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  21. vac-bannable or account-disable concerns..
  22. So i still can't play
  23. sound cracking only in one scene
  24. does it support widescreen?
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  26. Game wont run
  27. summer deal perhaps?
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  29. Face Builder
  30. Just finished the game. Holy Quechnitlan!
  31. playing with ps3 controller
  32. Cheats or hacks?
  33. Easy isn't easy for some things.
  34. One thing ticks me off *SPOILERS*
  35. Dont buy this game
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  45. Farenheit 2
  46. Is it just my system or does this game mess with your colour settings?
  47. Retail version
  48. On sale at Direct 2 Drive for 7.50 pounds
  49. Still interested in IP? GOG has it for $2.99.
  50. How can I buy this game? It isn't even there.
  51. Who in the hell set the controls for this game?
  52. story
  53. Can you still activate this game on steam?
  54. Uncensored copy?
  55. Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered coming to Steam January 29th 2015