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  1. Changing resolution?
  2. Serious lag
  3. It's a shame this game was never really fully finished :-(
  4. Bumble Burbs Blimp
  5. Can't play
  6. Problem with downloading
  7. Broken
  8. Steam Update: Added new bugs to the game
  9. Achievements no worky?
  10. Turn off potatoes
  11. Okay, fun's fun, but where's my save file.
  12. "Most refreshing?"
  13. Discworld, anyone?
  14. How do I change resolution?
  15. "Savegame gone" problem solved!
  16. When is a Potato more than a Potato?
  17. What's with the level order?
  18. Secret Level question
  19. IT BURNS (the horror)
  20. new secret level
  21. How do you beat the secret level?
  22. gamepad and windows 7
  23. A+ Auto end
  24. Yay, this crashes when I run it!
  25. Too big for my screen...
  26. The beta was better
  27. To offset the whining - I LOVE THIS GAME
  28. Way to make the game 1,000x more enjoyable in 2 easy steps
  29. Do we get a special prize?
  30. Megalopolis wont unlock
  31. This game doesn't open fully
  32. Think you're good at this game?
  33. Game wont connect to steam
  34. This game is awesome but...
  35. New Achievement
  36. Wonderful Donut Achievement?
  37. A wild ticket aproaches?
  38. Easy Wonderful Big Ticket Achievement :D
  39. This game needs a level editor
  40. Wonderful Big Bladder Achievement
  41. Update?
  42. update slow as can be
  43. Thank you for allowing me a reason to revisit one of my favorite games.
  44. Got the Wonderful Big Bladder achievement, but it disappeared
  45. unable to get the acheivement
  46. Cafe Internets
  47. About the Wonderful Bladder Achievement
  48. Dejobaan Why such hard achievements
  49. bladder achievevement?
  50. Thanks for making this game
  51. Okay...WTF
  52. This game...
  54. Megatropolis
  55. Well, Im done with this god-forsaken game
  56. Well, Im done with this god-forsaken game
  57. Well skipping this ticket I guess
  58. Think about this...
  59. Dejobaan Games - bringing you buggy games for over 75 years.
  60. Dejobaan, what do you think about this quick and easy fix?
  61. How to Bladder Achievement.
  62. Dejobaan producer, janitor, CEO, can you make your games WindowMode Able?
  63. Can you still get the achievement if you beat the game and then Reset?
  64. Done with dejobaan
  65. While achieving Wonderful Big Bladder...
  66. I am sick to death of Cafe Internets
  67. main.exe stopped working
  68. [BUG] Wonderful Big Bladder Achievement not registering
  69. A Little Positive Review/Anti-Bashing
  70. More levels and/or a sequel?
  71. Wonderful Big Bladder Achievement BUG
  72. Copy for trade
  73. s it worth it?
  74. [Video] First Impressions The Wonderful End of the World
  75. -50% coupon for wonderful end of the world
  76. Have this game
  77. An DLCS?
  78. The Soundtrack