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  1. help with cop ctds
  2. Question
  3. SOC: Oblivion Lost Ultimate: Scope textures too small!
  4. New to this game, have a few questions
  5. Mods won't work, in all games.
  6. Clear Sky "black screen with sound" crash
  7. Easy question
  8. Stalker challenge
  9. mod question -file location
  10. Clear Sky, Terrible FPS on powerful rig
  11. Strange visual glitch for textures. CoP
  12. COP mod Dead City 4.80 ???'s
  13. STALKER X Ray Engine Crashes
  14. HELP...Convince me this game is awsome
  15. icon doesnt show up anymore in detail view
  16. ShoC Binoc NPC identification
  17. In SOC where do I get the scope for the "Tunder" 5.45
  18. Should I use a mod for my first playthrough of CoP?
  19. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl
  20. Stalker soc crashes
  21. Combining mods with complete mod
  22. STALKER Complete
  23. Which should I play first???
  24. Side thought on Mods re: Complete.
  25. Selling STALKER: Call of Pripyat CD key
  26. Well since MP obviously isn't popular...
  27. Priboi Story Overhaul V3
  28. Call to Pripyat won't launch
  29. SoC and CS updates? Currently downloading...
  30. What difficulty it is recommended to play these games at?
  31. TOZ-34 in Complete 2009, SoC
  32. STALKER:CoP not showing up in my Steam Activity?
  33. What are the best mods?
  34. Call of Pripyat, the Beard is bugged
  35. What SOC mod i should play?
  36. Combining Complete 2009 and Oblivion Lost
  37. How well wit cop run on my laptop? h
  38. Dead City 4.80 problems.
  39. how do i change the controls for dragging bodies in stalker soc
  40. Stalker : SoC - Is it scary?
  41. Problem running SOC in Windows 7
  42. Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl New Version
  43. Why The Hoods?
  44. No snow in the zone?
  45. Anyone got guitar tabs?
  46. Maths anyone??
  47. STALKER CoP crashing when loading a save.
  48. Weird glitch
  49. STALKER - O, How I Have Missed Thee
  50. [Warning] Clear Sky - Siding with the bandits
  51. Unable to change settings
  52. SoC is "Steam App 4500" in my steam list!
  53. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl Icon not show !
  54. Where are the new guitar songs Complete added stored?
  55. CS or CoP?
  56. STALKER 2: Permanent Internet Access DRM - Content Streamed as you play?
  57. HELP! Clear Sky - Consistent, annoying area transition crash
  58. Stalker Clear Sky: Worth getting?
  59. Weight limit hit, need some advice.
  60. anyone else hate and love STALKER at the same time
  61. STALKER: Call of Pripyat Review
  62. Should I finish SoC before I start CoP?
  63. Slow game save loading/crashes & the CoP Complete Mod
  64. SoC: Can't talk to Sidrovich
  65. Why is my Stalker version 1.005, and everyone else 1.006?
  66. If you have CD KEY issues for S.T.A.L.K.E.R Shadow of Chernobyl
  67. Half Life Reference!
  68. Buy Stalker now or?
  69. Shadow of Chernobyl icon missing?
  70. X-ray 1.6 engine has stopped working. CoP
  71. Stalker Complete 2009 Mod Installation Problem. Help PLZ!
  72. Steam Cloud
  73. Plan on Buying STALKER?
  74. S.T.A.L.K.E.R + Coil whine/capcitor squeal?
  75. SOC mid game crash
  76. Clear Sky has two endings?
  77. Problem downloading CoP Complete
  78. What Loadout do you use?
  79. Question about sleeping + Clear Sky Complete
  80. Cannot Launch S.T.A.L.K.E.R: SOC
  81. The Veles Detector
  82. mods help
  83. Clear Sky: Teammates don't move up
  84. Music
  85. Peculiar Xray engine 1.6 bug crash
  86. Oblivion Lost
  87. Oblivion lost for 1.0005 crashes when I start a new game?
  88. Can Not Save Game
  89. Issue with CoP, X-Ray engine crash.
  90. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl Steam Icon Missing
  91. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. id 4830
  92. Monolith's Whisper and Offical STALKER Facebook
  93. loyalty price on call of pripyat?
  94. Clear Sky Major Problems
  95. Logitech MOMO wheel in Clear Sky
  96. scared of the oooooo
  97. Shadow of Chernobyl gets freezed when loading a saved game or starting a new one.
  98. Recommend me COP mods ;)
  99. So, how long in Pripyat, afterward? **SPOILERS**
  100. Call of Pripyat dedicated server files?
  101. Terrible performance?
  102. Permanent radiation/bug entering garbage from cordon
  103. Using STALKER Complete 2009. Help removing DoF?
  104. stalker clear sky being kicked for no reason
  105. STALKER: CoP xRay crash
  106. Newbie Questions.....
  107. Option or mod to remove head bobbing?
  108. SoC - at startup, it takes a good 10 minutes to load any save.
  109. Looking for a mod
  110. Stalker 2 Gameplay Footage!
  111. Adding stalker to my steam library
  112. So what happened to all the women?
  113. How can I set the language?
  114. Minor texture problem
  115. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Bundle?
