail copy, can i just move the files to Steam folder?
  142. Retail Version Activate Steam Code???
  143. Translate Ita (traduzione in italiano disponibile)
  144. How Long Does Psychonauts Take to Finish?
  145. Does this work with wireless 360 controller?
  146. Save game
  147. eating roasts?
  148. Crashing at end of Obstacle Course
  149. Psychonauts just crashing...
  150. GOG Psychonauts and christmas objective?
  151. Is the 75% Discount a Daily Deal?
  152. Demo not working
  153. Way to turn off controller rumble?
  154. Sound problems
  155. Christmas Achievement - Holiday Dinner! (video guide + savegame)
  156. Can't pause game
  157. No menu when pressing Esc!! [Solved]
  158. Holiday Dinner Savegame + Instructions
  159. Looking for a copy of Psychonauts
  160. Fire power??
  161. Does anyone know how to make your character NOT constantly run forward?
  162. I have no video.
  163. How long does it take to beat this game?
  164. Cannot use mouse to look around...?
  165. Issue with game resolution
  166. None of my controllers will work
  167. Game won't start. DX9 error
  168. Is this a nice game?
  169. Can't figure out how to flip to face other direction while swinging on poles
  170. Holiday Dinner
  171. Stuck in basic braining part 1
  172. My game crashed. Looking for a save I can impot.
  173. Full screen downgrades graphics?
  174. psychonauts invalid format
  175. Anyone know how to make this game not use the gamepad?
  176. How do I change my mouse settings in Psychonauts?
  177. Rest of the game looks fine, but some cut-scenes are low quality?
  178. Hmm, achievement unlocked, but objective didn't...
  179. How far in is the holiday dinner
  180. constant crashing
  181. Mouse Controls make game impossible to play?
  182. Question about the hover ball race
  183. Holiday achievement Not Poping up.
  184. DF Support Update
  185. Turn off videos?
  186. Jittery mouse cursor in menus
  187. Console in game prompts
  188. Glitch stopping me collecting the Xmas achievement
  189. Help
  190. So is this game better played with a gamepad or a mouse/keyboard?
  191. Some control issues...help?
  192. Hey!
  193. Achievements not working at all
  194. Psychonauts is always unavailable.
  195. Glitch with bunkbeds when first starting
  196. Tunnel of Love
  197. What a waste of money!
  198. Game was unable to create the direct3d device
  199. No achievements
  200. High CPU usage, makes game intermittently unplayable
  201. Game crashes at cutscenes
  202. Stuck in this game
  203. Stuck again
  204. Crashing at the end of Brain Tumbler Experiment
  205. Surprisingly good game
  206. EAX?
  207. Can't change controls
  208. I still hate Meat Circus!
  209. LOD, alpha texture issues
  210. Would like to trade Half Life for Psyconauts
  211. Resolution problem: A Bug Report
  212. PS2 controls
  213. Anyone buy and extra copy when it was on sale as a daily deal
  214. Start Up Error
  215. Trading for Bastion
  216. Disappearing achievements
  217. Theatre
  218. Texture/menu issues in Lungfishopolis
  219. Fun story, mediocore gameplay
  220. pleasantly surprised...
  221. Only One SaveGame Profile Works other 2 are disabled
  222. Anyone have a copy to sell for coal?
  223. How is the performance on mac?
  224. Trying to figure out how to use a gamepad
  225. [H]Portal [W] For this game!
  226. I will be able to revisit all the brains after finishing the game, right?
  227. Crashing at Black Velvetopia
  228. Milkman Conspiracy Post office Keypad
  229. cannot get thru the 3 rings at the dance party
  230. Game crashes after intro
  231. Nauseating camera movement
  232. DFNathan: any chance of Brutal Legend?
  233. Crashes when i take the elevator up to Dr. Leboto?
  234. Screen Resolution
  235. Would someone be interested in a copy of Psychonauts?
  236. On-Screen Button Prompts.
  237. (t)Rifle matter
  238. Choppy, unstable frame rate
  239. Is the dousing rod supposed to be fun?
  240. Limit max fps? is there a way to do this?
  241. Problem with the demo
  242. Stuck at second loading screen
  243. Is it worth it? Hell yeah it is!
  244. Psychonauts gets my highest recommendation possible for a videogame.
  245. Forgot I had -50% coupon, sorry
  246. Crash at "Create Profile" in Windows 8?
  247. I can't see 1/4 of the screen. Help?
  248. Wireless Gamepad Issues
  249. Which button do I press to contine?!
  250. Cut scenes at VERY low resolution