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  1. **2K10 Patch News**
  2. Match won't start, no jump ball
  3. NBA2K10 PC
  4. how do we play with friends
  5. fail game
  6. Should I get this game?
  8. Gamersgate>2k>>>Steam ?
  9. NBA 2K10 PC Patch Notes
  10. NBA 2k10 patch
  11. Patch Steam (ralons en francais...)
  12. Online is working ish
  13. Patching completed
  14. Can't find the patch in Steam
  15. Problem with Online Controller
  16. Patch & Xbox Controller
  17. Change Quarter Time in My Career Mode
  18. Slow motion replay?
  19. No one online
  20. My Player Mode - crash to desktop help
  21. 2k10 Online with Retail and X-Fire?
  22. NBA 2K10 Crash
  23. Game fix for some.
  24. Can't connect online since I bought it
  25. Steam Patch
  26. D League Teams In NBA 2K10
  27. Woops
  28. Wheres the Lobby for Online?
  29. How do i advance and pick my Team?
  30. Can I get Vac banned for this
  31. why can't I play the NBA 2k9 demo?
  32. Problems with keyboard/controller function
  33. NBA 2K11 - Continue support for PC
  34. How to port forward
  35. My Player: Changing difficulty
  36. When did NBA 2K10 become a nation of quitters?
  38. Why do my sub players have the color pink on there shorts?
  39. NBA 2k10 - is it still supported?
  40. lebron james to MIAMI!!!
  41. If I were to purchase NBA 2K10 right now (Question)
  42. Physx frame rate problem
  43. prepurchase nba 2k11 in steam?
  45. Bug in the NBA
  46. NBA 2K10 messed up icons
  47. NBA 2K10 Sound issues
  48. Cut Minutes Glitch?
  49. NBA2k11 comes out in 5 days..
  50. NBA 2K11 Will Be On Steam
  51. WARNING ABOUT NBA 2K11 ON PC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  52. Won't start
  53. NBA 2k11..What the...
  54. NBA 2k11: Worth Playing if I Only Have Mouse and Keyboard?
  55. Steam Library Icon
  56. NBA 2K11 YouTube Vids
  57. 2k11 not showing up in recent games played
  58. Online Play
  59. This item is currently unavailable in your region
  60. NBA 2K11 not in my region
  61. NBA 2K11 no steamworks support
  62. Sliders... what are the best to use??
  63. Comes a time in life
  64. PC or 360?
  65. NBA 2k11 My Player Crash?
  66. NBA2K11 User Profile Disappeared
  67. NBA2K11 Steam group
  68. PC Version. Bad speed?
  69. Activate on Steam?
  70. Online play
  71. 2K11 difficulty
  72. NBA 2K10 crash on Synchronizing
  73. NBA 2k10: playable with mouse+keyboard?
  74. $2,00 - NBA 2k10 - Error
  75. Online
  76. Crashes each time...
  77. 2K11: Tips for defending?
  78. NBA 2K11 - Odd Team Rankings
  79. 2k9 demo
  80. Season: strained achilles day-to-day?
  81. Odd graphical issues
  82. NBA 2k11 choosing my player?
  83. Xbox controller icons
  84. NBA 2K11- Cannot get started...
  85. "music" and menus....................nba2k11.........
  86. any people on servers of nba 2k10 ?
  87. Can't even start the game...
  88. Can't save playing on Jordan matches
  89. NBA 2K11 - Players Feet Sink Into Floor
  90. Menu screen stutters
  91. Can't Play Online 2K11
  92. low FPS helP?
  93. 2k11 keep crashing.
  94. No TV with 2k11? and another little thing
  95. Mods and Addons
  96. Jordan Shoe Question
  97. won't let me regester online in pc
  98. Where are the save files?
  99. NBA 2K12 - Warriors 91 and Kings 02
  100. Install NBA 2K9 from disc?
  101. 2K12 PC?
  102. nba2k 12 disk install is broken
  103. NBA2k12 on steam now
  104. Multiplayer Troubleshooting Thread
  105. 2k Servers are unavailable?
  106. NBA 2K12 for $23.99!!!
  107. 2k11, and 2k12 are the exact same price.
  108. LF > Online players
  109. Creating My2K Account. Please wait. . . . . . .
  110. Crashing to desktop?
  111. PC version worth it?
  112. How is the Online portion in 2k12?
  113. On the Fence - Push Me Over
  114. Just a coach
  115. Crash on startup (2K12)
  116. online doesn't work
  117. nba2k12 menu freeze
  118. NBA 2K12 on PC vs. Consoles
  119. micro stutter on 5850
  120. Online questions
  121. Crash to Desktop Issue?
  122. My fist impressions/review--better than 2k11
  123. 360 Control?