  116. Call of Pripyat Loyalty promo?
  117. Can't talk to Mole
  118. Lag when saving game
  119. How's multiplayer
  120. Stalkre C.O.P. : which protection?
  121. Call Of Pripyat loading issue
  122. 2009 complete mod
  123. Crash at Start Error
  124. Can I Run Shadow of Chernobyl?
  125. Which one to start with?
  126. Welcome, STALKERS!
  127. Is call of the pripyat stand alone
  128. Black screen during any type of loading.
  129. Does Clear Sky EVER go on sale?
  130. Call of Pripyat load times/freezing
  131. Game freezes upon load
  132. S CoP vs S SoC? Which has the better world?
  133. Shadow of Chernobyl: original (russian) dialogs (audio, sound)
  134. Does S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl have infinite enemy re-spawning?
  135. stalker bunble NO CD KEYS
  136. cop online registration issue
  137. Call of Pripyat, any Mods I need to know about?
  138. CoP - bad to worse
  139. Stalker Steam Bundle Outsells Rage
  140. Stalker system restart
  141. Call of Pripyat starting issue
  142. should i get call of pripyat?
  143. stalker games crash
  144. Zone economy - TB3D Stalker Soup
  145. Buying & Selling Items?
  146. Unable to draw weapons or assign to hotkeys
  147. Overheating?
  148. COP what does handeling do?
  149. Sun Shadow Bug
  150. STEAM & 2009 Complete Mod?
  151. How to change resolution without opening game?
  152. SoC won't start -- black screen
  153. Please Steam Admins -HELP-
  154. Iron sight targetting
  155. you should all be ashamed
  156. Please insert Cd?
  157. Accidentally killed Awl - CoP
  158. Reverting to 1.0004
  159. CoP seems empty compared to SoC.
  160. All my saves are gone :(
  161. Moving the window in Windowed Mode
  162. which one should i play first?
  163. Inventory Question
  164. need clear sky
  165. Armor reapair soc
  166. Urgent please Read
  167. Annoying weather/sky glitch in Clear Sky
  168. Still uses 1 core?
  169. CoP false start in Steam
  170. Stalker: SoC Black Screen
  171. Pripyat free play
  172. Stalker SOC interesting mod
  173. Day-Night cycle problem SOC
  174. 100 more tips for the zone:
  175. Black screen on starting the game(sound running in the background)
  176. Thinking of re-trying Clear Sky, looking for a mod suggestion
  177. Call of Pripyat is pretty awesome.
  178. Free Play - Any way to make it worth it?
  179. can i run this?
  180. Help - X-Ray 1.6 Engine crash at startup
  181. Map bug in Shadow of Chernobyl
  182. Stalker will get it's very own TV show!
  183. Duty vs Freedom vs Neutral - CoP
  184. For People Running the Shader Max Mod SoC[Need Help with Settings]
  185. YELLOW SCREEN bug? help please
  186. Duty or Freedom?
  187. Installation problems
  188. 3GB RAM Patch - which xrEngine.exe file?
  189. CoP bug - Sokolov + Vano attack me during the Monolith bookstore mission
  190. Stalker shadow of chernobyl
  191. A sticky for mods? Also, need a recomendation
  192. Multiplayer?
  193. damn, CoP had a terrible ending
  194. Clear Sky on sale for $4.99 on STEAM
  195. Can i run stalker?
  196. I can't see guns and items that enemies drop, or things like first aid kits...
  197. Which to play first?
  198. STALKER Green Screen
  199. Which is better? Are either good?
  200. What makes the Stalker Series Great?
  201. SoC: How to play?
  202. Super Mod pack Crashing
  203. Are the following mods compatible with the steam version SoC?
  204. Soporific game
  205. Lost! Sneak into the sarcophagus (chernobyl)
  206. Shadow of Chernobyl Mutants
  207. Clear Sky Complete - Stuck at Military Warehouses Mission
  208. SHOC hates my guts
  209. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - The New Disease...
  210. Quick question about poltergeists
  211. what's all the bashing on clear sky?
  212. Stuck because of a Bug? [CoP]
  213. Just in case anyone else is stupid like me...
  214. Vanilla shadow of chernobyl
  215. Don't these games have music?
  216. Stalker COP picking up items
  217. Sound Issue (NPC gunshot volume)
  218. Stalker Pripyat, does it have Tages or other DRM?
  219. Pripyat Complete or S.M.R.T.E.R?
  220. GSC is dead, no more STALKER
  221. Ok, stalker is just bull[color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color]ting me now.
  222. Could someone do me a favor? SMP 2.4
  223. If Stalker 2 is cancelled
  224. Random restarts
  225. Still worth it at $6 bucks?
  226. SOC not saving.
  227. Are there any mods that keep SOC the way all of us love it?
  228. Mods porting older STALKERs to COP Engine?
  229. Who should own S.T.A.L.K.E.R.?
  230. Will DRM be removed?
  231. What killed GSC?
  232. Where does SHOC save in Win 7?
  233. Cant get S.M.R.T.E.R mod to work.
  234. Found a working (no head-bob) Mod for Call of Pripyat
  235. Any good graphics mods that don't break the game or add crappy resources?
  236. 2 minute load and save times in Call of Pripyat, windows 7 + settings (maxed)
  237. NPCs dying - thinking of quitting - need to be convinced to not do so
  238. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat - Russian Voice Modification
  239. Well this is neat.
  240. Stalker SoC - Lost Alpha
  241. Invalid CD key for Clear Skies?
  242. Order of game
  243. [UK] Price...
  244. Here because of Sale/Eurogamer Retrospective. Where to start?
  245. Loyalty Promo
  246. Darn!!!
  247. [Solved] Clear Sky: is the DRM still active? Is it invasive?
  248. Bundle is more expensive.
  249. Whats so good?
  250. Clear sky or Shadow of Chernobyl?