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  1. Done buy this game as it is not supported nor are there refunds
  2. FSW Problems.
  4. Game is running at 7-13 Frame per second!
  5. ten hammers crashes on LAN
  6. Game crashes on launch.
  7. Smaller fix for stuttering and lag
  8. Actual Marines Assaulting Hijacked Ship
  9. Intermittent Crashes
  10. Sound clipping issues
  11. Possible Fix For Bad FPS!
  12. full specturm warrior
  13. Fix for sound clipping/video stuttering
  14. Seems to Work
  15. Full Spectrum Warrior is freeware
  16. No response from input
  17. CreateDevice Failed
  18. Anyone still play this?
  19. Does this game work with Windows 7
  20. Removed from Steam?
  21. Again Available on steam