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  1. ten bucks says PC AC2 will suck
  2. Assassin'S Creed II Information Thread
  3. Assassin'S Creed II Lineage Short Movies
  4. Random Freeze AC1
  5. Using a PS3 Controller for Assassin's Creed on a PC
  6. 60 dollar PC game? I think not....
  7. Assassin'S Creed II PC Steam version contents
  9. Piracy is THEFT
  10. Assassin's creed 2 HORRIBLE fps
  11. AC2: No Sound in Dialogues possible fix
  12. Stil no wireless 360 controller support, can't believe it
  13. Nasty mouse acceleration
  14. Game Launcher Error
  15. Disarming counter, last tactic you'll need.
  16. Still having problems! Still mad!
  17. AC2: Difficulties at sequence 13 [spoilers]
  18. Unable to play the game - missing ubiorbitapi_r2.dll
  19. Attack on Ubisoft servers?
  20. AC1 resolution problem
  21. Anyone praising steam drm while flaming AC2 drm is a hypocrit
  22. wow.. I'm having performance issues
  23. Failed to contact key server.
  24. Assassin'S Creed II wireless X360 support
  25. problem with the quest Assassinate Antonio Maffei
  26. AC2 won't launch
  27. Preordered - but no special content
  28. Digital Deluxe Edition worth it?
  29. Bad performance and bad controller support
  30. Locked inside a room
  31. No offense but this is pathetic.
  32. Would you buy it for x dollars?
  33. Uplay is kind of neat, actually.
  34. Loving it
  35. In Bocca Al Lupo Bug....PLEASE HELP!
  36. Ubisoft will "compensate" people who've had problems connecting to their DRM servers
  37. Assassin's Creed II metacritic user score of 1.8 ?
  38. How do I go back?
  39. PC - Absolutely Fantastic
  40. AC2: 10th Secret Location?
  41. Issues on De Vinci Missions
  42. Ubisoft: The Goose and the Gander
  43. Well... Where is the DLC
  44. help
  45. Skipping cut scenes?
  46. The DLC
  47. So how many like to just goof around in AC2?
  48. Let's bring the discussion a little further down the line...
  49. Favorite character in ACII?
  50. This game is worth every penny.
  51. UPlay Achievements for PC?
  52. Replayability?
  53. How Does the DRM Actually Function?
  54. Assassin's creed VAULTS! (secret skill)
  55. I bought painting before I went to the mansion - did I just waste my money?
  56. It's for the best ......
  57. Crash to Desktop - Windows 7 x64 - fixed
  58. Where is the UK Steam version of AsC2?
  59. uninstall
  60. Ubisoft Email to customers about downtime - with reward
  61. AC2 Steam V expensive?
  62. So about Acre, will we get to go there after we finish the game?
  63. freeze in game
  64. Lost saved game ...Need help
  65. How to unlock "Exclusive Content"
  66. AC2 is amazing
  67. AC2 Strange bug
  68. DRM damages the value of games says Newell
  69. So how bad is this DRM bullsh*t? Is it worth buying?
  70. Shadow Flickering?
  71. CNN Opinion article on ACII
  72. Crash to Desktop at very first fight.
  73. DRM problems
  74. Well i be able to run it?
  75. AC2 resolution issue
  76. What you can do with this DRM
  77. running with 9800gt
  78. all in all
  79. 49.99 at Fred Meyer in NW USA.
  80. Stuck on Altair dream sequence.
  81. DRM server down again?
  82. Post here if you will buy it when the drm is removed.
  83. Game Stuck
  84. Screenshots Thread.
  85. How Much FPs Should I be Getting?
  86. Educate me
  87. Worth it?
  88. the game freeeze when ezio get the hidden blade
  89. Where did Special Edition go?
  90. PC Version of Assasin's Creed 1 & 2 won't launch
  91. Question about altair moves
  92. Wrong Password when logging in
  93. Deluxe edition question
  94. Ubisoft's site hacked by pirates
  95. Launcher Application stopped working...?
  96. I have no doubt that...
  97. Saves losts!
  98. DRM is dah bomb!!!11
  99. DDos attack related
  100. Who else would like to see...?
  101. AC2 patch?
  102. Draw distance/ field of view
  103. AC2 Not Launching
  104. Error Code 51
  105. No Sale Ubisoft
  106. Things you can do in AC2, but not in AC1?
  107. anyone play this with logitec duel action 2?
  108. Who supports UBI's DRM?
  109. Don't blame the script kiddies.
  110. DLC worth it?
  111. ACII for those who purchased the game, Current POV on DRM.
  112. Am i Able to buy store bought and add to steam?
  113. Excellent video review (GameSpot)
  114. Crashing to desktop in Church in Venice
  115. [FIX] "What goes around" Mission, White loading screen.
  116. Can you guys log in?
  117. Performance thoughts: AC2
  118. Ubisoft tries to bribe reviewers, AC2 scores too high?
  119. Game disconnects every 10 or so minutes.
  120. I stopped giving UBISOFT my money...
  121. Flags, feathers, and Assassinís Creed III. (very minor spoilers)
  122. So in a few years...
  123. Ubisoft to be Commended
  124. game crashes regularly
  125. combat too easy?
