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  1. Mouse Lag
  2. How is this game?
  3. Big Black bars down the side of the monitor
  4. Demo doesn't start
  5. Can't add it to cart.
  6. Cannot pick up item (game stopping bug/spoiler)
  7. Does this game work on Windows 7?
  8. can you die in the game?
  9. How to make it work with an ATI card? [solved]
  10. This game has a sequel
  11. Goldaming Manor safe won't open
  12. Unable to download the game (invalid content configuration)
  13. What Does the Ending Mean? [SPOILER]
  14. New patch out today, anyone know what it does?
  15. Where does Dracula Origin save on Windows 7
  16. The sphere to open the door within thetomb