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  1. Double Agent won't launch?
  2. Small Window on Splinter Cell Double Agent
  3. Petition! Pandora Tomorrow & Chaos Theory
  4. Splinter Cell - "General protection fault!"
  5. Splinter Cell double agent last mission
  6. Chaos Theory - Cannot create an account
  7. Choas Theory Multiplayer issues
  8. Chaos Thoery - Steam overlay doesn't work
  9. Double Agent gameplay issue - Missing numbers in hacking
  10. New Dev video at IGN (SC: Conviction)
  11. Lighting in SC1?
  12. Double Agent unplayable, is anyone else haiving these issues?
  13. Chaos Theory Multiplayer Mic Problem
  14. Splinter Cell (First title) - Widescreen mod
  15. Chaos Theory - How to get AA
  16. SCDA_Online.exe Crash
  17. The price....
  18. Not paying to be treated like a Pirate anymore!
  19. Conviction - VERSUS
  20. Chaos theory versus mode mercenary issue
  21. Online DRM on Conviction: CONFIRMED!
  22. Splinter Cell Double Agent issues...
  23. Series veterans. I need your recommendations
  24. when can you..........
  25. splinter cell conviction CE?
  26. Splinter Cell double agent - which gen?
  27. Save Game Folder Location?
  28. Xbox version demo this week, what about Steam (PC)?
  29. Looking for SC Chaos Theory Players: Versus or Coop
  30. No PC demo apparantly.
  31. 2008 Vaio and Chaos Theory
  32. omg
  33. new SC hiding bodies?
  34. first splinter cell resolution
  35. Conviction is a port
  36. Splinter Cell: Conviction PC Release Delayed
  37. Chaos Theory CO-OP?
  38. SC:DA multiple monitors problem
  39. Is Tom Clancy the same as Hitman ?
  40. Unable to access Chaos Theory Online Co-op
  41. Looking forward to Splinter Cell Conviction
  42. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory problem
  43. Do the SC:CT bonus maps integrate into Steam's SC1? + SC:PT question...
  44. Splinter Cell Double Agent running way too fast
  45. my key dont work?
  46. No AA?
  47. Pre-oder?
  48. Release Date
  49. Official trailer out today
  50. Question
  51. Preorder for $41.99 - Amazon!
  52. Multiplayer on Double Agent?
  53. Community Map Pack - Chaos Theory
  54. Steam! Get a pre-order up already.
  55. Steam release DRM type?
  56. TC SCDA runtime error help plz
  57. PC or 360?
  58. Retail Version work on steam?
  59. $60 again
  60. Does anyone...
  61. does this title support eyefinity or multi monitor?
  62. CT problem
  63. Splinter Cell Conviction leaked by Pirates....
  64. Double Agent multiplayer problem
  65. Single player campaign is five hours long
  66. About Splinter Cell series
  67. No drm on steam or what?
  68. Hosting Games Chaos Theory
  69. This game is a huge piece of crap
  70. Splinter Cell Conviction
  71. About Conviction (rant inside)
  72. looking for 1 main coop partner
  73. Conviction - New toys, fun or...
  74. Splinter Cell:Conviction - Preorder
  75. SC: DA hacking device
  76. Pandora Tomorrow on Steam?
  77. ubisoft banns darksydephil from youtube
  78. conviction multiplayer
  79. Chaos theory multiplayer number
  80. Double Agent - No in-game sound?
  81. Double Agent auto-save crash...
  82. Co-op on PC version of Double Agent?
  83. conviction is crap(played at friends house)
  84. More happy DRM! Woo Hoo!!
  85. Splinter Cell Conviction
  86. Conviction coop question
  87. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory on LAN (Hamachi and Tunngle)
  88. Nervous about SSC
  89. Conviction Deluxe pre-purchase available now!
  90. Ghost Recon Beta by buying SCC
  91. $60? Good luck with that...
  92. Thank you, Ubisoft
  93. Need some vids for the original splinter cell
  94. Free DLC for PC?
  95. Question about conviction
  96. SCC - PC matchmaking?
  97. SC Conviction - If i buy it at a local store, can i activate it via serial on steam?
  98. What's wrong with DRM?
  99. I spewed my beer on the screen...
  100. preload?
  101. I hate you, Ubisoft... Thank you for destroying another game.
  102. If anyone is going to rage at the top sellers list...
  103. I Stopped Buying UbiSoft After Rainbow Six Vegas
  104. Pre ordering Deluxe edition in the UK
  105. SC-DA/controller help
  106. Anyone playing Chaos theory online anymore?
  107. Deluxe edition
  108. +10 bucks and DRM...LOLNO
  109. Everyone who won't buy this game due to Online DRM post here please
  110. Hmmm Ubisoft?
  111. About this DRM (Sarcasm inside)
  112. Split-screen. Wat?
  113. BOOM! Headshot...
  114. Will it be a demo?
  115. splinter cell conviction deluxe edition help
  116. Steamlined Garbage.
  117. Everyone who will buy this game even with Online DRM post here please
  118. splinter cell conviction help
  119. Where did Splinter Cell Elite Echelon Edition go?
  120. Everyone who WILL buy this game regardless of DRM post here
  121. Splinter Cell Big Pack
  122. SCC Deluxe Edition Confusion
  123. splinter cell
  124. pre purchase splinter cell conviction ??
