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  1. Please read if you have framerate problems or the game freezes
  2. Achievements suxx.
  4. Needs track editor
  5. This game works perfectly with the 360 pad, nice!
  6. What controls do you use
  7. As fun as it is frustrating
  8. Strange noise coming from desktop
  9. Boner Achievement (Ladder Madness With No Posture Changes or Falls)
  10. Card getting hotter and hotter.
  11. Please fix the controls
  12. First ramp on Inferno (help?)
  13. FPS Limit?
  14. Trials 2: Second Edition renamed
  15. Success!
  16. Why does my gfx card fan ramp up when playing this game?
  17. This game is the 'Ninja Gaiden' of PC....
  18. Why are there no new maps?
  19. Top Score achievement
  20. Can you make your own tracks?
  21. Registration Failed
  22. Dont buy this game
  23. Crash on start - audio issue
  24. what the...
  25. Trials 2 Keeps Crashing
  26. Don't buy until server problems are fixed.
  27. Trials 2: The worst tutorial ever made?
  28. Trials2.exe - Application Error
  29. Game Crashes if I Enable Sounds
  30. Wish I hadn't spent $2.50 on this
  31. Multicore stutter still not fixed?
  32. re-installed game cant use same name?
  33. Its an acquired taste
  34. Does this game not work for anyone else?
  35. Does not connect to server
  37. Windows 7?
  38. Trials 2: Flash Version
  39. This game really burns me to no end
  40. It's official: Redlynx hates pc gamers
  41. PLEASE go on sale again. I missed the sale in 2010.
  42. RedLynx purchased by Ubisoft
  43. RedLynx is being bought by Ubisoft
  44. Cant see mouse cursor in game?
  45. H Coupon W Nothing
  46. Steam Achievements Available Now
  47. Shame we're not getting the new Trials game on PC
  48. Progressing
  49. Trials Gold Edition for PC!
  50. Warning! Trials Evolution forced UPLAY
  51. Why are there no achievements?
  52. Trials Evolution is lagging and stuttering. Help?
  53. Why are there no...