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  1. is this game seriously 30GB?
  2. This game will be a WoW killer
  3. Is this game still alive?
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  5. i cant find my rejister code!?
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  9. How to create an AOC account?
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  12. Age of Conan Webpage. Lulz
  13. the 30 days with the game
  14. New expansion pack
  15. EU server for an Australian player
  16. OK as of right now
  17. Re-downloading the entire game, apparently.
  18. Just purchased for 10 bucks (price drop?)
  19. Want to play Age of Conan for $5?
  20. 30 days free with new expansion?
  21. Running windows 7
  22. Conan Patcher and Steam
  23. Back to pre-RoTGS Xfire position.
  24. Rise of the Godslayer
  25. Worth playing now?
  26. Is it uncut? (for Austria, not Germany)
  27. Buying on steam
  28. How is the PVP in AoC these days?
  29. Steam interface
  30. AOC going Free to Play in Korea
  31. Subscription prices?
  32. "Your Account Has Not Been Verified"?
  33. I purcahsed game from STEAm but it keeps giving me authentication error
  34. Question about accessing existing account through Steam version
  35. REAL SLOW Install for trial version
  36. I purcahsed game from STEAm but it keeps giving me authentication error.
  37. Re-experience 1 year on...
  38. Age of Conan
  39. Any at the level cap?
  40. Rise of the Godslayer one of 2010's highest rated games
  41. Is this game populated?
  42. Age of Conan players!
  43. Using existing accout via Steam?
  44. never played on line ?
  45. UI Mods for AoC
  46. Does steam work in game?
  47. Age of Conan going Free to Play!!
  48. Game is currently unavailable.
  49. When will it be F2P and how is it?
  50. F2P to hit tomorrow
  51. Boy, i feel smart.
  52. Age of Conan is on sale but DO NOT BUY IT!
  53. A warning to new AoC players
  54. I have the collectors Edition, WTF do I do? LOL
  55. Its F2P! What class should I play?
  56. The game that could have ruled the world
  57. where is aoc on steam?
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  63. Free vs Premium...
  64. WHAT took so long
  65. Install from the original DVDs or the long download?