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  42. Is it really true?
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  44. Amazing game, thank you Ubi.
  45. 360 Gamepad not working in full game
  46. Rayman Origins Graphical Issues
  47. Trine 2 > Rayman Origins
  48. Get it online now D:
  49. ValveTestApp207490
  50. Saved File Erased
  51. Please Add Arcade Stick / Diagonals Support!
  52. Is Rayman 2 going to be released by itself?
  53. is the whole "Ice level is a fruit drink" thing a recurring theme for ubisoft
  54. This is a must buy!
  55. It just.... crashes....
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  60. Rayman Origins is actually a 2.5D game.
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  62. Kids loved origins but
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  64. Best water levels since Donkey Kong Country.
  65. Do NOT buy this game
  66. Black Blank screen Eyefinity multi monitor How to fix surround
  67. Black bars at 1280x768
  68. Strange lagg
  69. Mouse button support?
  70. Problem with multiple controllers
  71. HDD space
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  74. Land of the Livid Dead
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  81. Back Up Rayman
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  88. Is rayman 2 tradable
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  90. Save's
  91. Cannot go to world select screen
  92. I'm giving away a FULL copy of Rayman Origins on Steam
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  94. Auto-scrolling levels break making it impossible to advance in the game.
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  97. Rayman Origins custom resolution
  98. Beta program option?
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  100. Two quick questions
  101. Multiple keyboards
  102. Just beat all the levels
  103. I hope Rayman Legends comes to Steam too
  104. Suggestion: add achievements.
  105. Bought it, because it has no DRM
  106. Could someone please enlighten me...
  107. Ok, I need help - Rayman Origins
  108. (deleted save game)
  109. Can sombody gift it to me? It's not available in Russia :( I'll PayPal you back
  110. Page of bugs, issues, fixes and workarounds for Rayman Origins
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  112. Sound driver failed to initialize...
  113. Crashing
  114. Out of map
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  119. Video Driver Failed to Initialize. Please see readme.
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  126. Video Driver failed to initialize. Please Check Readme.txt for More Information
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  135. Game-breaking bug
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  138. Rayman spare copy? Will swapp skyrim. Pm if interested.
  139. how bad is the drm in this game
  140. Multi monitor support
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  143. User Review
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  148. Ubisoft
  149. A little advice needed for playing Origins (and the classics)
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  151. moncler coats aqt
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  154. You know what I would really like?
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