  124. free throw
  125. Looking for legit players only!
  126. Cant connect online? Try this..
  127. Online is terrible
  128. Help me out please
  129. Can't type "@" in-game
  130. Fix for game crashing on startup
  131. Online is much better this year
  132. My buddy and I just purchased, but we can't play each other? PCvsPC
  133. NBA 2K12 won't even start
  134. Graphic Glitch
  135. Fast Breaks and Defensive Rebounding
  136. For Logitech controller users
  137. "There is a problem connecting to the 2k servers"
  138. Why are my cheerleaders bald?
  139. My Graphics Mod
  140. 2k12
  141. what happened to quick pick and roll?
  142. Anyone having problems with the 2k servers
  143. registering for online. 2k sports confirmation email does not get sent
  144. Dwight Howard is good but dang!
  145. Crash to Desktop after Winning the Finals
  146. PC gamers aren't the only ones suffering!
  147. Running on a lower end system
  148. Graphic Stretching
  149. Serious problems with this game, and one complaint.
  150. Online, I want to see their code, it is so [color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color]ed up.
  151. Das Glitch - Black Lines and Boxes on Main Menu
  152. online association mode
  153. What's the most amount of people you've seen online so far?
  154. How expensive are servers?
  155. association improvements?
  156. Does Online work?
  157. Running this on a laptop
  158. Is it bad if I rage quit because of lag?
  159. No Library Image?
  160. Online gfx will not be fixed.
  161. 29.99 EUR = 41.2119 USD
  162. No sweat?
  163. Strange question
  164. New players and NBA 2K12
  165. 2K12 can't play without internet
  166. shock clock resetting after blocked dunks that don't hit the rim???
  167. Is It Worth The Buy?
  168. Installing from DVD
  169. Graphics
  170. is multiplayer dysfunctional for everyone?
  171. Server's are back up
  172. Moving save files?
  173. Multiplayer Quick Match Team-up
  174. NBA2k12 game manual link
  175. 3 Pointers
  176. Server's been up all day
  177. No NBA and Nba 2K 2012
  178. Play without Player Control
  179. Need Major Help Its been 5 Days and NBA 2K12 Crashes
  180. Haven't tried it yet, but is it possible to play this online with a friend?
  181. Creating Players and Teams - Awkward
  183. NBA 2K12 - 1st draft picks bug?
  184. Does this game have analog movement for left stick?
  185. CPU Affinity Set to 1
  186. The medium icon of NBA2K12
  187. NBA 2k12 rookies.. After lockout
  188. Multiplayer key across multiple computers
  189. Which NBA 2k Should I Get?
  190. Why Did I Buy This? "Searching for Opponents..."
  191. I suck at this lol
  192. NBA2K12 won't start
  193. I need help for MP sliders
  194. even worth buying?
  195. NBA 2k12 my2k problems Logging In
  196. fake pass?
  197. Two Controllers on Pc?
  198. Questions about he series..
  199. Roster Updates?
  200. NBA 2k12 ...$9.00
  201. Trying to register with 2k
  202. how do you download rosters?
  203. nba 2k12 wont start...
  204. Jerky/twitchy image
  205. CD key.. problems
  206. [2K12] - Update issue
  207. this game is messed up
  208. Help!! nba won't install
  209. NBA 2K11 Vs 2K12 (Price doesn't matter)
  210. NBA 2K12: Can you activate if not bought on Steam?
  211. NBA 2K12 Won't Launch (Fresh Thread)
  212. "the greatest player" Games arn't saving after I beat them. Why, OH why?
  213. Giving up on 2k
  214. Want to trade Counter-Strike: Source with this game...
  215. Game Problems
  216. Everything online ingame lag
  217. Game running slower than it should?
  218. The Legends DLC not coming out on PC? Blah to you 2K Sports.
  219. How to play with friends?
  220. Not on All Games Profile tag?
  221. 2K Sports you have the worst!
  222. How do I win in this game!
  223. Major bug when you won
  224. Face skin color not matching Torso skin color
  225. 2k12 My Player questions
  226. Framerate issue
  227. Must Have Mod for 2K12: 24 New Retro Teams
  228. Cannot connect to server, anyone else?
  229. My Player glitch, Please help....
  230. Tricks and Tips
  231. My Player & Coach Mode
  232. Dribble with keyboard
  233. Has ANYONE played online yet?
  234. NBA 2k12 - PC - Can you download draft classes?
  235. NBA 2k12 Steam DRM
  236. 2 players on one PC
  237. What a crappy game
  238. Cannot create account in My2K
  239. I have some games and wwant to trade for NBA2k12
  240. Maybe this will fix you're multiplayer.
  241. am I up to date?
  242. Why does my teammates never challenge 3 pointers in my player mod...
  243. warning: game broken, don't buy
  244. NBA 2ksports activate serial number problem?
  245. Trading Shogun 2: Limited Edition for NBA 2K
  246. problems with voices /commentaries and saves
  247. [FIXED] Commentary Stopped Working
  248. [FIXED] Avoid Saving Midgame
  249. game not available since friday
  250. PC Patch available, when will steam update it???