  126. Proposal for the DRM issue?
  127. Savegames lost after Crash? - Bad support
  128. Quick Time Events
  129. Venice Viewpoint
  130. Why are the mods deleting the threads?
  131. Level of discourse on this forum...
  132. Something weird I need some help with.
  133. AC3: 3 Reasons it will suck and 3 reasons why not (justt opinions).
  134. Camera angles
  135. Again...rumble not working at all.
  136. Pirates, and Trolls! OH MY!
  137. Cant launch
  138. If I buy the normal edition can I buy the 3 extra levels latter?
  139. No crack yet...hmm
  140. DNA user authentification for AC3....
  141. Steam dumps some Ubisoft games rumored due to DRM [FALSE]
  142. Secrets inside the secrets....
  143. Post here if you think AC2 ends up selling worse than AC1
  144. Post here if you aren't an idiot and realize that the DRM isn't that big of a deal.
  145. Key bindings for Xbox controller.
  146. how to play the game in real widesreen ?
  147. [Video] Tango de la Muerte
  148. internet connection required error
  149. Crash to desktop?
  150. Dream Discussion. *spoiler*
  151. It's a-me mario!
  152. Crowd Culling impacts ambiance
  153. [AC2] Hard-locks from ACII
  154. A few things I never understood (spoilers within)
  155. Any word on the extra content ?
  156. Lag with the HD5870
  157. Toms Hardware claims...
  158. what happens to all the side quests after you finish the game?
  159. can someone gift to uk?
  160. Papal Staircase
  161. Assassin's Creed II wins NO BAFTA awards!
  162. So, Whatís the ECA Doing About Ubisoftís DRM?
  163. does anyone have issues on the part where mario is train Elzo
  164. Dei Frari Tower
  165. Assassin's Creed advanced counters
  166. Stuck on Leonardo da Vinci weapon mission???
  167. When can you go to the east end of Venice
  168. Who else would have wanted to play longer as Desmond? (some spoilers within)
  169. DRM strikes again!
  170. Flawless Eyefinity Support
  171. Screenshot Thread
  172. Cheating on AC2 - a discussion
  173. Multiplayer
  174. Stuck on "Establishing Network Connection, Please Wait..."
  175. Thinking About Buying Game Guide-Should I/Not?
  176. Past cutscenes?
  178. Why do people complain about this "have to be online" to play?
  179. Assassins Creed 2 (UK)
  180. New strange vid from Abstergo
  181. What AC2 lacks
  182. Free game in compensation for the connection problem
  183. Missing DLC? (some spoilers)
  184. Is AC2 worth buying right now?
  185. Terrific Game
  186. More DLC on the way?
  187. Weapon Wheel
  188. OK how do I get past this part?
  189. I just bought this for my 360.....
  190. AC 1 on windows 7 :(
  191. How Do The Two Games Save?
  192. If you bought Assassin's Creed 2
  193. Oh man!
  194. AC2 price cuts, so quick after release.
  195. AC2 is huge and awesome!
  196. So how come I'm not getting a that emial for free game?
  197. Anyone fix the....
  198. What's so bad about DRM?
  199. More news on the DRM
  200. Ubi Forums down?
  201. Can anyone recommend me a good graphics setting for AC2?
  202. Already in bargain bin?
  203. Assassins' Creed 2: Episodes?
  204. Black Bars
  205. AC2 won't launch anymore?
  206. Thinking of buying AC2
  207. GoGamer.com: good deal on game for those interested
  208. AC curse.
  209. So in essence, the DRM has "worked"
  210. Where are the save game files stored?
  211. Laucher Update crashing - please help! /o\
  212. Can't play. Game launcher asking me for login. Yes it is a legit copy.
  213. Need some help
  214. Video issue. AC1
  215. Problems launching AC2
  216. Cities of AC2 vs reality
  217. Steam backup question
  218. Meet minimun requieremnts for ACII but not AC
  219. Hitler on Assassins Creed 2 getting cracked
  220. Having Controller Trouble
  221. Any fix for the mouse acceleration?
  222. Gamepad issues
  223. Patch 1.01 AC2 Steam version ?
  224. This CD-Key Has Been Used Already??
  225. Mini-stuttering in AC2
  226. steam version AC2 mouse sensitivity.
  227. Is it me, or is this game poorly optimized for PC?
  228. Mouse lag wtf?
  229. How do you know if you unlocked the deluxe content ?
  230. Didn't they say...
  231. TexturesStreaming help...
  232. Copensation email.
  233. Does this game get better later?
  234. Ubisoft Updater keeps crashing, cant launch Assassins creed 2
  235. Playable from a woman's point of view?
  236. Does Deluxe edition worth extra money?
  237. Great Story So Far
  238. So, who still didn't play?
  239. How do I install AC2?
  240. AC 2 Saved Games
  241. Are ubisoft servers down or what?
  242. AC2 Failed to launch
  243. Assassins Creed 2 letterboxing
  244. Missing command line parameter -prodid
  245. Assassin Symbol...
  246. Wheres AC2 in steam store (UK)
  247. DRM Fail
  248. Don't buy a USED copy
  249. AC 2 control Icons?
  250. question about enemies.....