  125. Giant Head?
  126. No 1680*1050 Resulation In Duble Agent.,
  127. Online DRM...more than just copy protection!
  128. Can i run Splinter Cell Conviction?
  129. Chaos Theory or Elite Echelon worth purchasing?
  130. Splinter Cell Conviction Anti-cheat
  131. Chaos Theory and Double Agent startup is laggy!
  132. SC:DA Bomb defuse mission issue
  133. 60 bucks? you wish 65, you have lost your FU#$*%! mind!
  134. framerate issue with original splinter cell..
  135. conviction multiplayer question
  136. Interact issue with original Splinter Cell - can't pick locks
  137. Splinter Cell Conviction Pre Orders
  138. will there b a "beta" for those who have pre-purchased conviction through steam?
  139. Will i be able to run splinter cell conviction
  140. There is a Pre-Load
  141. DRM is good or bad?
  142. The unofficial confirmation thread for Xbox 360 controller users
  143. 54,99
  144. Just got SC:CT!
  146. Midnight Release Possibly?
  147. PC Controls fine for Splinter Cell games, or should I buy a controller?
  148. This back-and-forth of hate it love it
  149. Silent spas-Shotgun
  150. Preload Suspended?
  151. Co-op, or Single Player first?
  152. SC:DA Win7 Timed Crash
  153. For all of you worried about the DRM
  154. 1 Hour and Counting
  155. I cant Get Conviction??
  156. Ready to Play
  157. Ubisoft Game Launcher Error: Error code 1
  158. DirectX Installation Loop
  159. Runs like p00p
  160. Controller key bindings screwed up
  161. How do I get the content I payed $5 for?
  162. "Attempting to re-connect with server"!!
  163. Video Freezing
  164. my only hates so far
  165. No 360 Controller Support
  166. STUPID drm
  167. Conviction does not work on certain GPUs
  168. For those getting a black screen on high-end computers
  169. No Split-screen
  170. No sound?
  171. Game.LostConnection.Resume - WTF :(
  172. System Validation crash
  173. Splinter Cell Conviction server is not available at this time.
  174. Please verify that your internet connection is functional
  175. In-Game Crashes...
  176. Problem with download
  177. Requesting Key?!
  178. To all the people who purchased and have complaints
  179. Chat function in multiplayer
  180. Mouse Sensitivity
  181. Coop Port / Manual?
  182. Crashes at Start
  183. Patch?
  184. Echelon Package
  185. Awesome game
  186. main menu doesnt load, no images/animations
  187. Boots Me out.
  188. Did you buy the deluxe version?
  189. Shell ejection?
  190. Establishing Network Connection. Please wait
  191. sc conviction refresh rate?
  192. Conviction worth it?
  193. Conviction taken off steam!?
  194. No in game VOIP?
  195. Setting Resolution
  196. After 3-4 hours of playing, my review.
  197. Multiplayer not available yet ?
  198. black borders... again
  199. problema con la version delux y el contenido extra.
  200. Anyone play multiplayer in Conviction?
  201. DRM ERROR :o
  202. "failed to contact key server"
  203. Resolution problems with SC:C
  204. Can't see menu options major issue!
  205. si se pretendia boicotear a steam, lo lograron!!!!
  206. Killer Xeno NIC Does NOT Work with SC:C
  207. Multiplayer game mode?
  208. Minor, but irritating graphical glitch. Anyone else?
  209. No Sound/Sound Issues
  210. Make sure to unlock the SCAR and Infiltration Mode through Uplay
  211. wait ... wha?
  212. Double Agent key mapping issue
  213. perfect video option setup for ati 5850
  214. Looking for Co-Op Partner
  215. Multiplayer servers down?
  216. Solution to "Verify your internet connection.." Error
  217. ATI Users experiences problems (try this!)
  218. mic?
  219. Verify Internet Connection Error
  220. Conviction Textures Acting UP
  221. Are the Ubisoft servers down now?
  222. Added Value for the Cost?
  223. [Conv]Router/Port Info Needed
  224. Can't start Chaos Theory.
  225. Frame rate issues on HIGH END machine
  226. In Game Content???
  227. Crash to DESKTOP at UBISOFT LOGO
  228. Possible fix for graphics issues / crashing to desktop (ATI Users)
  229. Weapon attachments
  230. Pre-load Conviction outside of the Americas
  231. turn off black and white?
  232. bad performance
  233. Save game location for Conviction
  234. Hitching/Freezing on Zoom or Peek Under
  235. wt performance will i get with this spec?
  236. cant play SCC for more then a hour
  237. Which ports to Conviction multiplayer?
  238. Error Code 51
  239. Fixed!!!! my issue with crash to desktop at logo
  240. Shadow Armor?
  241. SCC - Your experience so far?
  242. Fix for Game Crashes and Graphic Glitch
  243. Features I miss
  244. SCC Problem #54: Frequent freezes
  245. Thank you ( not ) Ubisoft
  246. Played through, No problems 3.5/5
  247. Ubisoft Game Launcher: Error Code 1
  248. Victory over resolution issues!
  249. The official post your steam ID's to find a co-op partner thread!
  250. conviction server