View Full Version : Soldier of Fortune: Payback

  1. Why is this game still $29.99?
  2. It isn't possible to use in spite of the purchase with steam at present.
  3. Major enemy hitboxes glitch, cannot play.
  4. Any Old school SoF! guys around
  5. Any Old school SoF1 guys around
  6. Vista and Windows 7 compatibility
  7. payback
  8. Where is SoF 1 & 2?
  9. resolution fix
  10. AU rip off
  11. Some facts
  12. For the hitbox glitch
  13. Can someone remake this?
  14. EU version censored?
  15. This game seems to have been taken off of steam
  16. Anyone still have a Gift Copy of this?
  17. Looking for a gift copy.